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Title: Marina availability along ICW
Post by: mike ingham on May 23, 2001, 05:37:07 AM
We are debating taking C34 Air Goddess #584 down the ICW late this summer. Plan is to go as far as we are having fun then park the boat for a few months and go back and pick it up and continue the journey.
 Park the boat is the question. We are on Cape Cod and there is no parking of the boat for transients. All marinas are overfull with long waiting lists.
 We are curious whether the situation is the same down the East Coast. Will we have the option of picking a marina just about anywhere or are they all full up?
 Any input greatly appreciated
Title: Transient parking
Post by: Ken Juul on May 23, 2001, 06:18:10 AM
When we brought our boat up from NC to MD in Jan we had no problem with slip availibility.  I was suprised at the number of boats moving that time of year.  I know half the fun is not having a plan, but I think most of the marinas will take reservations if you think you will be there for more than a night or 2.  How far do you estimate your first part of the trip will take?  Be happy to give you our impressions of the places we stayed.
Title: marina availability along the ICW
Post by: mikeingham on May 24, 2001, 04:19:10 PM
Our question about marina availability was really directed at long term - say 2-6 months storage of the boat. Storage could be in the water or out.
 Now that you mention it though availablity of slips and moorings on an overnight basis in the Sept., Oct., Nov. time frame is also a good question. It kind of takes the fun out of it if you have to be making berthing arrangments 3 or 4 days ahead because all the marinas are so busy.
 We would plan to anchor as much as is feasible but the old personal and boat washdown at a slip becomes attractive after a few days on the hook.
Title: ICW Marina Availability
Post by: Re and Frank Puff #691 on May 26, 2001, 06:17:39 AM
You may want to consider putting your boat up on the hard for three to six months.  Availability is generally pretty good and frequently the cost of the haul and return plus rent is less than keeping her in the water.
 One consideration is your hull.  You have to worry about your bottom paint "dying" if it is not the right kind. :)
Title: ICW Marina Availability
Post by: amazer on June 02, 2001, 08:21:52 AM
We are located on the Pamlico River between Washington and Bath on Broad Creek.  Approx 3 hrs off the ICW where the Pungo and Pamlico intersect.  Slip availability is no problem here and you can keep the boat in the water all yr.  Good maintenance is also nearby.  Let me know if you want specifics. We live in a townhouse community and there are also townhomes for rent wtih the slip included if that is of interest.