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Main Message Board / SF Bay Area Diesel Mechanic
« on: July 06, 2015, 08:06:40 PM »
I am looking for a diesel mechanic in SF Bay Area (Richmond or North Bay) to take a look at my 1989 Catalina 34 M25XL as it has more white smoke from exhaust than usual. If you can recommend someone contact me at brad att bradleybrooks dott com  

Fleet 1 / SF to Half Moon Bay Waypoints
« on: August 28, 2012, 04:27:34 PM »
Does anyone have a list of waypoints from San Francisco Bay (GG Bridge) to Half Moon Bay (Pillar Point Harbor)? Needed for Labor Day Weekend.

Main Message Board / Macerator Failure
« on: August 29, 2011, 09:20:16 PM »
One recent Sunday, my wife and I headed down to our boat (1989 Catalina 34 #904) for a day sailing on San Francisco Bay.  My nose arrived at the boat a couple of minutes before my wife's did and I got a whiff of that holding tank odor I knew something was wrong.  When I opened up the boat the odor was so bad I told my wife to remain on the dock.  I checked out the holding tank for a leak, and then noticed that the bilge was full of sewage and it needed a good flush out and cleaning.  After pumping out the holding tank we (my wife) decided that we (me) replace the head and all the hoses to the tank. I did replace all hoses except for hoses connected to the macerator as they are so short they could not be leaking.  Having the odor all but gone, new head, and new hoses I thought we were in good shape we preceded to hope for better luck the next time we go sailing. Several months later after using the boat and head several times we noticed that same odor coming from the bilge and the bilge was full of sewage again and my wife assured me that I did not know what I doing and I was to replace the holding tank. We were off to pump out the holding tank again and I determined it must be the hoses to and from the macerator as what else could it be (I cannot believe that a tank just starts leaking).  I got the hose off from the macerator to the through hull and then I proceeded to remove the macerator and when I removed the last screw holding the macerator to the hull, water (sewage) was flowing out of the macerator and the macerator was coming apart in my hands.  I thought the macerator was one part but it turn out that the screws that hold the lower housing to the pump had disintegrated and raw sewage was leaking out the side of the macerator pump when the level got high enough.  I removed all the pump parts and hose to the macerator and placed a 1 plastic pipe plug in the tank and a 3/4 plug in the through hull valve the and problem was solved.    Someday I will get around to replacing the macerator but for now I will enjoy a leak free tank and no odor.

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