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Hey all, I am planning to install flexible solar panels on my dodger. I feel like I understand all I need to do. It will be a quasi-permanent installation to begin with. Seeking advice on best way to run the wires. Thinking I would just feed them thru the starboard port under the dodger, repurpose the outlet on the locker to run through there. Trying to avoid punching holes as much as possible....

My question is this: does anyone know how I can best run the wire from there to the batteries under the starboard settee? If I can get them under the sink, I'm home free. Thoughts?

Salt Whistle
2003 #1651
Looking for a C34 main, standard rig, prefer full battens, in good or better condition. Two reef points. We are in the SF Bay Area if pick up available. Will pay reasonable shipping costs as well.