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I had a survey done yesterday on my 1993 Catalina 36 with Universal M35AC engine. The surveyor was concerned with a crack in the resin on both outboard sides of the engine stringer where it meets the hull.  He thinks a major structural repair is required.  I don't.,this area is usually dry.
I have owned this boat for 19 years, and as far as I can recall, the crack in the resin was always there, and does not pose a structural problem.
I know the 1990-1993 Catalina 34 has the same engine, the engine stringers are probably built the same as the C36. Have any Catalina 34 owners  noticed this crack in the resin?  The inboard joints appear to have no cracks where water collects.
Thanks for any owners that can comment on this.

Jack Stewart,1993 C36 #1233, Port Clinton, Ohio
Main Message Board / Autohelm ST50 Plud Radar Fuse
August 01, 2011, 05:07:44 AM
I posted this problem on the C36 chat line with no response, so maybe a c34 member  has a solution.
My 1994 radar has worked with no problems until a week ago  when the special 3.15 amp fuse, F401 blew. According to the manual, this fuse protects the unit from reverse polarity. Tried a normal 3.0 amp fuse and it just blows. The fuse blew while the radar had been in operation for 5 hours and went blank.

Jack F Stewart
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH

Now in the North Channel in Little Current