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Title: Replacing Keel Bolt Washers
Post by: Steve Sayian on December 27, 2006, 01:35:56 PM
I need to replace the washers under the keel bolts as they are rusted.  I checked my local tool rental stores for a deep socket (1-1/8") by about 6 inches and they had nothing.
I wrote to Catalina to see what they used and the torque requirements.
Kent Nelson of Catalina wrote back and said the torque was 105 foot-pounds and that they used a deep socket the most likely made for the job.  He suggested that I have a maching shop cut a deep socket and weld it to another deep socket to get the required length.
I have a 1-1/8" open-end/box wrench but can't get the box end on the nuts with any effective leverage and don't want to use the open-end as the angle is too great and would 'cap' the nuts.

Has anyone ever replaced the keel washers and if so, how did you get the nuts installed to the required torque?  I have seen some boats (C-30's) that had the long bolts cut off and don't really want to try that one.

Title: Re: Replacing Keel Bolt Washers
Post by: Craig Illman on December 27, 2006, 01:44:32 PM

I'm thinking I'm about due for a discount on my C36 org associate membership if I can make enough referrals.  8)

Title: Re: Replacing Keel Bolt Washers
Post by: Jeff Kaplan on December 27, 2006, 03:43:40 PM
steve, go to a hardware store, sears, and get a 1 1/8" deep, 1/2" drive, 6pt socket and a 10" extention and a 1/2" ratchet, if you don't have one. remove nut, remove washer, replace, and put nut back on. if you have access to a torque wrench, set it to 105lbs, and tighten till hear click,done. if you can't get a torque wrench, a very good pull on the ratchet is = to 105lbs. nothing to it...jeff
Title: Re: Replacing Keel Bolt Washers
Post by: Ron Hill on December 27, 2006, 03:46:54 PM
Steve : If you'll look in Projects, you will see my Keel Bolt Tool and the 4 inch deep well 1 1/8" socket made by Snap-On-Tools.  A 3 inch deep socket is usually NOT deep enough!!
Great info in those Projects, FAQs & Mainsheet Tech Notes.  There for the reading/viewing.   :thumb: