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Main Message Board / Hood Seafurl Guard
May 15, 2020, 08:49:52 PM
Hello Sailors,

The guard arm on my Hood Seafurl broke off on my 1988 and I lost my furling line guard. It still furls and unfurls fine, but some of the furling line will always escape from the drum during a sail and so someone needs to go up to the bow and make sure the line is in the furler drum before furling the genoa. I would like to try to fix it since the basic furling mechanism still works. I emailed Hood to see if they had any replacement parts and they said no and that the company that did the tooling for those parts went bankrupt in 1994. So, any advice or creative ideas from the wise sailors on here? Or any old Hood Seafurls lying around that were replaced?

Main Message Board / Prop Vibration
July 20, 2015, 08:03:10 AM
I just got out of the boatyard with a new PSS dripless shaft seal and a new flex-o-fold two bladed (15x10) prop.  I expected a little more vibration because my previous prop was a fixed 3 blade 15x9.  While it is nothing drastic that would stop me from using the boat in the short term, when motoring I feel like I get a lot more vibration, especially in the cockpit and sometimes the backstay, now than I did before. My crew has noticed it as well.  Any suggestions of what can be done to reduce the vibration and how I might be able to tell if it is a real long term problem or just normal with a two bladed prop? 

The new prop is delivering propulsion just fine and is definitely reducing drag when under sail.  Right now, I plan to go back to the folks that did the work at the boatyard and see if they will ride along and give me their opinion, but I thought I would see if any other c34 owners have had experience with this. 

Main Message Board / Main Halyard Snapped
June 11, 2014, 09:20:36 PM
As I was taking the boat out for a beer can race this evening, we had just finished raising the main sail and then the main halyard snapped and fell into the mast.  I was able to remove the exit plate and pull the line out of the mast, but I am going to need to be able to run a new halyard without the benefit of using the previous halyard as a threading line.  I read some advice on forums about using bicycle chain, magnets, and some other clever ideas to run the line properly.  Has anyone else ever had a similar problem?  Any suggestions or advice are appreciated. 

My genoa needs at least a new UV cover.   I am not necessarily going to go back to the maker of this sail, but the previous owner bought the sail and I should probably know what brand of sail it is.  I don't see any other markings on the sail. 

I am looking for good refrigeration service and engine service in San Diego.  I would appreciate any recommendations from other San Diego area c34 owners. 

A little background:
I just bought a 1988 c34 and I am really happy with it, but the refer is dead. It probably needs to be recharged, but its and older norcold with a flat plate and I want to be able to freeze things, so I am thinking of having an adler barbour installed instead. 

Also, a few things need to be fixed that came up on the survey with the engine.  They are all pretty minor, but I am not completely comfortable doing it myself yet and could use a good engine guy who can do some work, service the engine regularly, and hopefully I could learn from as well.