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Main Message Board / Youtube Video of C34 Survey
« on: November 30, 2017, 12:11:03 PM »
The new owners of Blackdragon released a video on their Youtube channel of the survey process.    You can see it here:

Main Message Board / Sophie Rose Overdue
« on: January 05, 2017, 11:21:02 PM »
Sophie The SSCA’s High Frequency Radio Station “KPK” is assisting the United States Coast Guard, Rescue Coordination Center - Miami in locating the S/V SOPHIE ROSE.

The US Coast Guard District 7 is attempting to locate the S/V SOPHIE ROSE (see attached picture), a 34' Catalina Sloop styled Sailing Vessel with registration number: FL8019JR.

The vessel departed from Port Everglades, FL on the evening of 03 January (Tuesday night) and was transiting to Freeport, Bahamas and expected to report in late in the day on 04 January (Wednesday). The vessel may have diverted from its intended course and instead checked in to Berry Island, Nassau or Bimini. There are 04 persons onboard (all adults). Master is Mr. Randall Lay.

Respectfully request your assistance with attempting to locate the SOPHIE ROSE. If you receive any information that could assist this search please contact the US Coast Guard District 7 Command Center at or 305-415-6800.

US Coast Guard District Seven Command Center
RCC Miami

Main Message Board / Blackdragon Will Have New Owners Soon
« on: May 11, 2016, 09:00:33 AM »
I was thinking my Craigslist ad for the boat didn't seem to be working and that I would need to list it with a broker and get it on Yachtworld.    Then I discovered that if you remove the word "cockpit" from your listing, it doesn't get flagged for removal.   

Yesterday we signed a contract and took a deposit for Blackdragon.   

A very cool young couple with adventurous plans are doing sea trials and survey on Saturday.     I am sure they'll have many questions here.   They plan to video the process and share their experience others as they go.   

It will great to see the boat go on to its next adventures.   I would say that it is a sad nostalgic moment for us, but honestly the new cat is so awesome, I am not sure anybody is looking back.    It's like when I sold Snapdragon I thought the family might react badly, but I never heard anyone complain about not folding the table down to go to sleep at night. 

Just need to have a name for NextDragon...  Perhaps we'll see some of you over on the Manta forum one day. 

Catalina 34s for Sale / Blackdragon for Sale Pacific Northwest
« on: April 14, 2016, 12:21:20 PM »
1988 Catalina 34

Nicely cared for and extensively upgraded Catalina 34.     Spacious cockpit with all sail controls lead aft.  Lazy bag for main with controls for 2 reefs to cockpit.   Roller furling jib and custom made asymmetrical spinnaker.  Large aft cabin.  Secure u-shaped galley with spacious top load fridge.   Wine storage and microwave oven over navigation table.  Large main salon with custom mahogany maple table.  Large v-berth forward. 


New Beta 25 diesel (2013 500 hrs)
New stainless shaft (2015)
Raymarine autopilot integrated with plotter
All rigging replaced 2009
Elliptical rudder upgrade 2009
Garmin Radar
2 Garmin chart plotters
VHF with DSC GPS integration
390W Kyocera / Bluesky solar system
450Ah house bank (new 2014)
40A Xantrex charger
2000W inverter
Xantrex battery monitor
Bluetooth Alpine stereo with interior and cockpit speakers
Webasto diesel  heating system
LG flatscreen TV
Dodger with handrails
Bimini with solar mounts & connecting panel
Cruising spinnaker with sock
Cockpit shower
Amsteel lifelines
Garhauer outboard engine hoist
Lewmar windlass

$45,000 US


For pics:

Main Message Board / What to Leave on the Boat in Preparation For Sale?
« on: February 27, 2016, 06:12:39 PM »
My guess is Blackdragon is one of the better equipped Catalina 34s for cruising.    As I think about getting it ready to go to market, I am not sure what will give it the most market appeal.    The right buyer might want it exactly as I have it.   To many though it might seem cluttered and overloaded.    I am not sure if the following items add value for the new buyer:

400 Watts of solar?
Weather cloths?
Lee cloths?
Outboard hoist?
Oversize 20kg Rocna?
Flatscreen TV?
Spare anchors?
Rod holders?
Dingy and 10hp outboard?
Microwave over nav?
Netting over shelves?
Overhead wine glass holders?

A clean boat with a fresh Beta engine, newish rig, bimini, dodger, radar, plotter, autopilot, swim platform, newer rudder, new shaft should have appeal.    My inclination is to take pictures of everything and strip away most of the stuff to present a less cluttered boat.   

Is that direction to go or do people like their C34s "loaded" as it were?


Main Message Board / Shaft Replacement - Interesting Vendor
« on: May 05, 2015, 02:17:03 PM »
First haul out since repower.   I had been having some vibration at higher revs.   Decided to bite the bullet and replace cutlass bearing.  There is some play.   I thought it was time.    Boat yard suggested they would likely cut the shaft out to do cutlass bearing rather than messing around with coupling etc.   I wasn't sure I wanted these guys touching my shaft so to speak. 

The old bronze one was scored near the packing gland, so I decided it was time to do the whole thing.  The yard recommended a machine shop for the shaft.   Having read Mainesail's notes on shafts and couplings, I was a little particular about whether the machine shop knew what they were doing.

Was I ever surprised.   The owner's grandfather, a boatbuilder, died in 1930.  Grandma ran the shop through the depression until the oldest boy finished school and started full time.   Somewhere in the 40 or 50's they decided to drop the line of Palmer engines and focus exclusively on shafts.   That's all they have done for 70 years or so.   They're on their 4th generation.   It was huge shop.  One lathe bed had to be 24 feet long. 

He patiently listened as I made my requests for the interference fit, dressing the end of the coupling, etc.   As though there was some other way to do a shaft.  We had a long chat about alloys.   A day later I have thing of great beauty at a reasonable price.  The place was so old school they ran my credit card through an imprint machine and dialled in the number on a touch tone phone to get an approval code. 



Main Message Board / Transition Time
« on: March 16, 2015, 10:43:05 PM »
We are giving up our slip at our favourite marina, Thunderbird.    I think we have had a boat there since the early 80's.   Really nice marina.  Great harbour.  Close to the islands of Howe Sound.   Really expensive.   $7800 per year for a 35 foot slip. 

I turned 50 this weekend.   We want to pull the plug and go sailing and live on a small fraction of the cash we currently burn long before we reach our 60s.  Can't flip the switch and do it all at once.   We gave up cable TV, home phone, alarm monitoring six months ago.   So now we are giving up the fancy slip.   35 foot slip in the new marina is almost half the price.   Over 5 years, the differential could pay for a year of groceries, diesel, and rum.  Maybe 2 years of rum.     

Small wrinkle.   The new marina doesn't actually have a 35 foot slip.   The 51 foot slip I have taken is till $700 cheaper.   So I am on the waiting list as the smaller slips come available. 

You don't think the 51 foot slip would cause any kind of temptation do you?    Seems a waste to have all that extra length...   

Main Message Board / First Overnight of The Season
« on: February 28, 2015, 07:33:34 PM »
The frozen wasteland called Canada isn't all bad.   Second sailing weekend in a row with beautiful sunshine. A lovely run into Snug Cove under genoa alone drifting along at 4 knots.  Tied up next to us is a nice Island Packet.   Tracey is developing a keen eye for the offshore worthy.  "is that a Hewlett Packard?"

Yes dear.  That's a Hewlett Packard. 

As long as she wants to drive them, she can call them whatever she wants. 

Main Message Board / Just Finished a Project
« on: February 13, 2015, 11:25:04 AM »

This one isn't really boat related.   

But then the C34 purchase was actually part of this larger project.   Some of you know the story.   Now it is in print:

Main Message Board / Uh oh. It's happening again.
« on: January 28, 2015, 11:08:45 PM »
Felt this feeling once before.    The transition from dreaming to actually doing something.

Today I told the real estate agent to write up an offer.   Going to buy a little townhouse not far from Whistler.    Easy to rent out for the ski season.   Which means we can occupy it during the northern hemisphere hurricane season.   

Then a small matter of launching the boy, selling the bigger house and going sailing.  It will take a few years because Foster still has a year of high school to go.   But it takes a while to fit out a boat and go.

Sailing the C34 in Mexico taught us that we can live like kings on a sailboat for a quarter of the price of what we can live here in the city, with two cars, cell phones, insurance for everything, etc.   So why not check out early and live frugally in the lifestyle we enjoy?

Of course in the southern hemisphere cyclone season, we will have to return home to go skiing, but that's OK.  The turquoise beaches, palm trees and white sand will be appreciated more with a little break now and then.

It's all a race against the ologists.  Need to live life as fully as possible before some ologist, (cardiologist, oncologist, etc.) develops an intimate relationship with us.

(A little freaky how spell check corrects ologist to eulogist)

Dreaming is done.  Now it's on to planning and executing.

Main Message Board / Shooting Two Rabbits With One Bullet
« on: June 28, 2014, 04:19:18 PM »
I have had some galley issues. 

No decent place to put drain rack - precarious perch on fold out table with poor drainage.
Fold out counter extension too wide to pass by.
No place for trash.


Main Message Board / Water Viscosity Problem
« on: February 09, 2014, 04:53:50 PM »
It's a long weekend here.   We have a new holiday called "Family Day"   We had planned a weekend cruise, but we ended up with a little water viscosity issue.    The top inch and a half seems to be in a non liquid form.     There is no getting the boat out of the slip...   

Main Message Board / Coscto Batteries?
« on: July 22, 2013, 11:51:56 PM »
While I had Foster heavily engaged in boat maintenance, we pulled 4 T105s and dropped in 4 new Costco batteries golf cart batteries.   No strain on my back.  Much cheaper than new T105s and Interstates etc.   In fact they look like they came from the same factory as Interstates. I knew it was time when fully charged, filled, and equalized, my full house bank couldn't crank the engine for an extended run, but my long ignored Optima had no problem.  I will let you know how they perform.   Anybody had experience with them?


Main Message Board / Blackdragon Repower
« on: July 19, 2013, 06:22:24 PM »
Thought I would start a new thread.   I am taking delivery of my new Beta 25 tomorrow.  I am sure the repower will keep me busy for a few days, hopefully not weeks or months.  

Now just need to work on my listing for the classified section, "For sale M25XP, 2900 hours, recent valve job, fresh paint on the bits you can see, new injectors, glow plugs, really clean oil, new belt, new K&N filter, recent water pumps fresh and raw, good for another 2900 hours.  May need rebore, new pistons, rings, bearings, seals, oil pan, and other minor maintenance for optimal power & emissions performance."

Main Message Board / Blackdragon Top End Work
« on: July 15, 2013, 11:03:55 PM »
So with low and imbalanced compression and a bunch of white smoke, off comes the head.    Some quick work on the valves and a new head gasket and it should all go back together, right?    But wait.   It's all out now.   Throw in those new glow plugs that are hanging out with the spares inventory, they'll go nice with the new injectors.   And doesn't it make sense to pop open the thermostat and make sure it is working.   How about that new K&N filter?   I will not put crumbling stainless back in the vintage air filter.    And wait, look at that!  Will I ever have easier access to the heat exchanger?   Off it comes, back to home where the big boy tools are.    And the coolant tank, since we bought a can of paint today, it should come home too.   And Foster who has just finished fixing a stud on the alternator and has the exhaust elbow unwrapped in the cockpit leans over into the companionway and says, "There is not much left, should we just pull out the rest of the engine and bring it home too?"   I shudder.

Though I know in my mind I need to drop the oil pan.   I thought I drained all the coolant before I pulled the head, but as it came off, I heard the sound of a lot of coolant rush out of the head.   A lot of it will be in with the oil.   So how many changes does that take before the oil is no longer contaminated with the 3/4 drain system we have?   2? 3? 4 oil changes?   Might as well drop the pan, give it a coat of paint because I can feel a little rust under there.  How much more work would it be to pull the pistons?  Six little cap screws and up they come.  No. No. No.   Must stop now.

I wish I was Mainesail and had the patience and skill to properly document this.  But I'm in a hurry.  

These little engines are amazing.   I would have thought after 25 years it would be all seized bolts and broken studs, cursing, drilling and retapping.   But there has been none of that.   The engines hold up remarkably.  They are easy to disassemble, and when in doubt it is amazing what you can find on Youtube.  

I didn't mean to do this.    Friday night I decided to get a new engine, but since the distributor wasn't open until Monday, I thought I might as well pull the head and have a look.   And one thing led to another.  I still have four evenings left to put it all back together before we leave for a two week sail...

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