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Bob,  Call me at 850-291-8528 or email me at bobpyc1776....I am having trouble responding thru the cat 34 site....I am still very interested in the doors. 

Catalina 34s Parts & Pieces For Sale or Wanted / Re: Flexoflod Propeller
« on: January 19, 2014, 10:22:17 AM »
Bob, Tried to reply to you...yes I am still interested in the teak doors...still having problems getting to you on the Cat 34 site.  Call me at 850-291-8528 or a me know if you received this message.   Regards Bob Fleege Partager 1202

Custom Teak Companionway doors for 34 Catalina Sailboat, solid teak with smoked acrylic insert.   Half hinges allow for qucik storage.  Finished with Cetol, Very good conditions-few scratches in acrylic.   (New approx. $1095)   Sell for $560 or best offer.
Contact me for photos
Bob             Please contact me regarding an offer on your teak doors.  at 850-291-8528 or on line at   I have been trying to get through to you but have not been successful by using the reply link.  Hope this reaches you.  Bob Fleege Cat 34 sail #1202                                                             

Doyle APC Nylon Asymmetrical Spinnaker with ATN sock/lines.  Bag.   sized for Catalina 34 std rig but it would fly great on 34 tall.   very pretty "Red, White Blue"     Excellent condition, very little use   $1525, make offer!
Contact me for photos
Bob     Please contact me regarding your Teak 850-291-8528

Main Message Board / Re: mast height
« on: January 03, 2014, 10:51:17 AM »
Ken,  To shed a little light on mast heights.  I am the official mast measurer it seems here in the Pensacola area.  I have measured many Cat 34's here.  My standard rig measures 48.1 to the water.  My boat is heavy...weighed in at 22000 lbs on the travel lift...I cruise Key West, Bahamas and Mexico....1992 Cat 34 1202.  Every Cat 34 I have measured is different some more or less depending how loaded but none that can't make a 50 ft bridge...but I would measure first. etc.  I take my measurement with a tape measure to the masthead on a halyard to the edge of the deck and then down to the water.  I easily pass under all the 50 ft bridges in this area no problem at 0 or plus 1 or so on the bridge boards....only rarely touching my VHF antenna. Call me for more info if you need it 850-291-8528.  When I stay in Key West I stay at A & B Marina ....usually for a month in the winter...rate is $2000 for the month but with the access to food, Duval St, and shopping, The Green Parrot (nightly music) and daily walks it's the best I think.  Haven't done Stock Island because it is too far from the action. 
Another good source of info here on mast heights for Mrk II's John Sheehan at 850-525-5059.  Enjoy Key West.  Bob Fleege

Main Message Board / Re: Flickering interior lights
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:14:42 PM »
Sophie,  Had a similiar problem.  I had to eyeball the light wires from the starboard side and back around to the port side to the sliders over the instrument panel.  Use a light and mirror in hard to see places.  Look for any kind of press fitting or break attached to the wires.  Also look for any wire repairs like heat shrink repairs.  This drove me crazy too but I found a weak section that had a pressed fitting that attached a light fixture.  Good hunting and hope you get lucky....P. S. Also turn the cabin light switch on while you are hunting and shaking and wiggeling the wires.... a flicker might be get you  close to a solution.  Regards, Bob Fleege Partager

Main Message Board / Re: Seeing over the navpod
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:01:44 PM »
My 34 Cat has the sugar scoup stern 1992.  I built a 3 piece raised platform that my teak helms seat sets on.  The two side pieces rest on the helms seat lazerrete edges so that the bottom pieces don't touch the cockpit sole.  The two side pieces have a knotch where the center piece can slide in.  It is trimmed out where the helms seat fits snuggley.  I also made the center piece curved enough in the middle where my Honda 2000 fits nicely right under it.  Can also run the Honda right there when off shore when I don't want to run the engine to heat up the boat  while sailing and battery charging. 

Main Message Board / Re: Lost Dorade / seek replacement
« on: December 19, 2013, 01:14:50 PM »
Kevin, This may be to late to help but I saw some Dorados like yours at the Catalina Store at the Catalina Factory in Clearwater just recently.  Call Casey and she can sen you a picture ...I believe I saw two.  Bob Fleege

Main Message Board / Re: Fresh water head supply
« on: December 19, 2013, 01:05:55 PM »
Just a little more comment on this subject.  I added a T fitting on the line from the stern tank...more water and more boat balance.  From that T fittling I installed a one way valve.  That line goes to a 3 way valve mounted on top of the head thru hull valve.  This valve can direct sea water in to flush or direct fresh water directly to the head.  There is an anti ziphon on top of the loop from the 3 way valve to direct water to the head for flushing.  My result is a sweet smelling head near shore with no extra steps like pulling drippy shower faucet over head or putting fresh water in the head sink.  Off shore the seawater side can be used to conserve water.  Another plus with this system is that my head thru hull is closed 90 percent of the time.

Main Message Board / Directing engine blow by hose out of the boat
« on: May 29, 2011, 05:35:09 PM »
I have recently come up with a way to direct engine fumes and oil mist out of my Cat 34 1992 with an M-35 engine.  I attached a small inline strainer to the blow by hose.  I removed the metal strainer insert and filled the strainer with steel wool.  I then attached a plastic water hose to the exit connection on  the strainer and directed the hose to the transom of the boat.  I installed a fuel overflow breather to the stern of the looks just like the fuel overflow for the fuel tank...and connected the hose.  Since I have made this modification I no longer have engine fumes lingering down below when motoring and I no longer have an oil mist all over my engine.  I came up with this solution when I learned that it was not a good idea to attach the blow by hose to the air filter....could cause a runaway diesel.  I can reach around in the cockpit to feel pressure coming out of the overflow breather and I occassionally check the strainer for an accumulation of oil that could block the exit of gases and oil mist.  This may be an extreme concern to most people owning catalina's but I have motored hard for as long as 6 days in my voyages and have covered over 10,000 miles in the last few years and the fumes were a problem for my crew and me.  I would appreciate any feed back on this subject. Ciao, Bob Fleege

Main Message Board / Re: Aft Bunk Makeover
« on: March 17, 2009, 05:56:03 PM »
Just some more ideas in this  area...when making big jumps on Partager 1202 I use the starboard side of the V-berth as our garage.  I install a lee cloth which is attached forward in the middle of the bow and attached to the hanging locker.  We store our luggage, wine,etc here and it is trapped and out of the for sleeping..if I have a crew of can sleep forward on the port side of the V-berth cushion when we are at anchor...and while moving only three births are required..2 in the setee area with lee cloths and one in the stern berth...half of which can be used as a stern garage for a few items...Bob

Stu,  To clarify the situation ...the Seapower Brain Box that converts the power has a tachometer leg that gives a signal to the tach when the Seapow systen is engaged...and did so before the lightening strike.  However, after the repairs on the Seapower box and with the installation of the new teleflex tach I have not been able to discover the right adjustments to reproduce a tach indication...Bob Fleege

Mike,  Thanks for the input...I have questions for you regarding your system.  My system has only the seapower alternator/generator ....I do not have an alternator too....there is a tachometer leg installed in the seapower brain old tach (lighting damaged) had 4 dip switches...where the new teleflex tach has 14 dip switches..the new tach will only occasionally respond when my batteries are not charging..when the seapower was not on my tach wouldn't work..when the seapower was on the tach would respond.  I am wondering if I could find an old style tach/hour meter (which is less sensitive) if that wouldn't solve my problem.  I have found the customer support for the Seapower Unit excellent and they have repaired mine more than a few times including the replacement of the logic board and other items in the brain box damaged in the lightening strike.  Regards  Bob Fleege

Main Message Board / Re: 12 volt batteries
« on: February 22, 2009, 07:02:22 PM »
Fou,  More battery ideas...I have been using the Optimax AGM deep cycle Blue Top exclusively for years and have had tremendous service from them..I purchased them from Sam's and they have been great when they get tired or weak.they replace them..My configuration is 3 AGMs in the forward box...they fit very snuggly ...and 4 in the aft box in front of the galley sink. and as Jon suggested you have to level the bottom of the battery box...  3 of them are house and one a start that was purchased in 2004 and still going strong.  these battaries have 55 amp hours each my 2 house banks of 3 battaries each have a total of 330 amp hours and the one start at 55 amp hours...the house batts are charged with a 40 amp Xantrex and the start with a 20 amp Xantrex..One advantage of these battaries are that they are relatively light compared to golf cart and other bigger style when I get ready for a lengthy off shore voyage I can take all my battaries in and get them checked at Sam's so that I will know for sure that they are all working properly...If one is weak or not excepting a charge...they usually give me a new one with a new long warrenty...So more Fou for battery thought...Bob Fleege    P.S. My Cat 34 is a 1992 so your battery locations may be different from mine.

Ron,  Thanks for the input...I will keep you informed as to the outcome of this issue...right now I am so pressed for time I am unable to run down your suggestions...I am still hoping that there is bound to be someone in the Catalina family that has a Seapower unit like mine...Hopefully that person will surface and I will be closer to the resolution of my problem the other option would be to find and older Westerbeake tach with the 4 dip switches...that too could potentially provide a solution...chow Bob Fleege

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