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We're selling our C34, and I was wondering if anybody was interested in our KiwiProp or 155 Genoa.
Nothing wrong with them, although I'm sure it will be easier to get the sail off the boat then the prop.

$1100 for the prop, $1250 for the sail, open to offers.

Catalina 34s for Sale / SoCal 1991 C34 Mark 1.5 SOLD
« on: January 06, 2013, 01:45:57 PM »
This Catalina 34 stands out from other Mark I's because it's got the walk through transom, as well as the more powerful m35 engine that became standard with the Mark II. This boat shows pride of ownership, and is sailed often. The boat is very comfortable, easy to sail with minimal crew, and she's fast! You won't find a better price for a turnkey 34' sloop with a walk through transom anywhere! This Catalina 34 has a "Long Beach Special" bow pulpit, allowing you to save money on slip fees because she fits in a 30' slip! SOLD

LOA: 34.5 ft   Beam: 11.75ft   Displacement: 11950lb
LWL: 29.83ft    Ballast: 5000lb

Universal M35 4 Cylinder Diesel w/ 2184 hours
Cruising Speed: 6.5 knots @ 0.5 gph    Maximum Speed: 7 knot

Fuel: 25 gal   Water: 77 gal (2 tanks)   Holding: 27 gal

   Large V-berth with drawers and hanging locker
   Spacious salon with upgraded LED lighting throughout entire interior
   Full size settee and dinette converts to double berth
   Aft cabin with ample storage with extra cabinet with drawers and mirrored hanging locker
   Custom Carpet to cover cabin sole
   L Shaped with double stainless steel sink
   Hilerange propane stove/oven
   Propane tank (2011)
   Hot & cold pressure water w/ shurflo pump
   Drop in Refer/Freezer drop in Adler Barbour (2003)
   Seaward 6 Gallon Water Heater (1997)
   Upgraded single handled faucet (2012)
   Jabsco manual toilet (2011)
   White sanitation hose (2011)
   Shurflo Macerator (2011)
   Whaler Gulper shower sump pump (2011)
   KiwiProp Feathering Prop (2011)
   Cockpit mounted engine controls
   Racor Fuel filter
   Electric & manual bilge pumps
   Orberdorfer water pump (2012)
   Raw water sea strainer
   Catalina Fuel Tank (2002)
Sails & Rigging
   2 Lewmar #46 2 speed self-tailing main winches
   2 Lewmar #30 2 speed secondary winches (starboard winch is self-tailing)
   Stainess Steel Standing Rigging
   Harken Pro Furl Mark III Roller Furling
   Hyde Sails 155% Genoa (2012)
   T&A Sails 140% Genoa (2001)
   North Sails 155% Light #1 (Starting to delam)
   T&A Triple Stitched Main w/ 1 Reef Point (Sail tuned up by Hyde in 2012)
   Dutchman system on main sail (2012)
   Boom powder coated (2012)
   Outhaul replaced with 5:1 purchase (2011)
   All lines lead to cockpit with Spinlock XTS Triple Clutches (2012)
   Garhauer EZ-Glide Adjustable Genoa Car System (2011)
   Garhauer Ball-bearing Traveler 6:1 (2011)
   Dodger with Makrolon glass and bimini (2012)
   Mesh or Canvas connect dodger & bimini for extra shade
   Square stainless steel bow pulpit w/ anchor roller
   Danforth anchor w/ chain & nylon rode
   2nd anchor setup for stern
   Electric Windlass (1999)
   Spinnaker Pole
   Cockpit table and cushions, and canvas covers
   One Dorade and one solar vent (2011)
   Garmin GPSMAP 182C color chartplotter w/ BlueChart
   JVC KD-HDR60 Receiver w/ remote (FM/AM/HD/CD/MP3/USB/IPHONE) (2011)
   Yamaha Speakers in cabin w/ new wire (2011)
   Pioneer Speakers in cockpit w/ new wire (2011)
   Standard Horizon VHF
   Signet Wind, Depth, and Speed
   Raymarine SmartPilot X5 (2011)
   110V AC & 12V DC electrical system
   Current Catalina OEM AC DC Electrical Panel (2011)
   Mastervolt PowerCharger 12/20-3 Battery Charger (2011)
   Xantrex LinkPro Battery Monitor (2012)
   House: 2 6V Golf Cart Batteries Engine: 1 12V Battery
   2011 Shoreline Yacht Club Parade of Lights Winner
   2012 First place PHRF A - Labor Day Long Beach to Dana Point Race
   2012 First place PHRF Dog Days of Summer Race
   Participated in filming of recent Arrested Development episode (to be aired this April)


Main Message Board / Racing your C34
« on: September 13, 2012, 07:14:02 PM »
We race our C34, and took first place in our class in the Long Beach to Dana Point race this labor day.

We beat a Cal 33, a Santana 39, C38, C42, and a Schock 35.

Unfortunately we took 3rd in fleet, beat by an Oday 27 and a Newport 28 by about 5 minutes.

Main Message Board / Signet Speed Sensor
« on: August 20, 2012, 09:08:36 AM »
I'd like to rig my paddle wheel speed sensor.  I found it on the boat, but the cables been cut off fairly short from the sensor.  I found the thru-hull, but there's no cut cable laying nearby.

Any tips on what kind of cable is used?  if it has a proprietary connector?  I'd like to bang it out tomorrow but I didn't get a chance to inspect it yesterday.  I'm hoping the cable is still connected to the box so I can just splice it...

If it's not a cheap fix I'll probably put money towards a replacement setup.

Main Message Board / Running warmer and possible exhaust leak
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:02:22 AM »
Before I replaced the sherwood water pump with the ode, the boat would cruise at 180F.
Now if I'm at cruise she creeps up to 190 or so... almost 200F.
Seems like I might be seeing steam in the exhaust.
We were cruising under power and the wife said the back cabin (which was closed) smelled like exhaust.
So my guess is that I've got an issue with my exhaust.
Another note is that I haven't replaced the zinc in the heat exchanger yet (had the boat a year... I know... I'm stupid)
So I'm guessing I've got a date with the heat exchanger and the exhaust riser?
I know a lot of people say the ode pumps less water, but I don't think the problem is lack of water.  I'm guessing I'm just seeing another problem sooner because the symptom isn't being masked as well anymore.
We've got two races before I'm going to start tearing in to anything.

Main Message Board / Replaced rope clutches, yet they still slip
« on: July 22, 2012, 08:33:16 AM »
I replaced my worn out clutches with new Spinlock XTS triples... yet my halyards still slip.  Not as much, but I understand there's a way to make the line thicker where it goes through the clutch, so I'm going to have to research how to do that.

So you may want to try making the line thicker before replacing your clutches... might save you some hassle.

Main Message Board / Water pump woes
« on: July 06, 2012, 08:50:49 AM »
So I was changing the oil yesterday, and noticed a slow drip coming from the Sherwood water pump, where it attaches to the block.

As I pour over the copious amount of info on the website... and tips/advice?  The rate of water drip is about one per minute.  Is it a quick fix or do I need to replace it with an Oberdorfer?  (yeah I've read it doesn't pump as much water).

Main Message Board / Rope Clutches -- Do I want 10-12mm or 8-10mm?
« on: June 26, 2012, 11:29:50 AM »
I just bought a lewmar 10-12mm to put on my cabin top.  Now that I'm looking at everything I'm thinking about returning it and getting the 8-10. 

Right now I have my main sheet and main halyard on the starboard side.  They are both singles.
On starboard I've got jib and spin halyards.

I believe my halyards are all 3/8", and the only thing I have bigger than that is the boom vang, which I can downsize.

I'm trying to get the outhaul, reef line, cunningham, and some other stuff back to the cockpit and it's mostly 5/16".  So I'm thinking I should have gone with the 8-10, but I wanted to make sure I Wasn't missing something

Main Message Board / NMEA with new Standard Horizon gear
« on: May 20, 2012, 09:48:25 AM »
I just picked up a new Standard Horizon HX851 (Handheld VHF/GPS) and GX2150 (VHF/AIS)

If you put the HX851 in the cradle, it has NMEA cables you can use.  So I tried connecting it to my computer via DB9 female connector to USB-Serial cable  and whenever I hook it up the strobe light starts blinking.  I'm a computer guy so I know I got the computer side right, com port, 4800 8N1, etc.

So I tried hooking it up to the GX2150, which in theory I should be able to pass GPS from the handheld to the fixed mount, and the same thing happens, the strobe just starts blinking.

On the HX851 I turned on some of the NMEA outputs.  Didn't help.
On the GX2150 I made sure it was set to low speed 4800.

On the HX851 green is common.  On the PC I ran green to pin 5, on the GX2150 I ran green to green.
On the HX851 blue is NMEA Output.  On the PC I ran blue to pin 2 or 3, didn't make a difference.  On the GX2150 I ran blue to blue or grey, didn't make a difference.

I've already emailed Standard Horizon... but I'm impatient and it will bug me all day that I can't figure it out.  If anybody can shed any light on this please do!

Links to manuals/product info

I've got to run a bunch of lines aft to the cockpit.  Right now on the port side I've got the jib halyard and a spin halyard.  I've got another spin halyard on the mast.  On the starboard side I've got the main sheet and main halyard.  The boat had a jam cleat for the main sheet, but since I found a spare spinlock clutch cleat on the boat, I swapped it out.

At the mast I have two single blocks on each side... so I swapped one single for a double on the starboard side and ran the outhaul back on that side.  I tried running the main sheet and halyard without going through the deck organizer and it seems to work a lot better that way (less friction).  I haven't done anything else with it (still need to cleat it off somewhere)

So here's what I'm trying to accomplish:
1) DOWNHAUL - Rig a downhaul for the spin pole.  I've got a Harken Folding Padeye to put on the bow.  I'm thinking it should go just forward of the hatch?  Then I have to run it aft to the cockpit and cleat it off
2) OUTHAUL - Cleat off the outhaul in the cockpit somehow
3) REEF 1 - I've got another double block to swap out a single on the port side of the mast, so I can run the reefing line back to the cockpit.
4) TOPPING LIFT - Rig a topping lift for the spin pole... I've got an eye on the mast just below the steaming light, thinking about putting a small block on that, but then I have to figure out how to get it aft to the cockpit.  I'm guessing the blocks from the mast would be too big?
5) SPIN SHEETS AND GUYS - I'm going to use my old fairleads all the way back on the outside track for the spin sheets... and try and do some kind of tweaker arrangement to use the lazy sheet as the active guy... does that make sense?
6) I can't get my main halyard really tight without leaving it on the winch.  The last few inches the line starts to stretch and the clutch won't hold it.  Any tricks for this?  Somebody suggested putting a jam cleat in front of it but there's not much room and there has to be a better way?

Anyhow, if you'd be willing to post pics/suggestions/etc please do.  I want to get the parts ordered so I can get it rigged and fly a chute!

Main Message Board / Xantrex LinkPro
« on: March 22, 2012, 06:10:16 AM »
Anybody put one of these on their boat?  A buddy of mine just had one installed and I liked it so much I bought one... but just curious if anybody else has done it and if there were any lessons learned.

Main Message Board / 135 or 155 for racer/cruiser
« on: March 16, 2012, 08:30:38 AM »
We race now, we're going to go cruising in 3-5 years.

We've got a tired 140 on the boat.  We do pretty well with it.  We're looking at getting a new dacron sail from Hyde with a racing cut.  Problem is do we want to go with a 155 and furl it as needed, or do we want to go with a 135. 

The 140 we have is pretty good for the prevailing conditions, but when it's light it's obviously not as good.

If I'm furling it to 140 most of the time I guess I'll be sacrificing shape at that point, which will make us slower in the races?  Plus a 155 is harder to tack.

Any thoughts from the folks here?

Main Message Board / Refurbing the boom
« on: January 02, 2012, 11:55:11 AM »
So I took the boom off the boat yesterday to fix the outhaul (it doesn't budge, from my research here it seems to have a swivel where it doesn't need one and tangles up inside)

To those that have tried this themselves, is it worth the hassle to strip all the hardware off and paint it?  At first I was thinking about just patching the paint job where it's needed, but now I'm not so sure.  The thought of having to remove ALL those frozen screws is making me wonder if it's worth the hassle.

I've searched the archives, and most of the info is a little dated, so I thought I'd ask to see if anybody has anything new to add.

We've got some issues in the head that we need to deal with:
1) The faucet leaks
2) It seems to me that when we mix hot + cold water, we lose pressure.
3) There is no shutoff on the shower head
4) Because the faucet leaks, it has warped the counter top in the head
5) The shower sump pump rocker switch has become unreliable

Faucet replacement options:
1) Replace the grohe with the same unit and add a home depot shutoff ($90)
2) Go with something like this, which would be nicer because it has a mixer instead of 2 valves ($165)
3) I also found this one for $100
4) This one from the forums for $130
5) Or pull the one on the boat off and see what I can find at Home Depot that would work (is getting a kitchen pullout one an issue?  Will it not fit over the sink properly?  Is there clearance in the back corner to move a single mixer handle?)
It looks like all of these would need the $5 home depot shutoff.

Any suggestions from those of you who've done this before?  I'm leaning towards pulling the faucet and just heading to home depot to see if they have something similar.

This was the best thread I could find on replacing the counter top:,5231.0.html
I like the idea of using starboard.  Not sure if there's anything else to add here, but I was considering putting a drain in the back corner in case there's ever water on the countertop again.  I'm guessing it would just drain to the bilge there, versus sloshing around looking for some formica to bubble up.

Main Message Board / Shot of the interior
« on: November 01, 2011, 09:29:10 AM »
I'm a photographer and decided to try a 360 pano of the interior of my Catalina 34.  Here's my first attempt:

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