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Main Message Board / Re: Companionway hood
November 20, 2023, 11:25:51 AM
I found it Jim. Thanks.
Main Message Board / Re: Companionway hood
November 20, 2023, 06:16:08 AM
Thank you all for your comments and help.  The marina staff does a good job of setting and adjusting the boat on its cradle but I'll be at the marina in a few days and will check the pads.  Ron, are you saying that the pads should be under the bulkheads?  That sounds right in terms of distributing forces, but I'm not sure the cradle was built to that standard.  Once again, I'll check.  I'll post some pictures.
Main Message Board / Companionway hood
November 19, 2023, 05:00:52 AM
I went to visit my 1990 C34, which has been on its cradle for about a month, and discovered something concerning.  The sliding cover didn't slide smoothly.  On closer inspection, the cover was touching the deck above it midway port to starboard. So either the curve of the cover increased, or the curve of the deck became flatter.  I'm guessing it's the latter. I know the function of the side supports is to maintain side to side balance and not to support weight, but is it possible they were left so loose that the hull sagged?  This is the only explanation I can come up with and I want to correct the situation ASAP.  Thanks all for your advice.
Main Message Board / Re: Mast alignment, stay length
October 02, 2023, 09:35:14 AM
Thanks Ron.  That was one of my initial thoughts but I have been unable to locate any.  Nothing is, of course, easy.
Main Message Board / Re: Mast boot sealant?
September 23, 2023, 02:09:20 PM
When you refer to the factory boot are you referring to the original boot or a replacement from Catalina?  Do you un-step the mast or use a boot that gets cut and wrapped? Thanks!
Main Message Board / Re: Mast alignment, stay length
September 23, 2023, 02:03:59 PM
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.  I'll be heading to Champlain in a few weeks to haul out and will check what you've suggested then.  I hope your sailing is good!
Main Message Board / Re: Mast alignment, stay length
September 22, 2023, 06:45:39 PM

I have used the halyard in the past to check the tilt.  Better yet, it's clear to the eye that the mast leans to port.  I can't get the upper stays much looser, as they are almost at their maximum length. Max I can get is likely 1/4" on either side.  Are you saying that the tilt is adjusted only with the lower stays?  Clearly the uppers would have to be adjusted to ensure the mast will remain straight once the tilt is corrected by the adjustment of the lowers but, as I mentioned, there's insufficient adjustment in the uppers. 
Main Message Board / Re: Mast alignment, stay length
September 19, 2023, 09:47:04 AM
Thanks for all of the comments/suggestions.  Unfortunately as I mentioned the turnbuckles on the uppers are at their maximum opening length so they can't be adjusted to help in centering the mast to the hull (I won't be concerned with centering to the partner) and the port stays w/turnbuckles are all shorter than the starboard stays measured to the chainplates.  The mast definitely leans to port more than the hull does. That's why I'm looking for a way to possibly extend the port upper (longer t-bolt?) to give me some room for adjustment. 

Jim: I hadn't thought of looking for a turnbuckle with a longer body that can screw into the threaded end of the stay.  Do you know where to get such turnbuckles?

Patches: A mark II?  Do you know of any in the northeast that are for sale below market?

Again, thanks.
Main Message Board / Mast alignment, stay length
September 13, 2023, 10:29:42 AM
I've noticed my C34 tilts to port ever since I bought it a few years ago (maybe 5 to 8 degrees).  I recently notice that looking up from the cabin, the mast is touching the port side of the opening in the deck.  Upon further checking the port side stays are all shorter than the starboard side stays.  Lowers are about 3/4" short and upper is about 2.5" short Measured to the chainplate with a taut halyard.  Cool!  Maybe an adjustment is in order!  The problem, I found, is that the turnbuckles on the uppers are at the absolute limit of their (opening) adjustment.  I looked for longer replacement T-bolts at Garhayer, Catalina direct and West Marine and came up empty.   I did a google search but am unsure whether those that came up are good replacements.  Has anyone had this issue or know of a reputable supplier?
Main Message Board / Re: Mast boot sealant?
September 09, 2023, 06:23:24 AM
Thanks Phil.
Main Message Board / Re: Mast boot sealant?
September 07, 2023, 06:31:36 AM
The mast boot tape approach sounds too good to be true.  I have a boot that's about 6" high, aging, and it leaks. Do I understand correctly that the tape simply gets (stretch) wrapped around the mast and the mast collar? No more boot? How long does it last? Thanks!
Got it!  Mine is under the forward seat on the starboard side.
I know this is an older listing, but just in case, I have one in pretty good shape.  It's dark red.
One last (maybe) question.  scgunner, what is a refer compressor?
Thanks again for everyone's input and insight regarding my questions.  Here's my update:

I used a right angle ratchet screwdriver and was able to very slowly get the four screws out.  Not an easy task when you can't actually see the screws, they've been in for 33 years, and it's hard to get your arm through the only opening.  I was concerned about the comments pertaining to puncturing the water tank as I had previously removed and replaced the screws accessible from inside the berth last year but found that all of them screwed into the surrounding structure and none were close to the tank.

What scgunner said about water collecting on the fiberglass base under the water tank and running into the cabin from the port side when on a port tack was spot-on as was the idea of leaking scuppers.  I found that in the process of blasting the aft tank's vent with water pressure (I put a 1" hose around the aft tank's vent and connected the other side of the tube to a garden hose) it cleared the vent tube but shot a lot of water around the cockpit.  When I went below I saw that the starboard scupper hose was wet.  The next time I'm at the marina I'll have to find out if the hose connection is bad or if there is a leak in the drain fitting.  I'm hoping it's the former.