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Hi Jim, I replaced my original LN 8MR2030T 90amp alternator with a LN 8MR2069TA 90 amp back in 2009 after the original unit lost two diodes while motoring back to Port Clinton from Cleveland.  This unit came with a 2 5/8 pulley.
My engine was a 1993 M35AC.I sold Windancer last fall and is now located at Erie YC. I can give you the contact there if interested?
Best Regards, Jack Stewart, 330 206 5949
Main Message Board / Re: Please identify alternator
November 12, 2022, 08:53:35 AM
Jim, My 1993 C36, M35AC , came with a Prestolite Leece Neville 90A Model 8MR 2030 T alternator.  In August 2009 it blew 2 diodes while  motor sailing from Cleveland to Port Clinton. That fall, I replaced the Alt with a Model 8MR 2069 TA 90A Leece Neville Alt.  I also ordered a new back plate for external regulation. The unit came with a newAlt pulley, 2 inch I think. Unit worked fine, except changed it back to internal regulation after frying my Gp 24 Windlass battery while returning 5 years ago from the North Channel. Should have had a switch on that circuit to isolate the GP 24 battery from the main banks.
Go to the C36 webb site and search for" Leece Neville".  It has a lot of information. Howard Matwick, 1999 C36 with M35 BC engine installed the latter Alt. a few years back Try to look him up.

I just sold Windancer, and it now located at Erie YC
Regards, Jack Stewart
I am attaching photos of the stringer cracks reported in a survey on my C36.He also reported moisture in the stringers.The cracks look cosmetic to me. Any comments would be appreciated,  Thanks
Jim, Alex, Thanks for your comments.  The survey was conducted on May 10, and I have not received any written report from the survey, just feedback by the Broker during the survey.  Jim, I still remember our lunch in Erie when you purchased my spinnaker.
Kyle, Thanks for the reply. I will be back at the boat Monday and post some photos at that time.
The survey was done for a buyer who has made an offer for this boat which is for sale.
I had a survey done yesterday on my 1993 Catalina 36 with Universal M35AC engine. The surveyor was concerned with a crack in the resin on both outboard sides of the engine stringer where it meets the hull.  He thinks a major structural repair is required.  I don't.,this area is usually dry.
I have owned this boat for 19 years, and as far as I can recall, the crack in the resin was always there, and does not pose a structural problem.
I know the 1990-1993 Catalina 34 has the same engine, the engine stringers are probably built the same as the C36. Have any Catalina 34 owners  noticed this crack in the resin?  The inboard joints appear to have no cracks where water collects.
Thanks for any owners that can comment on this.

Jack Stewart,1993 C36 #1233, Port Clinton, Ohio
Main Message Board / Re: Jacksonville
June 05, 2020, 09:16:36 AM
Tim, Green Cove Springs Marina is just across the river from Fruit Cove.It is one of the best Marinas in the area, and allow you to do your own work  on shore.
Main Message Board / Re: Return from North Channel
September 04, 2017, 01:19:19 PM
Jim,   I might add that if you go to the C36 webb site and under the search box, enter"cruising lake  erie/detroit river/lake st clair"  you will find additional information on going to the North Channel.
One of our favorite stop-overs is Duncan Bay Boat Club at Cheboygan. Heated pool, free bikes to town, and the cleanest facilities in Michigan. From there we go north thru Detour
and anchor at Harbor Island.
The next day is a 5 hour sail to the west end of the NC at Blind River. They also have free bikes for the 2 mile ride to town.
you can e-mail me at

Jack Stewart
Main Message Board / Re: Return from North Channel
September 04, 2017, 08:16:17 AM
Hi Jim, Martha and I have sailed to the North Channel 8 out of the past 13 years, usually the total trip is 7-8 weeks, starting the last week in June to the first week in July. Always heading home by the middle of August. Your big decisions are when to cross Lakes Erie and Huron.We have gone up the Canadian side to Tobermorey, crossed over to Kincardine from Port Austin, but prefer to go up the Michigan coast to Presque Isle or Cheboygan. With your ILYA membership, you can stay on the wall at Bayview YC, Detroit, and Port Huron YC. We usually stop at Port Sanilac, Port Austib, avoid Harbor Beach, always stay at Harrisville
Mainesail, thanks for posting your concerns regarding the C36 site. I had been a member of C36 for 10 years, usually check both C34 and C36 sites every day. I agree with you entirely regarding the lock-out of all but members at C36.
My membership just expired at C36, do not plan to renew. In fact I have used this site free for 10 years now and feel that I should now become a C34 member.

Jack F Stewart
1993 C36#1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH
Patrice, You are correct regarding the difference in the coefficients of thermal expansion for stainless and aluminum alloys.

I loosened my shrouds the first year until I read about this on either the C36 or C34 forums. I did a quick calculation using the following parameters.

Aluminum Alloys coefficient, 12.5 x 10-6 inch/inch/deg F
Stainless Alloys coefficient,    8.8 x 10-6 inch/inch/deg F

For 40 feet of length, 60 degrees F temperature change, the mast will shrink 0.106 " more than the shrouds, a little less than 1/8". About 1-2 turns on the turnbuckle.  I did not factor in the length of the mast being longer then the shrouds.

Jack F Stewart, Chemical Engineer
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH

Hi Jim, I have used StarBrites Waterproofing for 6 years now.  My Sunbrella is 20 years old and the Starbrite product seals areas that water penetrates. Usually spray once a season and lasts all season.

Jack F Stewart
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH
Main Message Board / Re: fuel pump problem
June 10, 2013, 03:10:24 PM
Paule, Just went thru the same problem 2 weeks back when engine died as I was leaving Marina. It ended that I had a Racor Fuel filter that had plugged at the inlet before the priming pump rubber flapper. Before I found the real problem I first thought it was a fuel pump failure. Bought a new Facet fuel pump and oil pressure unit, $38
What I found was if you turn the ignition key on, you will get no low oil pressure light or buzzer unless the fuel pump is in the circuit.
I also found that by connecting across the two terminals of the oil pressure switch, you can activate the fuel pump without having to start the engine. New Facet fuel pumps cost $95, I now have a spare. On my engine , the lead from the oil pressure switch  to the filter has a connector near the pump.

Jack F Stewart
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH

M35AC engine
Main Message Board / Re: New Batteries
April 23, 2013, 11:02:31 AM
Ken, I accidentally drained my new golf cart batteries the first week of service by leaving the frig on while we were gone for the week with the charger off. I recharged them at a low rate and they were fine for the following 8 sailing seasons.

Jack F Stewart
1993 C36 #1233 "Windancer"
Port Clinton, OH