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Main Message Board / Mk II gas storage
« on: January 02, 2020, 11:58:59 AM »
Happy New Year, all.

I've recently got a new dink to replace my 1999 9'2" Avon. Great boat, but things do wear out. The 8'9" RIB I replaced it with seems to require a bit more oomph than the 3.5hp Tohatsu 4-stroke I've been using. The manufacturer (Achilles) recommends a 6hp, so I've been looking at the Tohatsu or Yamaha 6hp 4-strokes but haven't pulled the trigger. I was talking to a cruiser friend and he offers me a free 8hp Yamaha 2-stroke that he bought new in Panama. Knowing him it's in good shape, but six years ago I got rid of an Evinrude 3hp 2-stroke and bought the 3.5 Tohatsu so I didn't have to find storage for both gas (the generator) and gas-oil mix for the outboard. If I accept the 8hp Yamaha I'm right back to where I was with figuring out how to accommodate two different kinds of fuel on a (relatively) small boat.

Has anyone come up with a good solution for gas storage on a Mk II ... or a Mk I for that matter? Right now I can store 5 gallons (one 2.5ga can, two 1.25ga cans) in the anchor locker fairly easily. If we go a long distance I can store a 5 ga can on the rail as well. Thanks.

Main Message Board / Mantus on bow roller
« on: April 05, 2019, 11:45:40 AM »
Iím considering getting a 35# Mantus as a back-up anchor for my Rocna 15, since the Mantus can be disassembled to be stowed. However, the spade on the Mantus seem to be more angled back than the Rocna, making me wonder if it will sit properly in the anchor roller without jabbing into the gellcoat on the bow. This is the standard roller on a Mk II.


I have a bag of 9 Carling switches I bought as spares for my '85 C30's instrument panel. If anyone wants them they're yours for the cost of a USPS Priority Mail shipment.

Main Message Board / Telescoping whisker pole selection
« on: August 02, 2017, 11:22:48 AM »
I would like to mount a whisker pole on my mast. I see too many sitting in stanchion chocks unused because of the effort required to deploy them, especially short-handed. Jon W was kind enough to show me his elegant setup for a fixed-length pole, but for a variety of reasons I think one of Forespar's LC poles (either the 10-18 or 12-22) would work better for me.

Here's the question: Forespar's spec states the 10-18 is for "boats up to 33 ft", but if you go to their selection page ( the 10-18 is the recommended pole for our boats. Huh? I wrote to Forespar and the response I got from Randy Risvold was

"The 10-18 Line Control is the correct one for a Catalina 34. The 12-22 will be too heavy."

It would be nice to use the lighter pole since this will be on the mast. The cost savings helps too. However, I'm curious if other C34 owners have had issues with the 10-18, and perhaps the 12-22 is a better choice - in spite of Forespar's recommendation.


Main Message Board / Steaming/Deck lights on Mk II
« on: June 03, 2017, 04:24:59 PM »
I need to replace the deck light on my Mk II, and since I'm "in the neighborhood" I figured I'd replace the steaming light as well. Does anyone have the spec for these bulbs? The owners manual lists both lights as "2LT 996 505001" which googles to a Hellamarine page in German that requires Flash. Boo.

I've attached - I hope - a picture of fixture. Thanks.

Once again, I have a Sherwood G-908 that DEPCO has deemed too far gone to refurbish. The pieces are free to anyone who is willing to pay the USPS medium box flat-rate postage.

Catalina 34s Parts & Pieces For Sale or Wanted / CQR Anchor - 35 lbs
« on: August 16, 2016, 06:10:27 PM »
I have a CQR 35 lb anchor that has become "surplus to my needs." It's served me well, but I broke down and bought one of those new-fangled NZ numbers. I don't need three anchors.

This is an original Scottish-made CQR, not a knock-off. I currently have it on Craigslist for $200 but I'd be happy to sell it to a C34 owner for half that. You'd pretty obviously have to be in southern CA.

I modified the space under the V-berth on my Mk II for more storage, and in the process removed the drawer and frame. If anyone would like them (for whatever reason) they're up for grabs. I'm not sure if they'll work with a Mk I.

I'm in north San Diego so it would probably be best for someone in the LA-OC-SD area who can pick it up. However, if you want to pay to have UPS package it up for you I'll be happy take it to them.

Main Message Board / Beware the low-hour diesel
« on: July 11, 2016, 12:44:52 PM »
When we got our 34 several years back I was a bit concerned that the engine already has around 1200 hours on it. While this was only about 100 hr/year, I worried that there might be something I should be wary of with that much "unknown" usage. (It wasn't until later that I found the extensive maintenance records the POs had kept - thanks Jay and Harvey!) I called Catalina and talked to Kent (the tech rep at the time) and his comment was "I'd be more worried if it DIDN'T have 1200 hours on it!", the logic being that diesels need to be worked regularly. I always shake my head when I see the ads for 2001 boats "with only 120 hours on the engine!" Yikes. Run.

An article just came out in Latitude 38 that adds even more credence to the idea that a low engine hour diesel is not necessarily a good thing. A diesel engineer claims that you should turn your fuel over at least once a year, because  "If you run old fuel that has lost its caloric oomph, as so many sailors do, it wrecks the engine." Interesting read:

Main Message Board / Composite propane cylinders
« on: June 08, 2016, 12:16:52 PM »
Does anyone know if the 11# composite propane cylinders will fit in the well of a MkII? From the published dimensions (15.24"H x 12" Dia.) the height is OK, but they look to be about 1.7" larger in diameter than the Worthington aluminum cylinders. I was wondering if anyone had installed one. Thanks.

I replaced my old style Lewmar portlights. I no longer need the gasket material and glue the previous owner had purchased to refurb the old portlights, so they're free to anyone who wants to pay the USPS priority shipping. Send a PM.
- Mick

Main Message Board / Please include boat info in your sig
« on: January 02, 2016, 03:28:02 PM »
Would you kindly include your boat's information in your signature? It's easy to do ... 60 seconds tops. Right on the top of this page there's a PROFILE tab where you can fill in the info. At a minimum your hull number, but things like Mk I or II, hailing port, your boat's name and year, your NAME would be nice (so people responding to your posts can refer to you by something other than your username.) Maybe you don't even have a Catalina 34 but provide valuable info to the group (I can think of several people in that category.)

This is a minor gripe but Stu's last post about the through-hull location for overboard dumping reminded me that I wanted to post a request.

Main Message Board / Steam in exhaust M35B
« on: October 11, 2015, 05:28:47 PM »
A couple of months back I posted a gleeful message that Oberdorfer had come out with a new model of raw water pump, the N202M-908, that is a drop-in replacement for the dreaded Sherwood G908. This seemed like great news for M35B owners who were fed up with the poor quality and maintainability of the Sherwood but didn't necessarily want to do the necessary surgery to modify the Oberdorfer N202M-16 to fit an M35B.

I got one of the new Oberdorfers from DEPCO and promptly violated RULE 1 by installing new untested equipment on my engine before a long trip. Dumb. With some friends (also on a C34) we headed out to Ensenada from San Diego, about 62nm. All was well until about the last hour when I noticed steam coming out the exhaust. The engine temperature was fine so we continued to the marina (Cruiseport) and I promptly forgot about it (thus violating RULE 2 - if something's broken fix it.) A couple of days later we started the mini-bash back to SD and the steam started earlier, probably because the engine was working harder going against the current. Again, the engine temperature was fine, but I checked the temperature of the exhaust hose coming off the riser and where it exits the boat: neither were usually hot to touch, so we "steamed" back to SD.

Once back I did some research, and it seems the main cause of steam in the exhaust is insufficient water being injected into the exhaust at the riser. What changed? The Oberdorfer, of course. It doesn't put out as much water as the Sherwood, and apparently the small difference was enough to cause the problem. I checked this by going out the day after we got back by running the engine to operating temperature with the Oberdorfer and verifying the steam problem and then swapping back my Sherwood and doing the same test. No steam.

I called Oberdorfer and asked what the flow rate was for the N202M. The person I talked to said he wasn't sure, but "probably 9-10 gpm." When I described what had happened he suggested that that pump was not on the "recommended list" for the M35B. I called DEPCO and without hesitation they asked me to send the pump back and they'd issue me a credit. This with 30 some-odd hours on the pump - great company.

I still wanted a backup pump, though, and since Ken Kloeber had offered to provide dealer pricing for raw water pumps to members I contacted him about the cost of a new Sherwood. This started a long (and still ongoing discussion) about why the Oberdorfer wasn't working for me when many others had made the swap. Ken volunteered to send me an Oberdorfer to test, but that's a whole separate discussion. (5 second summary: The Oberdorfer puts out about 20% less than the Sherwood and neither put out anywhere near 9-10 gpm at an M35B's normal operating rpm.) Ken had a very good question for me, and that's what this post all boils down to: Since the Oberdorfer is such a superior pump to the Sherwood, what's the harm of a little steam in the exhaust if the engine's staying cool? I'm thinking not much.

- Mick

Main Message Board / Mk II fuel tank capacity
« on: September 09, 2015, 03:46:29 PM »
This is kind of a strange question, but can anyone verify the C34 Mk II's fuel tank holds 25 gallons? Given the inflated published figures for the holding tank and aft water tank I thought I'd ask. It seems like a pretty critical thing to know. Thanks.

Main Message Board / ST 4000+ recipe Catalina COCKTAIL
« on: September 01, 2015, 10:05:49 PM »
We recently did a 60+ nm passage with substantial following seas. We gave up on the autopilot fairly quickly. When we got back I searched this list and found a thread started back in Oct 2001 about tweaking some of the settings to make the ST4000 behave. I've made the changes and will test them out on the same passage this weekend (without the same sea state, I suspect), but I'm curious if anyone has come up with anything better in the last 14 years. Here's the changes:

Rudder Gain:    Old 3, New 2
Response:        Old 1, New 2
Autotrim:         Old 3, New 2
Drive type:       Old 1, New 2
Rudder damp:   Old 2, New 4

Thanks all.

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