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Fellow Catalina owners, just reaching out again to see if anyone has any used Genoa's for sale for my 2005 cat 34. My current sail is very tired and needs to be replaced.  I have a standard rig.  I am not too picky as I feel any old sail you have is likely better than mine.  Many Thanks Peter

Fellow Catalina 34 owners.  My current head sail just had it's 30th patch put on.  It looks like a traveling hobo quilt.  I was wondering if anyone has a used Genoa they may want to sell.  I have a roller furling so I would need it to have a sun cover.  My boat is a STD rig.  Many Many Thanks  . Peter 2005 34 Mk II

Team 34,

I know this question has come up before but technology and methods change so I wanted to be on the leading edge.  My Tach is not working and my battery is not charging so I am guessing my alternator needs replacement. I do a lot of weekends to Catalina so I would like one that will easially charge my two 4 D's and my starting bank.  My original alternator took forever.   I of course would like to do this on a budget and was wondering was the best way would be for me to purchase something that would not cost me an arm and a leg.  I am handy, so if I have to do some work it's all good.  I am also looking to replace the original Equip stock battery charger that I use when I am at the dock. My starting batter is an AMG and my house bank are lead acid 4d's so any recoemndations for that as well would be appreciated.

Peter Ellis
Ellis Island
2005 Catalina 34 MKII Hull 1772

I took the Rack plate off and can see lot's of dirt in the oil. This is what may be causing rack to stick.  I am NOT going to take this thing apart, but thought before I drive a few hours to a shop, I would try to clean off the external parts.  I looked on the web and found many things that people say to use : IE , Diesel, ATF, Acetone, break cleaner, and more.   Perhaps I could clean it with Clean oil since that's what it lives in.  Any thoughts would be appreciated on what I could use to clean the Rack area (see picture). If this does not work, it's off to the rebuilder.


UPDATE - I pulled the injection pump.  Did not see any shims, so I am not sure if model has them.  On the side of the pump there was a lever.  It was pushed towards the stop position.  When I tried to push the lever back it was hard to move. Not sure if this should be springy ?.  I can get it to move but it gets stuck when it goes to the right or the left.   I am not sure If this is normal ?  I have attached a picture.

I will check the Rack and will be very carful when I take out the pump not to disturb these shims that I have been hearing about.   I was wondering, I am not going to take the Injector pump apart, but is there anything I could use to clean it in case it's gunked up from the outside ?. 

Loved the picture, many Thanks.   The overheating was caused by a hole in the Exhaust Manifold between the Fresh water side and the exhaust site.  Basically my Fresh water was getting blown out the exhaust pipe.  I talked with the local universal dealer today.  He said that perhaps the oil got polluted with the water.  My oil was not milky but you never know.  He said when the camshaft spins it lubricates the injection pump wit motor oil.  If the oil was bad, then perhaps the pump froze up, or got gunked  during the month that the boat sat idol. 

As suggested I will take a good look at the kill switch tonight to make sure it's not jammed and if I do not find anything will pull the injector pump out, taking care not to disturb the "shims"

I did read your post and it was very helpful especially your comments on new vs rebuilt. I am still at a loss on how this would suddenly stop working for all four of the injection outputs.


Many thanks for the info.  First off, as for the Exhaust manifold, turned out to be a hole in the aluminum between the fresh water and the exhaust port formed by electrolysis.  We had to put a camera in the manifold and put Fresh water in the top to see it.  Mechanic at the marina had never seen anything like it.  As for expensive parts, I am already into this fix for well over $ 2,000.00 so I am not happy.

For a test, I hardwired the lift pump and let it run for a few min.  I then went to the Injector pump and opened the bleed screw.  I let 16 oz of fuel poor into a cup and it came out fast. While the pump was still going, I tightened the bleed screw.  I would assume that I got any air out of the system and there seems to be no shortage of fuel to the injector pump.  When I crank the engine, I do not see fuel coming out of the top of any of the 4 fuel ports on top of the injector pump.   The strange thing is this worked before we started the cooling fixes so I can't figure why it does not work now.  The strange thing is that there is NO fuel at all coming out of any of the 4 injector lines.  Any thoughts are greatly appreciated !!!!

As for pulling the injector pump out is this a hard task ?  Thanks again........


My Fellow 34 Brother's and sisters. I come to you for help in a time of shear desperation. Two months ago a friend overheated the engine.  We noticed, the engine was losing coolant as we put food die in the coolant and it never ended up in the bilge. It was determined that it must be a leak in the heat exchange. I took it as a sign of issues to come and replaced every piece of the cooling system including both water pumps and hoses.  A month later the engine is back together but we were still losing coolant.  Turns out, my Exhaust manifold had a leak between the Coolant and the exhaust side and was blowing my Fresh water out the exhaust pipe.

So now two months sitting at the dock, the new manifold is on (hard to find part. I go to start the engine and nothing.  After an extensive look at all the systems I finally crack the hard fuel lines at the Injection pump and notice no fuel is coming out.   I have a friend turn the key to start the fuel lift pump and I bleed a full cup of Diesel using the bleed screw at the injector pump.  Based on this, I think I would be safe saying that fuel is getting to the injector pump.

My questions are :

 Is the injector pump mechanical, or does is somehow rely on engine compression ? .
 The engine was starting after the overheat and before we did all the work two months so why all of a sudden is It not working ?
 Are there any things that I can adjust on the fuel injection pump ?

Any help would be appreciated

Peter Ellis
Ellis Island II
2005 Catalina MK II   Universal M35B

Main Message Board / Re: M35B - Kubota parts
« on: March 01, 2016, 03:50:14 PM »

I was wondering what store you finally got your Kubota injectors from, as I need to purchase a set.


Fellow Catalina Owners - This weekend July 10th through the 12th is the annual Catalina Rendezvous. This is a great opportunity to meet Catalina owners of all boat sizes and hear about all things Catalina.  There are lectures, demo's food, adult beverages and lots of fun things to do.  There are already 7 Catalina 34 owners signed up. 

There is still room for more so tell all your Catalina owner friends  - I have pasted a link below to sign up :

Main Message Board / Re: Catalina Rendezvous
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:04:02 PM »
Ellis Island will be heading to Catalina This weekend for the 2013 Rendezvous. Be sure to find me and say hi. Us Southern California 34 owners need to stick together !!!


I have a 2005 with the Big Thick mattress so I have less head room and have almost knocked myself out a few times

I have had one for 4 years. It's the best thing I ever bought for my boat.  Please note, each one is custom made for the boat it is going on so that it fits perfectly.  Please be sure to make sure if you get a used one that its from a similar vintage boat.

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