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Title: summer plans
Post by: captran on June 17, 2006, 07:54:34 PM
Jack and Ray,
Keep expecting to see your plans posted.  We'll get over Monday afternoon and have a 10:00 Tuesday appt to get in the water.  If she starts OK we'll head over to Cap Sante.  Jeanne is likely headed back to Spokane later on Wed.  I'll get things organized and am going to try to get North Harbor guys to come out for an hour or so to help me problem solve last falls starting problem.(and If I have time will ask them a few attachment questions if I were to switch out the 4 D's for golf cart batteries.  I have a couple of teachers coming over for Monday 26th for a few days.  Jeanne and Ross with one of his friends in tow will come back over around the 1st or 2nd.  We'll likely do a loop thru the San Juans.  Once his friend leaves we hope to head north for desolation for the rest of July.

We'll keep our eyes out for you as we travel.  I'll likely check my e mail from the library in anacortes  delete the "removespam".  cell in the US is 509 2206761 but once we're in Canada the phone won't work so we'll be incommunicado.

Take care

PS guess the end of the school year, (yesterday) snuck up on me.  Coached till June 1 so didnt think much about the summer.
Title: Re: summer plans
Post by: Ray & Sandy Erps on June 18, 2006, 04:00:45 PM
Greetings Jack and Randy,

We're still on schedule for a July 1st departure date.  It's just going to be the two of us this year.  Our refrigeration unit is still in the repair shop, so it looks like we'll be using ice this summer.  Rosario looks like it ebbs most of the day until late afternoon, so we'll probably go up the Swinomish Channel and stay east and try for Clark-Barnes-Matia area Saturday night.  We'll be heading directly to Desolation Sound with a stop at Naniamo/New Castle Island, probably travelling in the afternoons with the floods.  We'll be bringing our sailing dinghy again, so if we can meet up, you're welcome to get sun burned sailing that little thing around in the bays.

We'll also probably spend a week up in Roscoe Bay, then we may hit Princess Louisa on the way back down, all depends on weather and currents.  Just a reminder, we're in a different boat this summer.  A little bigger white sloop with navy blue sail covers with the name "Nikko" on the transom and both sides at the beam.
Title: Re: summer plans
Post by: captran on June 18, 2006, 08:11:30 PM
I must have missed that conversation on your switching boats.  We'll keep an eye out.  Turns out, from the conversation with Ross's friend, that he only wants to come over for a week, so we'll just do a san juans loop the first week of July and then head north.  Take care.

ps  if you see this, what have you used for your stern line?  we used 1/2 nylon but are thinking of going with 3/8 poly on a spool.  any thoughts?  I'll have Jeanne check the web site to see if you post your thoughts.    I also called cap sante marine and they do carry T 105s and think I really should do that before we head out.  Im just concerned about the wiring.  from a pic posted on the projects page, it looks like all the red wires currently to the positive of my 2 batteries would go on the same of each of the 2 T105 banks, and then the blacks connect to the reds of the second t105 and then the neg to the same thats on there now, if that makes sense.   thanks
Title: Re: summer plans
Post by: Ray & Sandy Erps on June 19, 2006, 05:08:13 PM
Greetings Randy,

I used to use our second anchor line for stern ties.  It was a pain handling the chain and nylon line though, so two years ago I bought a cheap plastic extension cord reel for under $10 and put 100 or 200' of 3/8 poly on it.  It floats, it's very visible and light enough that it is very easy to handle in the dinghy when trying to step onto the steep rocks up there to stern tie.  I think most the folks have switched to Poly on spools.

Regarding the T-105's, if they're the 6 volt golf cart batteries, it takes two wired in series to make a single 12 volt battery.

Take care.
Title: Re: summer plans
Post by: Jack Hutteball on June 19, 2006, 09:27:48 PM
Hi Ray and Randy,
We have failed to plan any extensive, trip what with selling a home, moving to our new one in Anacortes, and celebrating the birth of our grandson with trips to California.  We will probably be staying fairl local the next few weeks then see if we can put something longer together.  Enjoy your ventures north guys.  Will watch for Randy on your loop through the Islands.  We will be out.

Title: Re: summer plans
Post by: Craig Illman on June 20, 2006, 07:42:25 PM
Linda & I are coming up to the San Juans from Seattle, leaving on the 15th of July. We're probably going to wait and see what the fog situation has been on the straits before deciding whether to come up through Port Townsend or come up Saratoga Passage. I wish I had more than a week, but my boat's still in charter for awhile. I've managed to arrange a hand-off with a charterer on the following Saturday, so we don't have to make the long slog back south.

I'm looking forward to taking advantage of my winter improvements, like the refer, battery monitor and tank monitor. Maybe we'll even get some wind to try out the running rigging hardware upgrades too!

Be looking out for somoe of you guys!

- Craig
Title: Re: summer plans
Post by: Ray & Sandy Erps on June 23, 2006, 06:36:42 PM

Where will your charter hand off take place?  We should be back down in the San Juans towards the end of your vacation and we'll probably clear customs at Friday Harbor and spend our last night around Jones Island or Doe Bay before going home.


Title: Re: summer plans
Post by: Craig Illman on June 23, 2006, 07:22:05 PM
We haven't really firmed anything up, just tentatively Anacortes. Probably Cap Sante on Saturday, the 22nd noon-ish. I haven't really sat down and figured out any tentative itinerary yet. Probably try and hit Reid and/or Prevost Harbor, English Bay, Jones Island, maybe Deer Harbor or Rosario, someplace around Lopez. We'll probably not try and get too structured. A lot depends on how we come north. I just don't want to get stuck in PT waiting for fog to lift in the straits. I lived in Sequim in the 70's & early 80's, the know how quick it can blow in.

- Craig