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Catalina 34s Parts & Pieces For Sale or Wanted / Cowl Vent Wanted
« on: September 01, 2020, 07:30:33 AM »
I lost 1 of my Cowl's in the lake recently, they are the original Vetus that just push into the Dorade on my 1991 MK 1.5 Hull #1168.  I looked into replacing them both with the screw down type from Catalina because the kids knock the off all the time but at $100 each I thought I would see if anyone has and old one sitting around they want to get ride of that I could clean up.

Main Message Board / Planning to raise my dodger
« on: May 21, 2020, 05:45:06 AM »
I have this different dodger/shade set-up on my boat from the previous owner 4+ years ago.  I have never used it because of the low headroom, using a boom tent instead but decided to put it on this year and see if I could make it work.  I sail on an inland lake so the function of the dodger is for overhead shade, and rain protection mostly, no rough seas to deal with. It is in really nice shape but only provides 5' head clearance and I am 6' 4". My 10 year old son even hit his head last night. I have the main sail on and believe I have room for at least 6' clearance under the boom which would be a huge difference.  While there are a lot of posts about dodgers I didn't see many actual measurements.  Does anyone know the standing height under theirs who has a similar year tall rig?

I plan to add extensions to the 4 base points raising it 10 - 12'.  They move aft on an angle so I should maintain clearance from the main sheet.  I know he panels will not reach anymore but first things first, if I can raise it, I will adjust the connector to the back stay first, then think about extending the panels.  Shade will still be the main intention of the set-up.

Does anyone have stern rail perch seats they don't use and are interested in selling for a 1991 Mk 1 with a walk through transom?  I didn't want to pay $310 for the new Zarcor seats and am considering building them myself but thought this was worth a try to ask.

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