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Title: My latest boneheaded boat mistake
Post by: Noah on October 15, 2021, 05:46:01 PM
Getting ready to haul out for “every-three-year” bottom job. This time I plan to change cockpit drain hoses. I noticed cracks in hoses when redoing autopilot bracket and replacing exhaust hose last year, but I didn’t want to risk trying to replace them while in the water incase through-hulls cracked while changing hoses. So now that I will be on the hard, I will get hoses replaced and perhaps through-hulls as well. In preparation for this I had to remove the aft water tank (again), and remove autopilot ram and bracket (again). Fortunately, I redesigned the new autopilot bracket tower for “easy removal” to provide aft access. Still a PIA.

And… since I had all open… I filled the hidden bilge pockets in front of and and behind the skeg with expanding closed cell urethane foam topped with epoxy resin and two coats of Bilgecoat paint. Looks good and boat is now ready for yard haulout on Monday.

THEN… when I was leaving the boat today, all ready for Monday’s haul-out, I did one of my most boneheaded boat mistakes. I decided to top off the starboard water tank to make sure I had water while in the boatyard. I got distracted by “things” while filling the tank and I started putting water in the aft water tank deck fill by mistake. Yes, that is the same aft tank that is REMOVED and now being temporarily stored on its end in the head compartment. I only let flow about 4-5 gallons before I realized my mistake.  Fortunately, the deck fill hose was angled such that it didn’t dump water on my “new” fridge compressor, or much on the fresh bilge paint that I did this morning. Also , luckily, the Bilgecoat paint was dry to the touch and water just rolled past it.  I had previously removed everything from the aft cabin (cushions, etc.) before I started working there this week, so the water just pooled on the gelcoat bunk pan and into the engine bilge (which is “always” clean and dry, so no oily mix). Sponge, towels and rags took care of it. Whew!!! Dumb!
What was your latest boneheaded boat mistake??? They say confession is good for the soul :abd:

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Title: Re: My latest boneheaded boat mistake
Post by: KWKloeber on October 15, 2021, 06:41:26 PM

AU CONTRAIRE, mon ami!!!

Alternatively I’d say you did a superb job of preparatory aft cabin, etc. errant water proofing just in the event that Murphy climbed aboard !!!   
Bravo. Kudos.
Take the win.  :thumb: :thumb:
Title: Re: My latest boneheaded boat mistake
Post by: Ron Hill on October 16, 2021, 12:49:40 PM
Noah : More than once while working under a sink, I emptied a catch drip pan of water into the sink that I had just taken the drain hose off its bottom!!

A thought, Ron

Title: Re: My latest boneheaded boat mistake
Post by: Steve Hansen on October 16, 2021, 02:52:49 PM
Sure, I can add to this conversation. Redid my holly teak sole and went to a slightly larger wood screw. Decided to enlarge hole with my power drill. Drilled into what I was hoping was a fresh water line, Deep down I new what I had done and the murky water confirmed the hull breach. Bone headed mistake... $400, Story to tell... Priceless. Thank You, I do feel better  :D