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Main Message Board / Catalina Electrical control panel
« on: June 19, 2018, 01:35:14 PM »
I got hit by lightning a couple days ago. I have had the surveyors and tech people out and have my claim started with boatus. One item that was damaged was the electrical  control panel over the chart table. I have seen these for sale somewhere but ? Cannot remember where and really want the correct panel. The tech guys said they were not sure where to get one. I have a C34. 1988

Main Message Board / New lens for lewar ports
« on: February 15, 2017, 05:14:44 AM »
I think someone on this site had someone who made replacement lenses for the ports in the Catalina 34 a few years ago and offered to sell some. Mine are so crazed it is hard to see out sunny days. Would like to ge new ones.
On another note i found a retired guy who does canvass and sewing projects here and he agreed to make me replacement curtains. He is using the set up and materials from the sailnet people. I will post them when i get the finished product. .

Main Message Board / curtains for Catalina 34
« on: February 02, 2017, 10:05:28 AM »
I want to replace the original curtains on my C34 in the main cabin.. they are the ones that slide on a track and have vertical pleats on them. Anyone know if anyone still makes them? as replacement parts?

I have gotten all I can from the original curtains on my 34. I would like to replace them with identical ones. they are the slide on horizontal ones, with vertical pleats, that fit on a track. Anyone know where I can get a new set. ?

« on: October 31, 2015, 06:34:07 AM »
I am having my 1988 hull sodium blasted next week when it comes out for bottom paint.They use a little glass bead or something that is gentile with the hull and have been very busy with this in this area. I went over and checked out the process viewing boats being blasted, boats done and with the first coat of barrier coat on them and then the finished product. It does appear they have this system working well. I have always put interlux  micron 66 on my bottom and get 3 years on it. However, the boat yard said my canal gets a lot of fresh water run off in it and this paint (they said) does not like fresh water. It may be the cause of the paint flaking in some areas. (which is why I am doing the blasting, to take it off.)
They are recommending a sherman Williams paint that is about 1/2 the cost and would be a savings of about $450 on the job. I am in tropical climate here in Naples Florida and have had this boat for 9 years with good results. Anyone of you have any recomendations or thoughts I might swant to consider? (I have NO BLISTERS) They start on Monday so if you have input please respond.
Thanks, Terry

Main Message Board / Happy Easter
« on: April 08, 2012, 03:21:09 AM »
off to sunrise service. Happy Easter to all

Main Message Board / folding bicycles on board
« on: October 05, 2011, 06:28:25 AM »
My wife and I like to ride bikes around towns and shops when we stop at various marinas up and down the SW Florida coast. We are looking to purchase a couple folding bikes to keep on board on our trips. West has a couple for sale at $300 and $400. (last week they were each $100 off) Any recomendations on good yet moderatly priced folding bikes that you have experience with?

Main Message Board / Sunk boat
« on: July 03, 2011, 08:55:25 AM »
Just an informational post here. I have 2 boats, my Catalina 34 and my trusty old 1973 Mako 20. Last Saturday i took my grandson fishing all morning in the Mako, arriving home about 1 pm for lunch. Now the Mako lives on davits in the back yard but since we were going out again we left it in the water at the dock. That afternoon we had typical Florida afternoon thundershowers forcast so we defered fishing until Sunday morning. As usual I went out at 11 pm just before hitting the sack and checked the lines on both boats. All was fine. Well Sunday early we went out to get on the boat and it was on the bottom. After several hours we managed to get it over to the davits and slowly lifted it out and drained out the water. (this is a saltwater canal off Naples Bay) Plug was still in the bilge but the baitwells were out as we had fished and cleaned the spare bait out of the live wells but left them open to the sea to flush and not stink of dead fish.
After a week we know that the baitwell line to the forward well had let go sometime in the night and the boat filled and sunk. (Now I am really gun shy about the thru hulls on my 34). I realize I have owned this boat for over 30 years and used it like this all that time and that this was probably something that just "happened". Still It shows how the unseen and unsuspected and unnoticed things can sink a boat.
I will not go into the details of the week with the insurance company (Progressive) but suffice it to say that when that girl in white on TV says "discount" they are really talking about how you feel when they want to settle and pay their claims.

Main Message Board / wi fi range extender
« on: June 06, 2011, 06:23:20 AM »
We just got back from a 2 week sail around in Pine island sound/Ft Myers, Gasperilla area. Our plan was to spend a night at anchor then one at a marina and off and on so forth for the time out. Well, southerly breezes and a few thunder bumpers in the evening and work related issues involving the need for on line communication caused us to spend most of the time at marinas with shore power and modern facilities. Every Marina tells us they have wi fi but when we get there and checked in we end up taking our iphones up to the center of the marina to get connected. I know several people who have these extenders on their boats that enable them to reach out several hundred yards or more and capture signals and log on. Does anyone have experience with this and if so please inform me of what to get and how to install. Thanks, Terry

Main Message Board / replacing current Air Conditioner
« on: April 15, 2011, 05:47:47 PM »
I am trying to find a replacement Ac unit that will cool my 34 Catalina and run on my Honda 2000 at anchor. I heard there were new rotary cycling units that required less start up surge but do not know what they are? I presently have an older Flagship 1650 that runs off the honda now and the mfgr says the new 1650 Flagship ac u nits will also run on the honda but the old one  is not a fast cooler and labors keeping up with the hot swFlorida sun in the summer. They also tell me the newer units are better cooling units. Any ideas on types of AC's and anyone using one now that runs on a HONDA 2000 please let me know. I hate to spend the money for an upgrade and be right where I am now.

Main Message Board / water coming in over bow
« on: April 08, 2011, 10:18:13 AM »
When I am sailing or motor sailing into the wind with 4 or 5 ft waves \ I get a lot of water coming over the bow and on deck I also get water in the boat under the v birth. After the trip and when I am at anchor or at a dock I take out the shelf in the v birth area and peek in and under that I am getting salt water I took out 4 big buckets last week. It will eventually fill the area and seep around the sides and into the bilge where it pumps out.
I must be getting a leak in the anchor well so I intend to empty everything out then fill it with water and look to see if I am getting drips down the inside. Any other ideas? Could it be coming in whre the cleats are scerewed into the hull? No softness there. It just looks like water just piours into the anchor well and then finds a way in somewhere.

anyone have any curtains, shutters or whatever you call them for sale. Mine in the mail salon are just sun rotted. ? Terry

Main Message Board / Hurricane Earl check in
« on: September 03, 2010, 12:59:55 PM »
Being a Floridian I am always concerned with hurricanes. I just talked to my friend on Cape Cod who says they are not expecting much there. How about you East Coasters? How about checking in and Let us know how you fared in this.

Main Message Board / Honda eu 2000 i and gas
« on: August 22, 2010, 08:58:15 AM »
Last weekend my wife and i took our two grand daaughters out for an overnight. they are 9 and 11 and always like to spend a night on the boat. Now it is HOT this time of year in Naples and we are always glad we can use the HONDA 2000 to run the AC at night when anchored out. Now to the point, we did our day and anchored up. Started the generator, closed up the hatches and went below for som Ac and some game playing. Racko and Rummy are 2 favorites. Anyhow, at around 10 pm the generator ran out of gas. (not full to start with but I wanted to run out the gas, then refuill before turning in so the Ac would run most of the night) anyhow, I went out refuled with brand new gas from the gas station that day. Well, guess what, the generator would start but surged and stopped. then finally ran with the choak on, then with 1/2 opn then surged and surged and stopped. After about a half hour of this and I had enough. It was nearly 85 now in the boat and the humidity was creeping back in and I was soaking wet. No breeze what so ever. However off to the west I could see lightening strikes from an offshore thunder cell.
Well, we pulled anchor and motored to home where we came into cold AC and crisp sheets.
The next day I started the generator again. Surge surge surge. Stopped. I drained the tank, put new HIGH TEST fuel in. Still surged some but not as bad. Added Stabelizer, ran much better. But when I hooked the shore power cord in it surged and died or would run the water pump for the AC but not the compressor. The AC would try to start, overload then, the pump would run but the compressor no. It "rests, a few minutes then trys again. It would get enough power to over come the innitial start up.
So I downloaded the manual on line. and saw how to clean out the carborator for storage. Did that , refiled and put in additive for stabelizer, then started. So far 20 minutes on the boat and all is running.
The moral is new gas can be bad. as a side , my lawnmower acted the same way last week surging etc. Guess that is the next project.

Main Message Board / putting on barrel zinc anodes
« on: July 12, 2010, 06:35:42 AM »
While scraping the prop last week I saw my zincs were just gone from the prop shaft.  I have an electric Hooka so thought this will be easy. I went to the store and bought 2 zinc barrels to put on. My canal is so dirty now that the rainy season is here I thought I would just go out into the bay where the water is cleaner and just dive under and screw them on. Now I can hold my breath for a minute just standing here and i was on the college swim team so I assumed this would be a piece of cake. Not so. After several tries in the somewhat clearer water, (still not really clear) I dropped one of the zinc halves. I just could not hold my breath long enough to get down , set the zinc, then find the hole and screw it in. Is there some secret to this that can make these easier to put on? I mean like do they snap them on with velcrow first or what?. Just thought maybe someone here might have found an easier way.

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