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Fleet 1 / 1987 C34 for SALE in Moss Landing, CA by OWNER
« on: February 23, 2017, 03:11:49 AM »
4,5 stars out of 5...

Within last 2 months roughly $20,000 invested to fix, replace, service everything on this vessel.
Everything works.
Brand new VHF with AIS (1/2017)
Brand New Raymarine Autopilot (1/2017)
M25XP Fully serviced for $1500 (12/2016)
Brand New muffler box (12/2016)
Bottom Paint (12/2016)
All lifelines are replaced with newer style easy adjustable bare system (1/2017)
All lines, halyards and sheets replaced (1/2017)
Not a single blister or Catalina smile
Pressurized Hot water system
Brand new fresh water pump and icebox discharge pump (1/2017)
Whole hull has been cleaned and waxed (12/2016)
Dripless Shaft
Interior is 10/10
Exterior 9/10
Priced well below the similar ones on the market and this one is probably is the cleanest one on the market at the moment and truly does not need $1 worth of investment to sail away. Even the diesel tank is full !

The only thing is not up to shape is the brightwork because of the recent weather conditions I couldn't get around of it. I was planning lots of fun activities with this vessel and that's why I invested so much money and time on her but suddenly all my plans changed and unfortunately I need to sell this beauty.

For pictures please email me directly cause I am not able to resize the picture files to post here.

So if you know anyone is looking for a very reasonably priced C34 in perfect condition please spread the word!

Thank you in advance guys!

Catalina 34s for Sale / 1987 C34 for SALE in CA
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:17:13 PM »
Brand new bottom paint - 12/2016
Brand new modern style lifelines - 1/2017
All lines replaced - 1/2017
M25XP Fully Serviced - 12/2016
Raymarine Autopilot - 2/2017
VHF with AIS - 12/2016
Dripless Shaft / 3 Blade propeller
2 Group 27 AGM

Not a single blister...

For pictures and details please contact me directly with your email.

Main Message Board / SELLING... help
« on: February 18, 2017, 08:18:24 PM »
last 2 months I've spent about $20,000 to make it perfect.
Bottom paint and whole bottom is about 1 month old.
Brand new Raymarine Autopilot.
M25XP fully serviced incl oil, filter, exhaust box change.
Whole lifelines and whole running rig replaced.
Boat is in impeccable ready to sail shape!
Brand new batteries and whole electrical system upgraded.
New water pump.
Whole boat detailed and waxed.

Any ideas?

Pics available upon request...

Main Message Board / AFT WATER TANK???
« on: December 31, 2016, 06:01:50 PM »
Purpose and the capacity???
Any idea...
Is it connected to the main one under the dinette seating?

Main Message Board / Wood trim piece?
« on: December 26, 2016, 01:07:04 PM »
Above the portholes on the either side of the boat there is a skinny and loooong piece of wood trim. Do they sell that thingy? It's so worn-out, I don't know if it's worth to work on it?

Main Message Board / muffler crack?
« on: December 07, 2016, 10:07:22 PM »
After an adventurous week on the dry, I am back in the water today. Then we started the engine only to realize there's a little crack at the bottom portion of the left hose connection area. ( the one on the left = I meant the one closer to the center of the boat when you look from the door under the sink in the head)

Boatyard guys said that it could be repaired by a fiberglass guy. But then when I read this on Catalina Direct website I began to wonder...

Two ways I have seen an old muffler fail are:
1) The seam at the bottom edge can fail. This can sometimes be repaired by removing the muffler. After a thorough cleaning, you may be able to saturate the failed joint with WEST epoxy, clamp and allow to cure.

CAUTION! Inspect carefully after your repair. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, tasteless, AND DEADLY. If it leaks after your repair, YOU COULD KILL SOMEONE. We highly recommend the installation of a carbon monoxide detector.

2) The bond between the inlet tube and the box itself can fail. This typically occurs because the vibration of the engine is transmitted directly through a rigid hose to the stationary muffler. In this case, it is impossible to achieve a successful repair. Even with the installation of a new hump hose to help isolate the vibration (which we highly recommend), there will be much vibration transmitted to the fiberglass tube. To be strong enough, the repair would have to be made on the inside of the muffler where you have no access. In order to leave the enough fiberglass tube exposed for the hump hose, a repair from the outside would be too small to be secure enough given the serious safety concerns involved.

Are they really not fixable or are they trying to scare people to buy a $375 worth muffler?

Did anybody ever done this kind of repair on their mufflers?

Main Message Board / Icebox to Refrigeration?
« on: December 05, 2016, 10:20:00 PM »
What is the best way to go?
I don't want to buy one of those mini office or camper type of fridge...
Did anyone of you converted the ice box to an AC/DC refrigerator?

Main Message Board / Here's the proof I am working!
« on: December 04, 2016, 09:20:43 PM »
OLD (11/30/2016) & CURRENT (As of 12/4/2016)

Boat was neglected for last few years at the slip. So the dirt you see on the bow was baked in Sea Lion doodoo and sneeze...(yikes)
Bottom pictures will be at another post..

Main Message Board / Here are the most requested photos ;)
« on: December 02, 2016, 07:13:55 PM »
Pls let me know what do you see at my panel photos. Anything bad?
My electrician will be on board on Dec 5th..

Also few photos of the floorboards i mentioned. Does anybody sells the replacement panels of these?

And one last one showing her cleaning up!!!

Main Message Board / Floorboards...
« on: November 30, 2016, 07:36:12 PM »
I am not a wood expert but can those synthetic looking floorboards be repaired in someway like any ordinary wood. There's a dark discoloration and worn out look at high traffic area just by the galley. Can those be re-worked or should I look to buy a new pieces?

Main Message Board / I hate to be on the dry.... *RANT*
« on: November 30, 2016, 01:38:30 AM »
I don't want to name, names because basically 99.9% of them are the same.

I hate one part of the boating: Boatyards.... I mean the attitude of the workers towards the clientele on most boatyards.

These places charge between $85 to $100, depending on whatever they're doing.
I mean c'mon guys I am a Captain, my daughter is a teacher, my wife was a banker, my father was an office manager, my sister was a stewardess and none of us made $85-$100/hr. Yet we worked while acting as professionals. Yet, these people do not show 1% of that respect. Neither to their profession nor to their clientele.

Every time I go to boatyard around 10-11 am to check the progress on my boat I never see anyone working on it.
Then finally 20-30 minutes after my arrival, some worker who supposed to be working on my boat since that morning appears around my boat, moving with the speed of a glacier and begins to setup his magical equipment (sander), then he realizes he needs an extension cord.

After finding and bringing the extension cord, he realizes he forgot sanding pads for his equipment and walks back in the boatyard store 50 yards away. When I don't see him coming out after 5-6 minutes I walk to the store to see him chit chatting with a painter (who supposed to be working on someone else's boat but only to be there to look for a thin wire to fix his paint-gun because he just realized that it was clogged).

But of course, they know each other and probably since for a few weeks didn't get together. So chit chat is a must for them while the $85-$100/hr meter is running for the idiots like us.

Then he sees me walking in and laughs at me like "haha I know I am busted" and walks back to my boat. So about 15-20 minutes after he first appeared by my boat eventually he begins sanding.

So I am relieved to see at last work has begun and I leave to get a part from my other boat which is on the water at the other side of the marina. I go away 15-20 minutes, pick my tool and when I come back he is nowhere around my boat.

While I wonder "where the heck he went know", I see him coming out of the boatyard store again. His reason to be there? Well, he needed more sanding pads!
I am thinking "who begins to sand the bottom of a 34 foot boat with 1 pad on the machine and no spare lying around?

I swear to you guys, after probably another 15 minutes of sanding, noise stopped and I came out of my boat to see why... Guess what? He is going to lunch break.

Now, I am not a heartless, vicious dictator! I don't mind people taking breaks during their work whether to go to bathroom or have lunch or have some water whatever...
What pisses me off, is that this goes all day and at the end of the day boatyard puts on my account that he worked on my boat at 10 am to 3 pm... That is 5 hrs of labor charge...
Believe me if I use a chronometer every time he does something within 10-15 ft of my boat it will not add up to 2 hrs. Yet a 5 hr labor slapped on my bill.
When boat is at the yard for a week everyday it goes like this and at the end I probably get billed 60% more than I should.

Not my boat alone... I see my friends' boat on dry dock around me too. Same thing with them too.

Painter comes to my friend's boat and spends almost an hr to fix his paint gun . Then he talks on his phone God knows how many times, chit chat with other workers on nearby boats, talks to other boat owners. Goes on another boat to inspect a prospective job to give that boat owner an estimate while he is on the clock for my friend's boat.

In my last 38 years as a professional mariner, storms, emergencies, tragedies, engine failures, unreasonable clients, etc... I saw every bad thing imaginable on the water. Yet, no matter which country I am in I never hate anything related to sailing/cruising as much as I hate to be at a boatyard!

Wheeewww.. Now I can go to sleep!

Main Message Board / What am I looking here???
« on: November 29, 2016, 09:06:29 PM »
Is this the one so called fire hazard and needs to be upgraded????

Main Message Board / Dog on board?
« on: November 28, 2016, 10:20:08 PM »
We have a 10,5 yr old yellow lab. Even though she loves the water, she is scared to death from any kind of ladders or steps. So in the past it was always a struggle of getting her on board was a combination of pushing and shoving her. But in those times she was 4-5 years old. Now she is an old lady we don't want to hurt her.
Is anybody came across a better and easier way to get a 85lbs doggie on board a C34?

Main Message Board / Companionway wood slats...???
« on: November 28, 2016, 08:40:06 PM »
My boat has two piece of those wood and look pretty warn out. Do they sell those pieces?

Main Message Board / Recommendations in San Francisco bay area needed...
« on: November 28, 2016, 12:34:28 AM »
Vendors with a reasonable pricing policy needed for :

- A decent Dodger

- Sail cleaning and reconditioning,

- Steam cleaning company for interior upholstery,

If you used or heard about any vendors in these fields with positive feedback, would you please let me know.
I have very limited options in my homeport area.

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