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Title: New Standard Rig Headstay Wire
Post by: Dancrosswis on January 10, 2017, 11:11:42 AM
I've got a brand new C34 standard rig headstay for sale.  Well, most of it.  Specifically, it's 45' of 5/16" 1x19 316 stainless wire with a swaged 5/8" pin marine eye from Rigging Only.  Total length - eye center to wire end - is just over 45'.  I purchased it last summer for just under $175.  I'm offering it for $125, hoping to sell it with an "idiot" discount of only $50.  You can offer me less, but know that doing so will just make me feel more of an idiot.

You'll need a turnbuckle stud to complete the stay.  The published forestay length - eye center to stud end - is 44'-5", so there's plenty of wire to work with.  If you want to go the mechanical terminal route, Rigging Only has a stud available here. (

Wire has only been unrolled once (that's when I learned I bought a tall rig) and then rerolled.  No wear.  Photos and original Rigging Only invoice attached.

I'll leave this posted here for awhile before offering it on eBay.  Here's hoping this fits the bill for someone.

Dan Cross
s/v Ennui Went
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