2015 Officers Meeting Notes

February 19, 2015

Re:   Catalina 34 International Association Year 2015 Annual Officers Meeting

Dear Catalina 34 International Association Members, Officers and Board Members;

The Annual Meeting of the Catalina 34 International Association Officers was held via telephone conference call on Monday, February 16, 2015, 8:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, 5:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time.  The meeting concluded at 10:15 p.m. EST.

The 2015 International Officers are listed after these meeting notes.  Participants in this teleconference included Paul Erb, Jack Hutteball, John Nixon, Stu Jackson, and Ken Heyman. Rick Allen, Dave Sanner, and participating Past Commodores Lance Jones, Ken Juul, Michael Shaner and Dave Davis were absent.  Ken Juul provided his written observations on the agenda items prior to the meeting.

The meeting was based on the emailed agenda, dated February 3, 2015.


1.   Financial Report & Projections – Treasurer Ken Heyman
a.   Cash is approximately $15.1k up from the $12.7K reported in March of 2014 and $20.7K in March 2013 (as of December 31 the prior year).
b.   Statement and projections accepted as presented.
c.   Motion made and passed to not institute a dividend for 2015 and to look at it every year as a method for keeping the balance to a reasonable amount.
d.   Discussion included consideration of reducing dues.  Downside of that is that Mainsheet costs stay the same and dues reduction could eventually entail raising them later.

2.   Membership – Secretary Stu Jackson
a.   594 members of which 32 are C355s, 562 C34s; down from 2014 figures of 639 members of which 41 are C355s, 588 C34 skippers; up from 2013 figure of 560 members, of which 28 were C355 skippers, 532 C34 skippers.
b.   Mainsheet magazine electronic distribution by PDF; Comments on PDF example  (Please see 2014 Meeting Notes for detailed prior discussion items)
1)   Issues discussed:
a)   Advantages of having both hard copy AND a PDF version is good for when traveling and a record after the hard copy is discarded; avoids having to save hard copies
b)   PDFs may be searchable but only per issue; possibility of merging into longer PDFs for searching; C34 Forum and website is easier to search for information
c)   PDF Distribution & Email Addresses:  John reported that he had emailed the Mainsheet publisher asking about the details of the PDF access as reported in the Spring 2015 Mainsheet issue Editor’s Barque.  It appears that the “distribution model” for an electronic issue has not been completely thought through by the publisher.  In commercial business magazine distribution  models, the publisher is the “gatekeeper” of the accounts and email addresses of the recipients.  In the Catalina/Mainsheet model, the publisher has no responsibility for records of membership and emails; each Association reports membership either by or through Nanosec (Lu Ann Smith), but emails have never been part of that Mainsheet mailing list process.  If PDF distribution was to be done based on the current Association membership mailing list method via Nanosec, it would place a previously non-existent burden on the Association(s) to maintain up-to-date email addresses of members, which in the commercial world is the responsibility of the individual member/subscriber to advise the publisher of their current email addresses and any changes.
d)   PDF Costs:  Agreed that most recent emails from the Mainsheet publisher made it clear that costs would remain the same for either print-only, PDF-only or both.
2)   Presenting Options to Membership:  If C34 IA members inquire, the reality is that the system is still in the works at Mainsheet, we are waiting to hear back from Mainsheet, and will report to membership as soon as possible.

3.   Website:
a.   Tech Notes Online Update
1)   Paul will check again with Dave.  Stu & John will check their files to determine the extent of the work that Roger Blake and Fred Koehlmann had done two years ago on updating the Mainsheet Tech Notes from the original material with John’s help.  Jack reported that he also had original Tech Note files back to when he began as editor in 2009.
b.   List of Website Administrators – Stu will develop and recommend any modifications.
c.   Home Page Editing – deferred, not critical.

4.   National Regatta
a.   Absent any Fleet 1 representation in this particular meeting, the IA will support Fleet 1 if they were to choose to hold a National Regatta.

5.   Fleets
a.   No report, no new activity.

6.   CD-ROM status & updates – Stu – using now discontinued updates from Bob Kuba
a.   Stu will continue to send CDs to new members.  Revisit next year to determine if CDs are still worth sending to new members.

7.   C355
a.   Little change from last year, again.  No technical material has been produced by C355 skippers.  Stu will contact the leaders of the C355 Google group to ask them what direction they envision for their future and report back to the Officers.

8.   Fleet Support
a.   Motion made, seconded and passed to extend Fleet Support for $10 per boat as of April 1st with those fleets that choose not to accept OK, requires a discussion and a motion for renewal every year.

* End*

Dear Catalina 34 International Association Members, Officers and Board Members:

February 2015

The 2015 International Officers listed were duly elected by a majority of Fleet Captains and the Past Commodores in accordance with the C34 IA Constitution.

2015 C34 International Association Officers

2015 Officers

2015 Commodore  Paul Erb
2014 Commodore
2013 Vice-Commodore
#1634  Yachta Yachta Yachta

2015 Vice-Commodore Rick Allen  (Fleet 1)
2014 Vice-Commodore
#746  Painkiller

2015 Secretary Stu Jackson  (Fleet 1)
1999-2014 Secretary
#224  Aquavite
(510) 698-4250

2015 Treasurer Ken Heyman
2007-2014 Treasurer
#535  Wholesailor
(847) 422-3371 (cell)

Chief Measurer – position vacant

2015 Mainsheet Editor Jack Hutteball  (Fleet 5)
2009 – 2014 Mainsheet Editor
#1555  Mariah II

2015 Webmaster Dave Sanner (Fleet 1)
2005 to 2015 Webmaster
#611  Queimada

2015 Technical Editor  John Nixon
2010 -2014 Technical Editor
# 728  Otra Vez

2014  Associate Technical Editor Ron Hill (Fleet 12) – no longer participating
#788  Apache  (transferred boat to son – 2014)
2004 – 2013  Associate Technical Editor
Past Technical Editor & C34 General Overall “Guru”
(540) 891-5297


2013 Commodore Lance Jones (Fleet 13)
2011 & 2012 Vice-Commodore
#622  Kitty’s Cat
770-330-4010 (cell)

2011 & 2012 Commodore Michael Shaner
2009-2010 Vice-Commodore
#300  Queequeg

2009 & 2010 Commodore Bob Kuba – no longer participating
#1291  (sold in 2013)

Dave Davis (Fleet 1)
#707  Wind Dragon
(650) 948﷓3461

Jon Arck (Fleet 1) – no longer participating
#1346  Tweety Bird  (sold in 2015)
2004 &2005 Commodore
2004 Vice-Commodore

Bill Jenks – no longer participating
2003 & 4 Past Commodore
2005 – 2006 Treasurer
(360) 832﷓8760

2007 & 2008 Commodore Ken Juul
#1090  Luna Loca