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Fleet 13 / Magma Catalina Gas Grill For Sale
May 30, 2017, 10:53:50 AM
My Catalina Magma Grill that came with my boat no longer fits on my stern rails because of my new bimini. :?  The grill has only been lightly used and works well off the propane tank on your boat (or separately you can obtain an attachment to use a small gas bottle). I need to sell this fine barely used grill with recently purchased sunbrella cover and rail mounts.  Anyone interested.   Amazon price is $366 plus shipping plus $89 for the sunbrella cover.  I am selling this for $200.  Or I would trade for a small 15" round gas grill that would fit on my boat with the new bimini.  Contact Norman Plotkin at 770-317-1730 or

Main Message Board / Water System
May 13, 2016, 10:29:55 AM
Hope someone can help me with a water problem. I purchased my Catalina 28 Mrk ii from a Maine seller and transporter her down by land to Lake Lanier in North Georgia.  She is a beautiful lightly used boat just perfect for our lake north of Atlanta.  When first commissioned her but before hooking up the water tank (she had been winterized) the water in the head, galley and shower worked. Then I reconnected the hot water tank located very far aft section of the boat.   Then the water flowed in the galley for a while, sputtered and now I can get hardly a drop.  My water pump is working and I have both hot and cold water running in the head and at the swim shower, but nothing at the galley sink.  I can see no kinks in the lines and I am sure I have hooked up my hot water tank correctly. I can't tell if there are filters in the lines to the galley sink that may have clogged as it hard to access back behind the sink.  Any one have any ideas what my problem could be?