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First NameLast NameHull NumberBoat NameModel YearStateRigKeel
Paulus & Mary Slotegraaf 944 Cool Change 1989 MI Standard Wing
Dietrich Floeter 1317 Calliope 3 1996 MI Tall Wing
Noah Rosenblatt 1014 Jeté 1990 CA Standard Fin
Ed Shankle 866 Tail Wind 1989 MA Standard Fin
Jim Hardesty 1570 Shamrock 2001 Pa Standard Wing
David Spencer 1279 Good Idea 1994 Ontario Standard Wing
Mike Brown CTYP1251L293 just limin' 1993 NC Tall Wing
Donald Starr Jr
Suresh Thakur 213 Dotcom 2013 mso Standard Fin
Alex and Stacey Walter 937 Callisto 1988 Kansas Standard Fin

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