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Main Message Board / Keel Bedding Survey
February 06, 2024, 08:26:06 PM
I discovered this fall that the seemingly minor smile in my C34 was weeping rust.  To make matters worse, I came back a couple of weeks later and found that it was (a) still wet, and (b) had a drip of orange bilge antifreeze on the leading edge of the keel.  :cry4`

I've already arranged with the yard to have the keel dropped + rebedded before launch, but now I'm agonizing over the "proper" way to re-bed it.  I came across an earlier post that said Gerry Douglas recommended polyester or vinylester resin but I also read through a bunch of posts where people talked about using "Satan's glue" 5200.  I can imagine both benefits and drawbacks to having a little flexibility.

So I want to know:  if you ever had your keel dropped for repairs or inspection, what did you re-bed it with and how has it held up over time? I going too far?  Given it's a small crack that likely compromises only the frontmost bolt and there is ZERO evidence of grounding damage, I could just try to dry it, seal it inside + out, re-torque, and cross my fingers...
Main Message Board / Aft water tank resonance
August 20, 2023, 02:41:30 PM
Has this ever happened to anyone else?

We anchored in a nice cove last night.  Bedded down in the aft berth.  Shortly thereafter some small (very small) waves started to come up from abeam of where the wind was pointing us.  We were awakened by a loud "thwap thwap" against the hull, even a bit of a banging noise, about the speed of a clock ticking.  After letting the dinghy further out (it had come up and was kissing us) and securing the wheel, I finally realized it was coming from under my feet, so I opened the lazarette and observed water sloshing back and forth violently in the tank.  Running the faucet for a minute or so didn't fix it, and we didn't want to drain the tank, so we ended up moving to the V-berth.  Good thing the kids weren't aboard!

So...was this just a freak thing or is it a fairly common occurrence?  It's my first season with the boat so I'm still discovering its personality.
Main Message Board / First sail - wow!
June 20, 2023, 01:56:25 PM
I think I'm in love.  Almost a full month after launch, the weather up in ME (and my schedule) finally cooperated enough to sail my C34 for the first time.  Now I understand why Catalinas are so popular!

As intimidated as I was, single-handing off the mooring and docking (to pick up my family) were a breeze.  I was even more impressed at how easily she glided along at 6 kt in a modest breeze, practically upright: I would have been happy to get 4 in my old Hunter 25.  Even in a light breeze she kept up 3 easily.  Meanwhile the accommodations were plenty roomy for my family of 4 and felt positively luxurious by my standards (HOT running water!?  I'm easily impressed :D).  The kids particularly loved the aft berth.

Many thanks to all of you on this forum - both for questions answered (a couple), old topics that addressed my questions/issues (many), and the tech wiki / manuals.  Getting to this point would've been so much harder without you.  I'm honored to be part of the community and will do my best to pay it forward.
Main Message Board / Mast boot sealant?
May 15, 2023, 04:18:24 PM
Going to launch + step the mast for the first time on Wednesday.

I think I understand the process but can't figure out what sealant to use for the mast boot.  The Catalina manual just says "caulk."   I've seen mention of silicone on the forums, but after removing a bunch from my leaking chainplates :x I don't want the stuff anywhere near my boat...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
For my P.O. apparently the answer was "no."  I can hardly blame her - it took me a while to build up the courage to contort my body in there - but I recommend taking a look if you haven't in a while.  When I surveyed my boat I noted rust and evidence of water leakage around both the exhaust hose and the bilge pump hose.  I just finished replacing them today.  The exhaust hose came apart in my hand when I tried to remove it from the fitting!  :(   (also:  Catalina used a threaded fitting for the thru-hull!?)  Pretty much every wire fell out of the refrigeration unit when I checked it.

I also noticed a number of machine screws without nuts, including several for the aft rail and all four bolts for the swim ladder!  Is this some fiberglass technique I've never heard of, or did someone fall asleep on the job!?  Somehow it's held up for 33 years, but I'm not going to try my luck on the 34th.