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Main Message Board / Passing of Frank Butler
« on: November 18, 2020, 09:26:32 AM »
Just saw the news that President and Chief Executive Officer of Catalina Yachts, passed away November 15, 2020

Main Message Board / Anchor Marker
« on: August 15, 2019, 02:52:18 PM »
Hi All,

I know this can be a controversial topic but hear me out.  Sometimes its helpful to know exactly where your anchor is and to let others know where your anchor is.  I'm aware that there can be issues with creating a marker using just a plain line and a bleach bottle (or similar).  Things like fouling another boats prop - or your own, having the tide rise and the float pulls out your anchor, etc. 

Our friend has invented a product Elastatether that solves these issues.  My son has been manufacturing the product for about a year and has recently taken ownership of the company and several improvements have been made.  I am associated to it but honestly we have used the Elastatether for 2 years on both our Catalina 34 and our Hunter 36 with great success.  It's basically a float on a giant elastic string that adjusts with the tide.  It is made to intentionally give way under strain like another boat running it over so as not to foul their prop.  Note this is not a trip line but it can help you determine where your anchor is to enable you to pull out the anchor in the opposite direction.

Please take a moment and check out the website to see how it works. and they are now available on Amazon.

Main Message Board / Posting photos from iPhone
« on: October 25, 2017, 06:53:55 AM »
I ran across an issue that I guess I never realized before.  You can't post pictures from your iphone or ipad to the forum.  You would need to get those pictures to your computer and then upload them which is rather inconvenient for me.  Usually on the boat I don't have my computer so I would have to wait to get home to do this.

I think there is a solution that would require an add in to the Simple Machines forum that is being used.  It's called Tapatalk.
  With it you would use an app to see the forum.

Dave Sanner - Web Admin would need to add this.  Since I am a pretty infrequent user of the forum at this point, I thought I would get input from others on whether this is desirable before I go back to Dave to discuss.

Main Message Board / Stainless tubing bending and fabrication.
« on: September 23, 2017, 08:16:41 AM »
Does anyone know of a fabricator willing to do a small job requiring bending and welding of stailess tubing for a small stainless item. Would love if they are local to the northeast or someone willing to ship.  Have tried googling and sending my design specs but so far most say they can't do it or the job is too small.

Main Message Board / Flexible Solar Panels
« on: November 30, 2016, 01:47:41 PM »
I took the liberty of posting an article to the tech wiki about our experience installing flexible solar panels this summer on the bimini of our 1987 Mark 1.

Totally worth the money which has already paid for itself in saved transient slip fees. - Total cost $680.05

Of course it helps that I was able to do all the sewing modifications to the bimini which I had made myself during the winter of 2014.

Catalina 34s Parts & Pieces For Sale or Wanted / Original Air Filter - M25
« on: November 17, 2016, 08:46:31 AM »
We just took off the original "oil can" type intake.  Before I toss it does anyone want it?  You pay only shipping.   

Main Message Board / New Tech Notes - Part of new website
« on: November 04, 2016, 12:07:47 PM »
As part of the new website, I have redone the tech notes section to fit into the new design of the site.  This redesign will make it much easier for us to update the website with the quarterly articles from Mainsheet magazine.

I kept the navigation to the articles similar to the way it was before - by year and then issue and then by article.

As a reminder, these tech notes are only available to members of the C34 International association and you will be prompted for security credentials to access this.  When you join the association, you are sent a note with the Username and password to use for this.  These are still the same.  These are not the same credentials used for the message board.

However, this is now slightly different than it was before as described here.

- Issues prior to 2010 are only available in PDF or in some cases .doc format and will prompt you for the username and password
- Issues from 2010 forward are available in both PDF and html format.
     - For PDF you will be prompted you for the username and password
     - For HTML you will only be prompted for a password - This is the same password used for the PDF documents and the same as the one that was sent to you when you joined.

Here is a link to the new format.

Please respond to this post if you have any questions or issues.

Main Message Board / What is this?
« on: October 25, 2016, 02:18:42 PM »
I was cleaning out a few items from the boat with plans to sell on eBay and ran across this.  I assume it is something to feed a bolt rope or guide a line through but does anyone know what it's called?  This may not be from the Catalina 34 - could be from a Catalina 34 or from our daysailer.


Main Message Board / New Website!
« on: October 16, 2016, 04:48:54 PM »
After several months of work in between sailing excursions, we are ready to launch a newly redesigned website.  The new site will be made live this evening so check back tomorrow to see how it looks.  During this time, the forum should work fine but the main site may be unavailable during the implementation.

This effort is based on feedback from many of you and work done by myself and a committee including Rick Allen, Stu Jackson, Dave Sanner and some help from Jack Hutteball.  Our goal was primarily to bring the site into some updated technology and make it easier to use and update including better visibility on mobile devices. 

We will provide more info highlighting some of the changes after the launch.

Main Message Board / 1987 C34 located in Westbrook, CT. Hull # 272
« on: September 29, 2016, 09:25:13 AM »
After some great cruising experiences, we have decided to sell our boat with plans to move on to something a bit newer.  We have done LOTS of upgrades and critical maintenance items over the last 5 years thanks to those of you on this forum.  "Summer Rush" is ready for immediate cruising.

I have put some details on the marketplace here.,9166.msg66809.html#msg66809

And have created a website for the boat with lots of photos.

Let me know if you are interested in looking!

Catalina 34s for Sale / SOLD- 1987 C34 located in Westbrook, CT. Hull # 272
« on: September 29, 2016, 09:19:29 AM »
Summer Rush - For Sale by Owner

1987 Catalina 34 Tall Rig – Fin Keel

Photos and details here.


Engine Brand: Universal
Engine Model: M25
Engine Type: Inboard
Engine/Fuel Type: Diesel
Drive Type: Direct Drive
Engine Power: 21 HP
Engine Hours: Unknown
Propeller: Folding propeller
Cruising Speed: 6 knots
Maximum Speed: 6 knots

•   Fuel: 23 gallon, Aluminum
•   Fresh Water: rear tank, 43 gallons
•   Fresh Water: forward tank, 28 gallons – Water tank manifold new 2016
•   Waste:27 gallons (New 2012 with all new plumbing)
•   Cooking: CNG tank for galley stove/oven – two bottles


•   Keel Stepped Mast
•   North Sails Fully Battened Mainsail , two reef points– (serviced 2016)
•   Genoa, Horizon 130% Furling Headsail – (New 2011, serviced 2016)
•   Spinnaker  - O’Neil Asymmetrical spinnaker w/Sock
•   Sunbrella Mainsail Cover – (New 2013)
•   Halyards (Jib and Spinnaker replaced 2011, Main halyard - 2016)
•   Mainsheet (replaced- 2014)
•   Hydraulic backstay adjuster
•   Garhauer Traveler – (New 2016)
•   Line control adjustable jib cars
•   Outer manual adjustable fairlead cars for spinnaker
•   Line control spinnaker pole w/deck chocks
•   Line control boom vang
•   Two, Self tailing Lewmar #46 Primary Winches
•   Two, Self tailing Lewmar #30 halyard winches on cabin top
•   Control lines are lead aft to the cabin top with clutches and self tailing winches

•   35lb Claw anchor
•   Anchor Rode – 35 ft chain + 200 ft nylon 8-plait braid– (New 2013)
•   Simpson Lawrence Manual windlass with chain gypsy and winch drum
•   Sunbrella Cockpit Dodger – (New 2012)
•   Helmsman cockpit cushion – (foam replaced 2013)
•   Strapless Sunbrella Bimini Top & Connector Panel (New 2015)
•   Magma rail mounted BBQ
•   Sheet bags – (New 2012)
•   Custom Mahogany Cockpit dining table with fold out leaves – (New 2016)
•   Double lifelines – (New 2014)
•   All exterior teak refinished annually
•   Stern mounted swim ladder
•   Bow and Stern pulpits
•   Wheel steering
•   Dock lines
•   Fabric covered fenders
•   Outboard Motor Bracket


•   Universal diesel engine model M-25 rated at 21hp@3200rpm
•   PSS Shaft Seal – (New 2011)
•   Stainless Steel Shaft – (New 2011)
•   Cutlass Bearing – (New 2011)
•   Oberdorfer Water Pump – (New 2016)
•   Max Prop, 2 blade folding prop
•   Macerator pump
•   Heat Exchanger – (New 2011)
•   Oil Pan – (New 2011)
•   Federal flexible shaft coupling – (New 2014)
•   Hurth ZF10 transmission – (New 2016)
•   Chainplates (rebedded 2012)
•   Cowl air vents – (New trim rings, rebedded, dorads repainted and rebedded – 2011)
•   Vetus K75 Motor mounts - (New 2014)
•   Coolant pump (new 2012)


•   Full circuit breaker protected, DC panel and separate AC panel at nav. station
•   Balmar SmartGauge Battery Monitoring System – (New 2014)
•   Garmin Chart Plotter – 541S with Depth Sounder – (New 2011)
•   460 amp hour battery bank (4 x 6-volt)– (New 2015)
•   Battery Charger - Charles -  30 Amp Battery Charger – (New 2010)
•   Shore power connection with 50 foot power cord
•   iCom IC-M504 VHF radio (2011) with remote mic in cockpit (New 2013)
•   2 – 100W flexible solar panels – sewn to bimini – (New 2016)
•   Victron MPPT solar controller – (New 2016)
•   Raymarine 3000 Autopilot
•   Metz masthead mount antenna for VHF
•   Windex 15 masthead wind indicator
•   Richie Binnacle mount compass (reconditioned 2013)
•   Standard Horizon SD1 Speed indicator -  thru hull transducer replaced 2012
•   Standard Horizon DS1 depth sounder – thru hull transducer replaced 2012
•   12V / dual USB outlet in cabin (New 2015)
•   GFCI outlets throughout (2016)

•   Corian Countertop in Head – (New 2009)
•   New Head, plumbing and holding tank – (New 2012)
•   Head sink setup to flush fresh water through head (New 2012)
•   Sink spout doubles as shower with floor drain and pump

•   Gimbaled 2 burner CNG stove with 1.5CF oven – Two CNG bottles
•   Pot holders for cooking underway
•   Galley Countertop – (New 2012)
•   Improved double sink drain upgrade (New 2012)
•   Alder Barbour 12V refrigeration
•   Pressure water pump – (New 2011)
•   Seaward 6 gallon Hot Water Heater – Electric and engine exchange heated– (New 2011)
•   Electric pump for icebox/refrigeration drain

•   New cabin cushions– (New 2013)
•   Custom memory foam mattresses in vberth and aft cabin – (New 2013)
•   All LED interior lights – (New 2014)
•   Teak and Holly floors – (refinished 2011)
•   Curtains – (custom made 2016)
•   Beckson Opening port screens and seals – (New 2013)


•   4 fire extinguishers
•   Electric and manual bilge pumps
•   Smoke alarm/CO2 detector
•   Lifesling with custom Sunbrella cover
•   Boat hook
•   3 Throwable PFD
•   Fairclough full length winter cover and frame– (New 2012 – repairs and modifications done in 2016)

All critical upgrades as noted by the Catalina 34 owners association have been done.

All interior teak oiled annually

Bottom paint: epoxy barrier coated under e-paint (applied 2016)

Main Message Board / Transmission Gear Ratio
« on: June 13, 2016, 06:58:48 AM »
On our 1987 MK1 boat we have the original (we believe) Hurth HWB 50 transmission which seems to be failing in forward.  We had all the seals replaced 2 years ago after some leaking but now the boat will not hold the forward gear.  We have gone through the diagnosis of the issue by removing the cables and shifting manually but to no avail.  At this point we are ready to invest in a new transmission.  My husband spoke to someone at Foley Engines who indicated that we needed to know the gear ratio off the plate on the transmission.  There is no visible plate with any info we can see/get to.  We don't have the original manual that might have contained this info. either though our research suggests it is 2:1. 

Can anyone confirm this before we go ahead and try to order this today in hopes of getting off the dock this summer. :cry4`

Main Message Board / Stove Grates
« on: May 24, 2016, 06:58:23 AM »
I have the original 2 burner Seaward CNG gimbaled stove/oven on my 1987 boat.  The top burner grates are starting to look bad (little rusty and peeling finish).  I am wondering if these can be painted?  or do I need to replace them.

Main Message Board / Website Survey
« on: March 10, 2016, 06:27:29 PM »
I'm working with Stu Jackson, Rick Allen and Dave Sanner on some redesign work for the website which will allow the site to be maintained in an easier way and to improve the way you access the information. We would like to get more opinions on what is valuable or not on the site today and how you use it.  Please take a minute to respond to this 10 question survey.

Main Message Board / Salt Water in the Ice Box
« on: December 23, 2015, 10:16:58 AM »
The bottom part of our icebox is getting filled with salt water from the drain opening.  This seems to be coming from the through hull being open.  We have an electric pump installed by the PO to drain the ice box.  How can we stop the salt water from coming in when we want to leave the through hull open to use the sink?  We always thought this was fresh water resulting from the ice building up on the refrigeration but we left the fridge off and drained it out and there was still water entering.  Then we realized that it was salt water.

Also, when this water accumulates (about 3-4 inches) there is water draining from somewhere under the starboard side of the ice box down into the bilge.  Is this some hose clamp loose that we can't see or could there be something with a crack in it leaking?

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