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Main Message Board / Buyer's guide to older C34s????
« on: January 18, 2013, 01:06:01 AM »
Hello fellow C34 owners and future owners,

I'm selling my C34, and I started to write a spec sheet for the sale.  Then I started to add photos of projects I've done on it, and it ended up being quite a large document and something that might even be called a "buyer's guide to older C34s", or possibly "buying an older C34 for dummies". Anyhow, I know how some of you like projects and such, so you might be interested in having a look at this document.  And anyhow, over the years I've got a lot of good info and ideas from this website, so thank you for that, and it would be great if I could reciprocate and if you got something useful from my endeavors.  Here's the link:

All the Best,


Main Message Board / Places to advertise a C34 for sale?
« on: January 18, 2013, 12:43:55 AM »
Hello fellow C34 owners,

I've just put my C34 up for sale on the "C34s for sale" section of this website, and I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions where there might be other good places to advertise it.  I will also put it on Craigslist for my local area, Long Beach CA.  For the time being I will try to sell it myself without a broker.  So, if you know of some special place or publication where boaters look for boats, particularly in Southern CA, let me know.

Thanks a lot!


Catalina 34s for Sale / 1986 C34 for sale, Long Beach CA - SOLD
« on: January 18, 2013, 12:29:41 AM »

I'm selling my 1986 C34.  It's in very nice condition, well maintained.  Basic boat, nothing fancy.  Price is $39,000.  I've prepared a document about it which I've put online.  Document has lots of photos and descriptions of the projects I've done to it.  In fact, the document has turned into a bit of a buyers' guide for looking at older C34s.  Here's the link:

Shoot me an Email if you're interested,



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