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Catalina 34s for Sale / Catalina 34 - 1989 - sr/wk
August 29, 2018, 09:19:13 AM
I have my Catalina 34, 1989 for sale.
The boat is located on Lake Champlain, NY.
Asking price  $31,000usd

With it's double cabin layout, front and back.
Nice kitchen with propane stove and fridge.

The boat has all the great amenities you need.

Autopilot - St-4000 Raymarine
Depthsounder - Raymarine St-60
Wind speed and direction - Raymarine St-60
GPS - Raymarine RC-70
Radar - Raymarine 2008
Log-speedometer - Raymarine St-60

Solar Panel - 250W

FYI, the inside panel have been put back to the black and white color.

If you would like additional info, click on the icon under the picture on the left to send a message, and I will be happy to answer you.

Main Message Board / Cleaner for the head
June 21, 2016, 01:29:48 PM
Hi All,

I was wondering what type of cleaning product do most of you use to clean up the bowl.

I know that some chemical will destroy the natural equilibrium happening in the tank, and cause the unpleasant smell.
Since after cleaning, the product will enf up in the tank.

Thanks for you input.
Main Message Board / Glow Plug - installation
May 26, 2016, 11:52:21 AM
Hello all,

I just got my new glow plugs, NGK Y103V.
Looking at pictures I have from my engine,

it look like it has the some issue to pull them out of engine.
The first one is in line with the rigid line comming out of the pump.
2nd is in the manifold, and 3rd also.

Is it just an illusion, and it won't be an issue when I get to the boat ??

Please, let me know if i need special tool, or just standard metric ratchet is ok.

Main Message Board / Stuffing box -
May 11, 2015, 11:40:08 AM

I know that the subject has been talked a few time here.

But I repacked mine this week-end.
What a nightmare ......
The thing was all oxydized.  All jamed in place.
The stuffing box is so well located to work on.  I'm 6ft and 260lbs, try to get a good position to work in there..... good luck.

But with a LOT of PBBlaster, and nice words, and lot of patience and time, I got the nuts loose.
Then try to get the old flux out, more fun and time ...... but made it.

Now, I had read the the flux should be 3/16, 3 rows of it, which I did put in.  Hand tighten only.
But the one I removed was 2 rows of 1/4.

Did lots of you had this situation ??  Still on the hard, so can change if required.

Main Message Board / Refinishing the cabin stairs
September 24, 2014, 12:36:02 PM
Hi All,

Maybe like me, and somme others, you are tired of the look of the original MkI stairs.
I refinished mine last spring, and really enjoyed it this summer.

I have put some step and pictures in the wiki

Main Message Board / Nice day ....
December 17, 2013, 07:22:40 AM
Hi All,

Not really sail related message, but for those of you down south.....
Hope you are enjoying your chance to sail year round and have a thought for us.

For your info, it was a nice - ( yess minus ) 13 Fahrenheit this morning, this is without wind factor.  -26 F with it.....

Have nice day.   :santa
Main Message Board / new portlights trends
November 06, 2013, 08:39:52 AM
Hi All,

Just curious about the portlights on new boat trends.
Having them tinted blue. 
Being used to the bronze, smoke, color.  How do you like it.
Wonder how it feel inside ?  Does anyone tought of going with this blue color when replacing your lens ?
Since a lot of us are replacing them because they are getting crack or ....
Main Message Board / Water Pump - recirculating
July 08, 2013, 06:56:04 AM
Hi All,

I got a problem this w-e with the Antifreeze recirculating pump.
For whatever reason, it look like the shaft got bent, I took it off, and the impeller run offset and rub on one side of the casing.

I did some surfing on the C34 site, which is always a gold mine of infos.
My engine is the M25XP.
That would be engine block type D-950.
Found a pump no from the Kubota catalogue 15531-7303-0.

Now, did anyone ever had similar issue ?
Where did you ordered the pump ?  If could be on the east coast side, would be nice.

As always, thanks for sharing.
Main Message Board / Interior change
June 25, 2013, 06:18:07 PM

I know, it is not traditional look for the inside of the C34, but the admiral wanted something different.
Wanted some color, to brighten the inside.

Here what ended up.
I Painted the sliding doors, and the beige plastic trim around the ports, painted with aluminum color spray can.

Main Message Board / Electrical Wiring for lights
May 02, 2013, 01:41:42 PM
I know that there as been lots of threads about electricals wirings.
But I'm about to redo some ( cabine lights and anchor ) and was looking at the Catalina DC wiring diagram.
For the inside cabine lights it is 14ga. wires.
And wires going up the mast they're 16ga.

Just want to confirm that buying same gauge is ok.
Or if there is modifs that should be done.

Thanks all.
Main Message Board / swim platform added
April 09, 2013, 09:31:51 AM
Hi All,

Having a C34 MKI, the acces not always easy from the dinghy, I'd like to had some kind of swim platform.
Being on a mooring, getting everything in the boat would be better.

I'd like to have something not big, just enough to stand.

Does some of you did this addition on their boat, and if you have pictures, that would be great.

Main Message Board / Emergency engine start
January 14, 2013, 09:37:25 AM
Hi All,

Have a question, one of my fear is to have to start engine in an emergency time.
Like waking up and ancor has drag, and going to it some rocks...
Get the glow plug switch on, count 1,2,3,.....20 push start and it does not of course. 
Count again, 1,2.....  Boy those second must be like minute each.

Is this something that ever happen to someone ??

So, this is on the spring to do, check glow plug.  Because I always have to hold it long.  Or do it twice.

Main Message Board / Winterizing engine
October 04, 2012, 01:27:00 PM
Hi All,

I did a quick search, but did not found much on winterizing our engine ( 25xp ).
Unfortunately, some of us, living in the north need to houl out and put our boat in 'hibernation'.
Is there something special to do, exept remove water from heat exchanger ?
I was going to put the inlet water pump hose into a bucket with plumbing anti-freeze, and have it run thru the system.
And remove the impeller from the pump, so it won't dry in the shape.

Any ideas welcome.

And a oil change too.
Main Message Board / Interior wall change
July 27, 2012, 12:18:26 PM

Having a C34 MKI with the tinted inside wood work to a dark red. It make the inside kind of dark.
I was wondering if anyone here have gone thru some sort of receipe, to remove the color, so it would look like the newest one. A nice light wood color.

Was wondering if with some furniture wood stripper, sanding, we could get something.