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Main Message Board / Re: Propane level
« on: August 28, 2016, 10:52:59 AM »
Hi Forum Readers,

We don't use propane for cooking (CNG for that), but we do have a LEHR outboard on our dinghy.  It is powered by one of those small propane tanks that fit right into the engine.  When it runs out we put in a new tank, but there is just enough fuel left in the old tank to grill one steak on our stern mounted gas grill  :D.



Main Message Board / Re: Another gooseneck scrapped
« on: August 26, 2016, 02:29:59 PM »
Hi Forum Readers,

After considering both tapping and self tapping screws I decided to go the tapping route.  Thanks for all of the excellent suggestions.



Main Message Board / Re: Another gooseneck scrapped
« on: August 22, 2016, 05:14:08 AM »
Why not try getting the part from the factory instead of CD, probably cheaper.  IIRC the screws are machine screws.  Insert the new casting, drill pilot holes using the existing holes on the boom.  Tap to the correct size.  Don't forget the anti seize on the new bolts.  What is big arrow indicating?

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the information.  The big arrow was to inform my partner Franco (We own Esprit du Vent in a LLC) where a cotter pin had fallen out.  We had found a thin circular cotter pin on the deck and did not know where it came from.  That is fixed now as shown in the image.  It looks like the PO or the factory had used self-tapping screws to hold the cap to the boom.  I say that because they are not machine screws as you can see in the image.  I will buy the tap, drill bit, and screws at the same time to make sure that they match.  Can you suggest a size?  I will use anti-seize as you suggest.

Thanks again,


Main Message Board / Another gooseneck scrapped
« on: August 21, 2016, 09:47:28 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Paul Alcock (Eximius) noticed that the gooseneck stud on Esprit du Vent had cracked just like on his boat.  With a little effort Franco and I removed the cap and on Monday morning I will order part K1846 from Catalina Direct.  It does not look like the 4 holes that screws go through to hold the cap to the boom are provided with that part.  And, the cap casting does not appear to be pre-drilled.  So... What type and size screws work best?  Do I need to tap the casting or can I drill a pilot hole to accept the recommended screws?  Any other pieces of advice will be welcomed.



Main Message Board / Re: 1990 Wildflecken FK 1023 Sold
« on: August 20, 2016, 08:03:47 AM »
The new owner definitely knows about the C34 Org.  Also left a note on the nav station just to make the point.   As to future plans, we are not sure if there is another boat in our future, or some extensive chartering, or what.  As to any thanks, the organization really desires ours.   

Hi Steve,

Does the new owner live in Florida?  If he is, does he know about Fleet 14?



Main Message Board / Re: Hatch - 2 issues
« on: July 18, 2016, 09:32:18 AM »
Gave up.  Bought a new gasket from Catalina Direct.

New gasket came in and with a struggle went in.  Note the tool that worked best.  BUT, it still leaked when soaked with a hose.  It was then that we noticed the hinge had cracks under under it and broken screws holding it down.  Butyl tape to the rescue! Two of the four screws are holding strong and the leak stopped.  So this project comes to a successful end.



Main Message Board / Re: Reefing Setup
« on: July 13, 2016, 10:28:05 AM »
Do you have a cunningham now ?  It can double as a luff reef.   or, if installing a luff reef, make sure it can double as your cunningham.


I have rigged a Cunningham on the first slider above the boom.  The luff reef point is too high in my humble opinion.



Main Message Board / Re: Our problem is a Garmin "feature!"
« on: July 11, 2016, 11:55:07 AM »
Hi Forum Readers,

This morning I sent a five page memo detailing all of my interactions with Garmin tech support and my 547xs to the tech support supervisor.  About an hour later I got a call from Chad Wittman, Marine Product Support Supervisor.  He listen to my recounting of the memo that he had read and understood well.  He could not have been more sympathetic to my plight.  He said he was surprised to learn of this, but after he had read my memo and before his call to me, he checked with engineering.  He said everything I had said was true.  He agreed that the navaid information should not have been removed.  After the call he said he would issue a request from tech support to engineering to have the feature returned.  He said he would keep me posted.  I sent him an e.mail message just to state my understanding of the conversation.  He responded with this e.mail note:

"Hi Robert,

It was my pleasure speaking with you today.  I have already submitted the links to both forum’s and the request to engineering; I will absolutely keep you posted as I hear updates.

Thank you again for your time and explanation of the situation."

I have every expectation that he will follow through.  I feel much better about Garmin and their tech support operation.  I once ran a software company and his job is not an easy one.



Main Message Board / Re: Our problem is a Garmin "feature!"
« on: July 11, 2016, 10:00:11 AM »
A few choice words come to mind...

Wow, that's like printing a map but leaving the street names and towns off it!  Clutter???

Truly brain dead.

This has more of the earmarks of lawyers rather than technical decisions. If it had been to reduce clutter it would have gone into the menu item that reduces detail rather than just "cease and desist." Just my guess. There are a number of law suits that are involved with Garmin and their products.  I have no idea if this has any bearing on this issue.


Main Message Board / Our problem is a Garmin "feature!"
« on: July 11, 2016, 06:01:41 AM »
Hi Forum Readers,

I have a reasonably new 547xs which is working fine except for one issue.  Up to this point I have been using it as a passive chart.  Recently I decided to use "Go To" navigation.  I had a lot of trouble using this feature, and the documentation is, in a word, poor.  When I finally backed out from my problem all of the buoys had lost their associated text.  For example just outside of Ft. Lauderdale, FL there is a red buoy labeled "2" Fl R 2.5s.  That text is now gone.  Upon further reflection this probably happened after the software update of June 16th and I just did not notice it.  It was on that date that I installed software ver. 6.40. 

From a post on the forum The Hull Truth I learned about a Garmin new “feature.”  The forum user named “guineaman” had the same problem.  He was told by Garmin that the text was deliberately removed by Garmin.  To quote him: 

“Thank you for contacting Garmin International.  I'm happy to help you with your navaids.  Unfortunately those will no longer show up all the time no matter what settings you change.  You will have to scroll over the navaid to get information on it.”

Garmin claims that customers were complaining that the screen had too much “clutter” so in the interest of customer satisfaction the text was removed.  For a more detail listing of the issue please turn to:  For even more blow by blow comments send an e.mail message to me at  I have some comments that I don’t want to display here so that is why the e.mail request.



Main Message Board / Re: Hatch - 2 issues
« on: July 10, 2016, 05:37:32 AM »
Gave up.  Bought a new gasket from Catalina Direct.

Bob : On your 1987 C34 if it has an adjusting arm on the Vberth hatch - it is a Bomar hatch.
Have no idea of the part number
I believe that Bomar is alive and healthy - part come thru Pompanette
have no idea on the length of the Vberth hatch gasket.

A few thoughts

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the update.  Here is a picture of my hatch.  No adjusting arm, but the hinges look similar.  I have talked to Catalina Direct (Lowell) and Pompanette.  I bought the current gasket 4 years ago and it held up well until the line squall I went through 3 weeks ago.  55 kts. of wind!  That night the dripping started.  Anyway, regardless of the manufacturer, the Catalina Direct part number Z2245 is the same one that is on there now so I reordered it.  It is a hassle to get on, but once installed does the trick.

Hope this helps others,


Main Message Board / Re: Book Recommendations
« on: July 08, 2016, 08:48:48 AM »

I too started with a friend's Sunfish, graduated to my own Snark, a friends Aquacat, then my Sunfish, then a 16' Bowrider, then a C-30.

I 'own' the following and wouldn't trade the practical experience/knowledge gained acquiring the below for any book in the world...

ASA Basic Keelboat Certificate; Niagara College Sailing School, St. Catherines, Ontario
ASA Coastal Cruising Certificate; Niagara College Sailing School, St. Catherines, Ontario
CYA Keelboat Cruising Certificate; Niagara College Sailing School, St. Catherines, Ontario
ASA Bareboat Cruising (passed practical and awaiting oral test)
United States Power Squadron Piloting Safety Certificate, Buffalo Power Squadron


Harry, if you can get a hold of the older version of ASA Cruising Fundamentals by Harry Munns Copyright 1991 you will be in for a pleasant surprise.  Most of the images and example were take on a C34!  Our boat Esprit du Vent is sail number 422.  The illustrated boat is of that vintage.



Hi Forum Readers,

Getting close on my small hatch leak.  Before I order just any part I want to make sure I get the right part:

  • Did Bomar make the V-berth hatch for the 1987 C34?
  • If so, is there a Bomar part number for the hatch and/or the gasket?
  • Bomar does not seem to exist any more, but parts can be ordered from Pompanette LLC.
  • Catalina direct has gasket material too.  Parts: Z2656, Z1546, Z3708
  • Some of the above are priced by the foot.  What is the exact length I would need to order?

I did this once about 4 years ago, but I cannot find the paperwork.  It was a devil to get it inserted and my problem now is that a wind storm seems to have opened a drip path.

Thanks in advance,


Main Message Board / Re: Engine Mechanic in South Florida
« on: July 07, 2016, 01:00:52 PM »

Paul, you may want to get in touch with Fleet 14 Captain Bob Schuldenfrei.  He has plenty of members and most likely contacts in the S FL area.

If you're handy (and you gotten this far keeping her afloat!  :D :clap) then the service, short of the compression test, is up your alley, and even that should be relatively easy.  Of course, doing it yourself means it gets done right, even if it takes a couple of tries, and there is lots of help from the skippers here, in answering questions and pointing you to sources.

Taking the engine down is an altogether different thing, and you're wise to start hunting for references.

Good luck.

Hi Stu,

Paul is a member of Fleet 14 and a good friend too.  He was on board Esprit du Vent when we pulled our engine.  I have already given him the name of Danny Escobar.  Anyone in SE Florida would do well to contact Danny for anything marine.



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