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The boat is now owned by the insurance company who has turned it over to Coparts. You might look there to see if you can find a fuel tank.
Pete G,

I can tell you one of the genoa's was cleaned, inspected, and any necessary sewing was done at the end of last season. The second was in use this season. The sails were made by a company called Sail Cure in the Baltimore, MD area. I contacted them but, when I gave them the numbers off the sail, they said their records didn't go back that far. So, there's not much more I can tell you. Where are you located? I don't mind driving a reasonable distance to show you the sails.
KWKloeber ..Shhhhhhhhhhh! (People can always make an offer.)
Quote from: waughoo on June 09, 2023, 09:47:47 PM
Sent you an email about a request for something not listed.  Sorry to hear about the boat.
Haven't seen an email, waughoo. What's the request?
Our 1993 C 34 has been declared a total loss by the insurance company and I am selling several items off of her. I live in Westbury, Long Island. Some of these items are too big/heavy to ship. I am willing to meet anyone in the tristate area (NY, NJ,CT) or who is willing to meet as far south as northern Maryland. I have pictures for some of the items listed below available upon request.

- Raymarine i60 wind direction/velocity instrument (1month old!)  $400
- 2 new halyards, 137' long, 10mm diameter,  w/ eye splice for shackle and eye splice for messenger line, made from Samson XLS3 rope. $190 ea.
- 1 Lewmar Chrome Lock-In Winch Handle. $100
- 1 Lewmar Chrome Standard Winch Handle. $80
- 1 Plastimo Iris 50 Handbearing Compass (blue) $100
- 1 Jim Buoy Standard Horseshoe Buoy w/ rack  $100
- 1 Weems & Plath SOS Distress Light $50
- 1 Weems & Plath Parallel Rulers (15") & Ultralight Dividers/Compass. $15

Contact me for photographs or for additional information.
Mainsail, Ron, Noah
Thanks for your reply. I'll check with my marina to see if they offer "equalizing" as a service.
Main Message Board / White crystals in battery fluid
October 25, 2022, 11:35:11 AM
Hello. I was topping off my batteries and noticed small white "flakes" or crystals floating in some (not all) of the cells. A search of the internet has yielded nothing. What could this be and is this a problem? The batteries are holding a charge and I've had no issues with them.

Thanks to all who reply.
Thanks for providing that link and for your solution. I think I will do the same. It sounds like your boat is a mirror of mine. The port lazarette is behind my head.
Waughoo, does yours have a vent on it? If it does, did you just cap the vent?
I'd like to know how you solved venting the seal. Two feet above the waterline would put the vent hose at the top of the companionway in my '93 34'. Thanks to all who reply.
Main Message Board / Engine compartment drain
May 19, 2022, 11:55:54 AM
My 1993 34 does not have a drain from the engine compartment to the bilge. Has anyone on the forum installed one? I'd like to know if it can be done and how to do it.
We used Alan Gaidelis of Bayside Marine Surveying in Middle River when we bought our C 34' at the Maryland Marina in Middle River. His phone number is 410-335-3955. We were very pleased with the job he did. Tell him we referred you.
KWKloeber, thanks for your reply. We don't like the looks. We also don't like that they are a hard-to-clean fabric that seems to do a great job of catching and holding on to dust. Ideally, we'd like to find something with a reflective backing to help control the heat in the salon.
Hello. We are interested in replacing the shades on our '93 Catalina 34. We do not like the solution offered by Catalina Direct. We'd like to know what other solutions members have come up with. We see that Zarcor offers products made by Oceanair. Are there any other manufacturers out there? Thanks to all who reply.
Main Message Board / Sail lofts, Long Island, NY
October 21, 2021, 10:17:58 AM
I'm looking for a sail loft to clean and inspect my main. I'm new to the area and would appreciate a recommendation for a loft in the Port Washington, Glen Cove, Oyster Bay area. Thanks to all who reply.