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Main Message Board / Re: MK I vs. MK II
May 20, 2021, 05:07:25 AM
I've owned both, 1989 MKI Fin keel and a 2001 MKII Wing.  Pretty much agree with everything mentioned here.  I feel the MKI performed better, but if cruising is your style, the MKII can't be beet with the huge cockpit and walkthrough transom. Basically everything you need to "upgrade" on the MKI has already been done on the stock MKII.
Main Message Board / Re: Vertical Keel Crack
January 21, 2021, 09:18:36 AM
As noted before, I was the previous owner and yes, hard grounding.  There is cracking in the stringers aft potion of the keel area.
Main Message Board / Re: Parting out
November 24, 2020, 08:16:43 AM
Cushions are navy blue.  The middle-top of the starboard cushion is bad, but other than that they were all in pretty good shape.
Main Message Board / Re: Parting out
November 23, 2020, 07:13:52 AM
Seeing that I use to own this boat, I'd be happy to help determine the age and condition of pretty much everything and anything.
Main Message Board / Re: As they age
October 29, 2020, 04:46:29 AM
I had a 1989 MKI, fin keel, std rig with a 130 genny, now I have a 2001 MKII, wing keel, std rig with a 150 genny. 

With the MKI you "feel the boat when you sail", it heels more, points better (30 degrees off apparent), does much better in breezes <10K, but has weather helm as you approach 12-15K unless you lay off the main a bit, anything over 15k you are reefing.

The MKII sails like a tank. It heals less, points at least 5+ degrees less(close to 35-40 degrees off apparent wind), in breezes <10k you don't even attempt to sail, but as wind approaches 15-18K under full sail you have little to no weather helm and sails well.

Other factors, MKI w/ 25xp vs the MKII w/m35b, on the Great Lakes when you get 15-20k on the nose with a 3-4' chop, the MKI would do about 3k, the MKII will maintain 5+K.  We also sail in Sandusky Bay where the water depth maxes out at about 12-15', so the wing is the keel of choice.

I know others have different opinions, but that's my 2 cents.
Main Message Board / Re: As they age
October 28, 2020, 05:19:43 AM
Hey, that's my old boat!  And yes, it was a hard grounding.  If familiar with the area, it was the old submerged break wall off Cedar Point that I hit. I owned it for 12 years.  Took good care of it, in fact the teak still looks great, it was just done the year it was totaled.  It was sold at salvage 2 years ago.  My current boat is also in the yard there.  I still periodically poke my head in there and make sure it isn't totally full of water.  The surveyor felt the boat could be repaired, but the crack in the keel is almost straight though and the stringers in the stern area of the keel had slight cracking.  It was a pretty sad day.

Seeing I bought another C34, should tell you I really liked it.  I can also tell you the MKI fin keel vs MKII wing keel are like night and day. Both have thre +/-'s.
Yes, it is still available.

You don't show what year boat you have, but I wanted to make sure you knew it is from a 1989 C34, not our current 2001 C34.
Yes, it is still available.
Still available if you're interested.
Roc - I did take them out to see what I gained.  In the aft you gain about 1/8" and forward you gain about 1", but in the front there are glassed in "spacers" keeping cedar board from the side allowing the electrical conduits to run in that area.  The biggest difference between the MKI and MKII is that the MKI is fiberglassed all the way to the side of the hull, where the MKII if I remove the panels it is open both fore and aft to the hull.  Great for running the duct work, but poor if you are trying to limit the amount of return air you are pulling from the boat liner area while your A/C is running. 

If there are any MKII's with a hanging locker install, I'd love to see those pics. 

At this point I think we will have to go with a 12K unit, and even with that, only the Dometic Turbo unit fits.  I have until spring to figure it out.
Glenn - So I did see your install, very nice.  I have a couple questions. 

Did you have to do any fiberglass work to "seal" the locker from the bilge area? 
I've looked at the Dometic Turbo units and unless I'm missing it, they are just A/C, no heat option right? 
Since here on the Great Lakes we don't discharge our waste overboard, I was going to use the macerator thru-hull, do you see any issues with this?
Finally, is there anything in hind sight you wish you had changed or done differently?
So I was measuring the hanging locker in preparation for adding A/C to the boat in the spring.  I was surprised to see that the dimensions are generally 13-1/2" x 19-1/2" which does not accommodate any of the 16K A/C units I have looked at. If I go to a 12K unit it is much closer, but wanted to hear from others who have the A/C in the hanging locker.  If I remove the wood sides, I can gain 1/8" to the aft side and maybe an 1" to the front if I remove the spaces that are glassed in, but there are electrical runs I'd have to work with.  Also, if I remove the wood panels, it opens up more area which is open to the hull therefore increasing the amount of air I would pull from that area as opposed to the cabin area. 

I know A/C has been written written about a lot on this forum, but am left scratching my head about the hanging locker install.  If anyone has a MKII with a hanging locker install, I'd love to see pictures.