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Main Message Board / 30 Hp M-35 Max RPM underway
« on: August 26, 2014, 03:44:58 PM »
I have a question for the later Mk I (Mk. 1.5) drivers with the 30 Hp M-35.

At Wide Open Throttle (WOT) what numbers do you see for RPM and Speed through the water (not GPS, Speed over ground) and what prop do you have?

I was on a friends boat recently and with a 15x10 3 blade we were 600 RPM short of WOT in neutral when underway with calm seas and a pretty clean bottom.

I'm looking for some data.

The new saloon table is an unqualified success!
We now enjoy easy access to the U shaped settee and an adequate dining table.

The new holding tank installation is also a success!
No leaks, NO ODORS!!, no problems of any kind (in spite of the "Non Conventional" plumbing)

We are on the boat about 4 days a week in July and August and had a guest aboard for a 10 day cruise so both projects got a thorough test.

Main Message Board / Catalina Cushion Fabric Help
« on: October 04, 2013, 02:53:33 PM »
Hi all,
We are getting ready to get new saloon cushions for Cynosure and I have a question for the group. Does anyone know the name and source for the "Blue with light Dots" fabric used in the late 80's boats?

There was a choice of the blue, a greyish color, a maroon and maybe a green all with contrasting "dots" in this time period.

 We are trying to track down the spec's on the blue one.

I have a question for all of you.
Has any one else eliminated their Starter battery and the 1-2-Both Switch?

Two years ago I decided to simplify the power supply side of the boat, this resulted in dire predictions of being stranded off a lee shore with a hurricane approaching and being unable to start the engine, or something like that. :shock:

Cynosure has the following setup:
            3 Group 27 lead acids wired in parallel as the only battery bank
                          (they came with the boat and will become 4 GC-2's when they die)
            The alternator wired directly to the bank
            An On-Off battery switch at the electrical panel
            A Waeco CF-50 refrigerator Cooler
            An 85 watt solar panel
            Raymarine C-80 with GPS, Radar, Autopilot, Wind, Depth and Knotmeter

We are on a mooring or anchored out and typically spend several days on the boat each week during the summer.
We have never had an issue with starting and the Nav electronics don't drop out when the engine is started.

Has anyone else done this or thought about it?

Main Message Board / Cynosure's New Holding Tank
« on: June 02, 2013, 02:42:54 PM »
* Warning*  Unconventional installation using non-traditional technologies, viewer discretion advised!    :shock:

As some may remember we have been fighting "Head Odor" in the holding tank locker. After a decontamination effort that rivaled a germ warfare protocol I came to believe the unimaginable, the tank was permeated!

We have had the boat for three seasons now and I put a Raritan PH-II in the first year (twice the price of a Jabsco, ten times the value) and replaced all the outlet flex hose to the tank with 1" solid PVC. ( Yes, I know you can't do that . It's too small, too rigid, too .... . But we had this setup on our last boat, an 81 Hunter 33, for six years with no problems)

This winter I pulled the holding tank after flushing and rinsing multiple times at the pump-out then adding two gallons of Clorox and filling with fresh water and leaving it on the mooring for a week followed by a final pump-out (this makes opening lines and fittings much less objectionable). I put pipe plugs in all the openings and another gallon of Clorox in the tank and moved it to the cockpit until the new tank installation was complete. This spring as soon as the weather warmed up we had "head odor" in the cockpit. I can now confirm that plastic holding tanks can permeate!

The new Ronco B179 HD is white, you can see the tank level, and I had two vents installed in diagonal corners, the vent tubing is PEX, and the whole run slopes down to the tank. The Pump-out is 1" rigid PVC with a flexible connector at the deck fitting.

About the use of 1" rigid PVC, the PH-II outlet fitting is almost exactly the same inside diameter as 1" PVC pipe and the reduced volume means fewer pump strokes to clear the line to the tank.

I'll do an end of season follow up.

Main Message Board / New Saloon Table
« on: May 19, 2013, 06:30:20 PM »
Cynosure has a new saloon table (or at least the trial prototype). It is about 18x24 folded and 36x24 fully opened. the prototype is melamine covered particle board so we can try it out for the season and see what needs to be changed before I make a "real one".

The big change is eliminating the pedestal, the new setup attaches to the mast track. The frame is 1 inch stainless tube and the three diagonal braces make the table solid with out getting in the way of knees or feet, with the table folded you can walk into either end of the settee without doing the "Butt Shuffle"

The leaves are supported by pull out supports when open.

Main Message Board / Campbell Sailor prop, M25XP, Max RPM?
« on: August 20, 2012, 06:36:53 PM »
The header says it all.

I'm looking for some real world outcomes from members that have this prop and engine combination, what rpm and speeds are you seeing.

I put a 14x8 3 blade Campbell on my 87 and max RPM is 2360 Wot (Photo Tach), engine does 3210 Wot in neutral.

I talked to West by North and they are suggesting reducing the diameter to 13"
I have searched the archives with mixed results for answers.

Note: In the search for the missing RPM I have:
                   Changed all fuel filters
                   Verified the pickup tube has no screen
                   Replaced all 3 injectors
                   Had the Injector pump overhauled
                   Checked the injection timing
                   Checked the compression
                   Adjusted the valves
                   Found no change in RPM when the bleed valve is opened


Main Message Board / Holding Tank Vent Option
« on: April 23, 2012, 03:44:12 PM »
For anyone looking to get rid of the original and probably permeated "water line" hose on the holding tank vent on Mk I's (not sure about Mk II's) here is what I did.

The tubing is 3/4" PEX and the tank elbow simply has a short piece of 3/4" copper tube pressed over the barbs on the original elbow and a "Sharkbite" coupler attaches the PEX to the elbow.

The rest of the fittings are the plastic Watts WaterPex fittings. At the stanchion vent I used a black rubber adapter coupling, all of the bits and pieces came  from the plumbing section of  of the local True Value.

Main Message Board / Vee Berth Locker Drain and Holes in cabin deck?
« on: September 17, 2011, 03:58:30 PM »
We are out for the winter  :cry4` and the projects have begun!

First question, the vee berth locker (big empty space under the cushions) does not drain to the bilge. has anyone drilled a drain hole through the aft vee bulkhead to correct this?

Question two, I pulled the cabin soles so I can seal the bottoms and edges, WHAT are all the holes for in the deck under the soles?


Main Message Board / Aft Water Tank
« on: August 20, 2011, 03:30:34 AM »
OK, We've had the boat almost a year now, WHAT does everyone else do about the noise of form a partially filled aft water tank?

We love the boat but whenever we get a "rolley" night on our mooring it sounds like wave macfhine goge wild in the aft cabin.

Any suggestions other than keep tank full or empty?

I couldn't find any help through "Search"

Main Message Board / Rigging "Hum"
« on: July 03, 2011, 03:17:29 PM »
In light (<10kt) wind on the mooring the stbd rigging hums. It is a medium to high pitch sound and if you lightly place a fingertip on the rod you can feel it.

I'm new to the C34 family, but not sailboats.

Rigging tensioned using a Loos gauge for the lowers and 3mm stretch at 2m for the uppers.
No hum on the port side.
Seems to be coming from the stbd upper, but you can feel it on all three.
I checked the archives and didn't find an answer.
It is not mast pumping.

Any thoughts?

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