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Title: Fairclough group buy?
Post by: girmann on August 25, 2021, 03:07:16 PM
Purchasing a Fairclough cover for our C34 MKII and was wondering if anyone else would be interested.

Price was quoted to me as $4005 with the ability to store with the mast up or down. If you donít store with your mast up, itís about $750 less ($3250 ish). Price is good until 9/1. They also have the ability to add different features like extra doors, accommodations for dinghy davits, motor davits, radar masts, and other things.

In case youíre wondering I have no affiliation with Fairclough other than I really liked the cover I had for my C28.
Title: Re: Fairclough group buy?
Post by: Jim Hardesty on August 26, 2021, 06:13:22 AM
Shamrock's winter cover looks much like that.  I've been looking for a new winter cover.  My cover, purchased by PO, is near 20 years old.  The fabric is tired, a couple of years ago we, Erie, had a lot of snow and the cover tore in the spring.  Repaired with Gorilla Tape, that was 3 seasons ago still OK.  Amazing stuff.  The company that originally made the cover no longer services the Erie area. 
By your hull number think you have a MKll.  If that's the case you don't need or want a side door.  Just enter from the stern.  I take the swim ladder home, it makes it easy to enter with a small ladder.
I hope to find a nice winter cover from someone who has moved south.
Title: Re: Fairclough group buy?
Post by: girmann on August 26, 2021, 07:38:17 AM
You are correct on all counts. The side door isn't needed, but is convenient for getting some things on and off the boat. There's no discount for removing it, so I'll keep it. I had a C28 MkI (looks like a C34 Mk1.5, but smaller) and entered and existed from the stern. It does get tedious tying up the stern, especially when it's below zero and the lines are snow covered. The nice thing with the swim ladder and a wing keel is (if you can get it down) you don't need a ladder.

I would imagine you can just but a new cover and keep the existing frame. Might save you a little.

I also have a toe-rail cover that the PO bought that I'm selling. I don't like it, but that doesn't mean it's not useful for someone.
Title: Re: Fairclough group buy?
Post by: Roc on September 16, 2021, 04:23:56 PM
Where are you located?  That seems very expensive for the cover.  Did you get other quotes?