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Title: Stop Sliding Companionway Screech Hatch Noise
Post by: mholzmann on August 10, 2017, 03:03:51 PM
Screeching Companion Way Hatch?  Many years back Graham Mackay posted a solution to a screeching companionway hatch sliding against the cabin top.  I followed his instructions to the letter and it solved my problem.
 New problem is I needed to buy a huge sheet of plastic 48" x92" to get (2) 1"x 72" x 1/16.  So needless to say I have the ability to make a lot of strips.  If you have a screeching hatch send me an email.  holzie at
Send 15 bucks to my paypal account and I mail to your home.  No, I will not be quitting my day job, when gone they're gone, labor of love believe me.