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  • Aftermarket fuel pumps (non-Westerbeke/Universal Replacements)
  • For newer Universal B Series engines w/ engine-mounted pump (e.g. M-25XPB)
Kubota p/n 68371-51210 
Facet Cube series pumps Facet p/n 40106 (pump only); kit FEP-12SV / PRO-12SV  (and many similar models) NAPA p/n BK 6101077 

For M-25/XP/XPA engines w/ separate-mounted pumps

Facet Gold-Flo series (round) pumps   Facet p/n 476087E (pump only); kit FEP-87SV, 4-5.5 psi, 32 gph -- OR -- Facet p/n 476459E (pump only); kit FEP-59SV or PRO-59SV, 6-8 psi, 32 GPH NAPA p/n BK 6101076 $80 at Yacht Supply Depot (a deal.) 
Filter and gasket for Gold-Flo (round) series- p/n 42370 / NAPA p/n 610-1086. 

These can also be used to replace the round Facet pumps

Facet Posi-Flo series pumps Facet p/n 60106 (pump only); kit FEP-06SV, 4-7 psi, 32 gph NAPA p/n BK 6101050 

— OR —

Facet Dura-Lift series pumps  A very SWEET pump with separate clear bowl and screen) Facet p/n 40303 (pump only); 4-6 psi; 33 gph NAPA p/n BK 6103020 

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