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Main Message Board / Another gooseneck scrapped
« on: August 21, 2016, 09:47:28 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Paul Alcock (Eximius) noticed that the gooseneck stud on Esprit du Vent had cracked just like on his boat.  With a little effort Franco and I removed the cap and on Monday morning I will order part K1846 from Catalina Direct.  It does not look like the 4 holes that screws go through to hold the cap to the boom are provided with that part.  And, the cap casting does not appear to be pre-drilled.  So... What type and size screws work best?  Do I need to tap the casting or can I drill a pilot hole to accept the recommended screws?  Any other pieces of advice will be welcomed.



Main Message Board / Our problem is a Garmin "feature!"
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:01:41 AM »
Hi Forum Readers,

I have a reasonably new 547xs which is working fine except for one issue.  Up to this point I have been using it as a passive chart.  Recently I decided to use "Go To" navigation.  I had a lot of trouble using this feature, and the documentation is, in a word, poor.  When I finally backed out from my problem all of the buoys had lost their associated text.  For example just outside of Ft. Lauderdale, FL there is a red buoy labeled "2" Fl R 2.5s.  That text is now gone.  Upon further reflection this probably happened after the software update of June 16th and I just did not notice it.  It was on that date that I installed software ver. 6.40. 

From a post on the forum The Hull Truth I learned about a Garmin new “feature.”  The forum user named “guineaman” had the same problem.  He was told by Garmin that the text was deliberately removed by Garmin.  To quote him: 

“Thank you for contacting Garmin International.  I'm happy to help you with your navaids.  Unfortunately those will no longer show up all the time no matter what settings you change.  You will have to scroll over the navaid to get information on it.”

Garmin claims that customers were complaining that the screen had too much “clutter” so in the interest of customer satisfaction the text was removed.  For a more detail listing of the issue please turn to:  For even more blow by blow comments send an e.mail message to me at  I have some comments that I don’t want to display here so that is why the e.mail request.



Hi Forum Readers,

Getting close on my small hatch leak.  Before I order just any part I want to make sure I get the right part:

  • Did Bomar make the V-berth hatch for the 1987 C34?
  • If so, is there a Bomar part number for the hatch and/or the gasket?
  • Bomar does not seem to exist any more, but parts can be ordered from Pompanette LLC.
  • Catalina direct has gasket material too.  Parts: Z2656, Z1546, Z3708
  • Some of the above are priced by the foot.  What is the exact length I would need to order?

I did this once about 4 years ago, but I cannot find the paperwork.  It was a devil to get it inserted and my problem now is that a wind storm seems to have opened a drip path.

Thanks in advance,


Main Message Board / Hatch - 2 issues
« on: June 25, 2016, 07:38:19 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Two questions about hatches:

1/ Last weekend we were in quite a blow during a line squall.  Hit 55 kts!  Boat performed well and Pat and I are safe and sound.  The only loss was the canvas hatch cover on the mid-ship hatch.  Does anyone know of a supplier of a ready-made cover? 

2/ About two years ago I installed a new gasket on the forward hatch.  It was a tight fit which never gave me satisfaction, but in the words of the Stones, gave me what I needed in a water tight seal.  That same squall, must have lifted the gasket just a tad such that a rain storm that night caused a slow drip into the V berth.  Is there a sealant I can apply to the gasket in the area of the leak so I can avoid buying another gasket?



Main Message Board / Gearbox problem, lifting the engine
« on: March 22, 2016, 06:36:23 AM »
JUST FOUND TECH NOTE NOV 2000 ON CHANGING ENGINE MOUNTS:  It tells you how to lift the engine using a block and tackle hung from the boom.

Hi Forum,

Esprit du Vent has a problem in the gearbox.  Franco was on board yesterday and reports:  "I had to drain the transmission fluid (so no starting the engine until that is refilled!!!).  I noted that it does not seem to be the transmission and suspects the gearbox (more specifically the mechanism / spring which triggers it).  Unfortunately, the location of this on our engine (1987 Mk I with the Universal M-25XP) will require we lift the engine for to access it as there is not enough clearance to get at it  :(.  Certainly not the news we wanted... I know others have rebuilt the transmission and gearbox.  We need to know how to access it and lift the block?  I think it can be done by suspending the block from a piece of wood in the companionway and lifting it with a block & tackle."  Any details on this procedure?



Main Message Board / Wet Deck 2 - the jib track
« on: November 18, 2015, 09:02:38 AM »
Hi Forum,

Just about the time I got my stanchion issue resolved I noticed water on the head floor.  With my moisture meter I traced it down to the port side jib track.  Unlike the stanchion, the jib track runs along a lengthy section of deck.  How is the track secured to the deck?  Are the screws ended with washers and nuts?  Will I have to rip into the underside fiberglass?  Is it at all possible to seal it without removing the track?



Main Message Board / Wet Deck
« on: November 09, 2015, 01:37:21 PM »
Hi Forum Members,

This is not something which must be done at once.  I discovered another spot of wet deck and have taken some temporary means to stop the problem.  We had not realized that water has been getting into the boat from underneath one of the port stanchions.  It was a place that the previous owner had made a rather poor repair.  We need to get some idea of how to make the “real” repair.

(Left image) The area marked in yellow registered as wet with my moisture meter.

(Right top image) We removed the stanchion and re-bedded it with butyl tape.  Note we still have “spider” cracks.

(Right bottom image) Here is the block of wood that the previous owner used to “anchor” the stanchion.  From the first image you can tell that the water soaked wood extends forward and aft of the block.  There is still enough integrity to the block to hold the stanchion.  What we want to know is how to fix the problem for good.  Can this be done from inside the cabin?


Main Message Board / Garhauer Track Car
« on: November 15, 2014, 02:15:36 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I noticed that the sheaves on both of our jib track cars are badly worn.  Garhauer seems not to make the more massive ones that were original equipment back in 1987.  They do sell T track cars:  Does anyone know the current replacement?

Here is mine:

Main Message Board / Raymarine ST60+ API going "crazy"
« on: October 29, 2014, 02:19:16 PM »
Hi Forum Readers,

I have a two year old Raymarine ST60+ API that is going "crazy."  Here is what I "think" I know.  When I arrive at the boat and power up the instruments, the ST60+ works fine.  For example, today it read 5.0 knots with the wind coming out of the East.  Then I turn the motor on and the direction needle goes "nuts."  The wind speed show --- in the LCD.  If I cycle through the programs they display correctly and the instrument goes to OFF on command.  Any idea what is going on?



Main Message Board / Re: Sunbrella forward hatch cover - Finished cover
« on: September 23, 2014, 08:36:12 AM »
Hi Forum Readers,

Because Forum readers sometimes don't look at posts they have reviewed before, I am adding this one about the finished forward hatch cover.  This is how the project turned out.

Using the technique described in the video, and making adjustments for the fact that our hatch is not a square, I made a pattern.  My lady who did prior work for us is no longer in business.  However, I found a great company who does custom work, Beaver-Brand Canvas, Inc. (  Here is how the finished cover looks.  Notice the loops on the inside view and how they hold the corners.  Also notice how the line avoids the hinges on the outside view.  I paid just over $100.00 for two covers; the one described here and another one for the mid-ship hatch.  Anyone one interested should contact Linda Schwartz of Beaver-Brand.



Main Message Board / Sunbrella forward hatch cover
« on: September 07, 2014, 06:23:40 AM »
Hi Everyone,

I would like to fashion a hatch cover made of Sunbrella.  Due to the fact that it is a tight fit and the hinges are in the way, how do you design one that fits?  There has been some postings on this:

Another project for WaterDog? :D

Actually I made my own.  Not as well versed as Steve is on the machine, but whipped up one for each of the overhead hatches in about an hour.  Sorry I don't have the dimensions, they are on the boat.

Does someone have some pictures on how they handled the hinges?



Hi Forum Readers,

As we disassembled the broken rudder post (see post about how we lost our rudder) the 26 year old casting broke.  My shipwright, and good friend, Danny Escobar, said a custom casting could be had for about $900.00, but he thought someone might sell a replacement part.  We need to move the boat back to our dock this weekend, so we are going to skip this replacement for now.  Does someone know of a place to buy this part?



Main Message Board / The squirrels ate our mainsail
« on: July 30, 2014, 11:55:40 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Here is one for the books.  It is about the sad story of squirrels shredding our mainsail.  This post was developed from my note to the sail maker.  The boat has been idle at our dock since we lost our rudder in the Intracoastal on May 10th.  The new rudder came in last week (July 17, 2014) so the boat is on the hard at Playboy Marina.  We noticed a squirrel on the deck on Saturday, July 19th, and found out that three of them had been nesting in the Mack Pack.  They probably hopped aboard from our dock, jumped up to the bimini, and entered the Mack Pack from the open end at the aft of the boom.  They destroyed the main and even chewed on hole in the Mack Pack.  In February of 2013 Mack Sails quoted us a new main with strong track.  We need a new quote for the mainsail with the following specifications:

  • Mainsail for a Catalina 34 with conventional battens.  Fit the sail to the existing Mack Pack.  The sail should have the Catalina 34 device (logo) applied along with our hull number, 422.
  • A “Strong Track” system to ease the raising of the sail with installation.

Further, make the following other adjustments:

  • Patch the Mack Pack over the one hole which is quite near the mast.
  • Fashion a closure system for the Mack Pack at the clew such that critters cannot get in.  We are quite willing to remove something when getting ready to raise sail.
  • Cut the leach just a tad smaller so that it lifts the boom clear of the bimini when the sail is raised.  Right now the topping lift is tight and that causes wind to be “dumped” when sailing close hauled.

Esprit du Vent will be at Playboy until Saturday, August 2, 2014.

There is a small silver lining to this tale.  The main was old and needed replacement.  The original sliders had seen better days making raising sail difficult.  The sail was slightly to big for the bimini causing wind to be dumped when sailing close hauled.

With a boat it is always something.  Until the new sail comes in we will be doing some powering and sailing "jib alone."



Main Message Board / We lost our rudder - help needed
« on: May 11, 2014, 01:56:33 PM »
Christeen & Franco, who are partners in the Esprit du Vent, LLC had the boat out this weekend.  I am sick in bed, but I wanted to post this today.  Somehow Christeen has lost her forum posting ability, so I am filling in today.

Hi Forum,

So I need some input on a recent event. To begin, we have a 1987 Catalina 34 wing keel. We LOST our rudder... Yes, lost it. We did not strike anything or ground now sailing it hard. We were in the protected Intracoastal waterway motoring, we were waiting for the bridge when suddenly, we lost all steering! Of course right directly under the bridge. We managed to forward and reverse (with only a minor bump on the bow pulpit into the piling but no damage) letting the current push us out from under the bridge. We managed to use the current to GET close to a dock and tied up.  All without hitting another boat! But it was such a scary event and we were lucky we weren't either out at sea in the Gulf Stream or coming into the inlet. I am so thankful nobody got hurt and no other boats damaged in the whole ordeal.

Once tied up we went to look under the boat and the entire rudder was GONE! It fell right off the boat just before the bridge. We then towed the boat to are dock so we can figure out what to do. By the way, there is no water infiltration.

Anyway... I read of a case or two of rudder loss on the forums, but most were after a hard hit or heavy weather or grounding, none of which apply to us. After further inspection, it seems the shaft corroded and it just broke off. I have photos of under the boat, which I may post later. We are really in shock and not sure how this can happen? Are there any other experiences with this?

We are not sure where to begin. I know a call to Catalina is in order. And I know they sell the retro fit elliptical rudders which I assume is the way to go. Any other advice you guys might have in the road forward would be great.

Thanks in advance for your help,


Main Message Board / Garmin 178C GPS can no longer acquire satellites
« on: February 24, 2014, 12:45:27 PM »
I have a Garmin 178C GPS that is partly broken.  It can no longer acquire satellites.  Many of the functions still work.  The display lights, the menus work, and the depth sounder still work.  It started out that it would fail to find the satellites every now and then.  Then it became more frequent and now it does not find them at all.  I opened up the case hoping it was a corroded antenna wire, but sadly the insides are in pristine condition.  There are people on EBay who want to sell the PC board as their display has died.  I would like to have someone with real marine electronics experience do this repair if it can be done.  Any ideas?

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