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Hello All - I have a 1986 C-34 and I'm wondering if anyone else with a Mk1 has installed the Raritan Sea Era toilet?  Curious about physical fit and challenges?



Hi Everyone - My recently acquired C34 Mk1 has surprisingly nice cushions all around (see pictures), with the exception of the aft cabin where both need to have the foam replaced but the more square of the two bunk cushions has been recovered with non matching material.  I'm looking to see if I might get lucky and find someone who has redone their cushions but still has the covers in the correct blue color and would be willing to part with some or all of them.  (wouldn't mind having back up covers and material - as I think I can get a good number of years out of these still).

See the attached picture for the color and pattern.  In the two pictures light makes them look like different colors but these look more like darker blue in the zoomed out picture.

I know its a long shot but I figured this would be the place to try.

Thanks for reading!


Main Message Board / Replacing all the Sanitary hoses
« on: August 08, 2021, 01:24:42 PM »
All of the sanitation hoses on our newly purchased '86 appear to be original and seem to stink pretty badly.  Looks like a reasonably gross job.  Curious from those who have done it - How many hours might this take?  Seems like access, hygiene, and difficult to manhandle hosing could make a pretty simple remove and replace job take a while.  Love to hear thoughts from anyone who has done it.

Thanks so much,


Main Message Board / Replacing Hurth Gearbox with ZF12M
« on: August 08, 2021, 01:16:23 PM »
We are replacing the original Hurth gearbox on our '86 C-34 with the larger and more robust ZF12M.  The old Hurth was struggling to get into gear and on the mechanical survey showed water, sodium and unmeasurable viscosity due to contamination.  So biting the bullet.  Does the motor "have" to be shimmed (lifted) and does the prop shaft "have" to be shortened?  Just wanting to gather all the facts before proceeding.  Can the aft section of pan be cut back to give more clearance or is the issue purely around alignment?  Curious to hear from some folks who have done it. Oh yes - how many hours would you say it should take to remove, replace, reconnect, and align? 

Thanks so much!


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