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Main Message Board / 3/8" Hose to Water Heater
« on: April 30, 2018, 05:43:44 PM »
Found this from Ward, with a C30, over on abo:

My M25-XP has two short lengths of 3/8" hose running from the thermostat housing to brass adapters where it transitions to 5/8" hose.  Time to change out these hoses.  I checked with the usual sources and the only 3/8" marine hose I can find is fuel line and silicone heater hose. The silicone heater hose is not fuel/oil compatible.  Anyone know where I can find 3/8" hose suitable for this use?

He found this:

Found a hose that will work at the local AutoZone. I had to look through their formed coolant hose rack to find it.

Dayco 87001 is a 3/8" ID Formed Coolant Hose about 14" long with a 90 Deg bend at one end. It will give me the 3/8" 90 Deg formed hose I need as well as the 3/8" straight hose.

Now that I have received my BC province license, I have to formally import my boat into Canada.  Because the licensing agency doesn't talk to CPB, they issued the license without checking to see if I'd paid the import tax.  The border agent let me back into Canada yesterday (Saturday) but gave me only 48 hours to pay the import tax before I'd get fined!!!  All this time I thought because I'd received the license that I'd have time to get some comps without time pressure.

Accordingly, I'd appreciate your help to be able to assemble a few "comparatives" for the price of a used 1986 Catalina 34, because I need some supporting advertisements to show them what I feel is the real value of a 32 year old boat.

What I need includes:

1.  The lowest price possible.  Doesn't even matter if the boat is a wreck (as long as the ad doesn't say that).  :D  It doesn't matter where the boat is located.

2.  I need a COPY of the ad that says the normal stuff, but it must include the year and asking price (unless you have access to actual selling prices which might be lower). "1986 Catalina 34, $xy,000," and any other details.

3.  To widen the possibilities, I'd consider a 1987 boat, too, but 1986 would be better.  The newer the boat the higher the price usually is.

4.  If you have sold your 1986 boat and are still hanging around this forum, please let me know what you sold it for.

I'll check the For Sale section here, too.

Easiest way for you to get me this info is to send me an email with an embedded or attached copy of the actual ad (  Just an email text telling me your sales story will NOT, unfortunately, work for my use with the govt tax folks.

Main Message Board / Red Mode Night Mode on iPad
« on: July 25, 2017, 07:02:06 AM »
This might be of interest to those using tablets for navigation:

Main Message Board / Cutting the Salon Table
« on: July 09, 2017, 11:43:50 AM »
I am finally, after 19 years, reducing the size of our salon table.  Having moved from northern California to British Columbia, I find myself spending more time below, primarily in the seat just forward of the galley facing forward.  I need more elbow (belly  :D) room.  :clap

I've read all the salon table posts and tech notes, like this example:,6707.0.html

After careful and extensive research and thought, and assistance from Carolyn Daley who has kindly lent me an example of her own cut down table, I have decided that all I want to do is cut five inches off the aft end of the table.  That will work for me.  I don't want a new table, we like the white Formica, I can reuse the fiddles, I don't have to cut a curve for the mast, etc.

My question is:  How do I cut the table without messing up the Formica?  I have a big table saw.  Do I put the Formica surface down or up when I cut?  Should I tape the Formica?  Should I just go find someone more qualified? :D

Any tips, tricks and techniques would be welcome.  Please note that I failed wood shop in high school :cry4`, but I'm willing to give this a go.  :thumb:

I've removed the fiddles from the table and have determined, from inspecting Carolyn's sample,  that the long starboard side fiddle will be perfect to use as trim for the new raw edge.  Ideas on how to affix it would be welcome, too.

The first picture is a closeup of the inboard aft end of the existing table.  The second is Carolyn's table laid on top of ours showing the fiddle attached to the aft end after the cut is made.

Main Message Board / New Stainless Steel Deck Fill Pipe Caps
« on: May 15, 2017, 04:09:16 PM »
From Catalina Direct


Our new pipe caps have the water, diesel, and waste designations cast right in.

For Catalinas Only
We are excited to announce that we have custom tooled another product specifically for you. Beautiful stainless steel replacements for your original plastic deck fill pipe caps.

The original plastic caps work great in their natural manufacturing habitat of Gamleby Sweden, which sits at about the same latitude as Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska (58° north). But 1,700 miles south in sunny Florida, or Southern California, the increased UV exposure destroys them in a few years. 

Added by Stu: [Or in snowy weather where the plastic ones collect water, then freeze and break!!!]
Comparing the original plastic cap (left) with the new stainless steel cap (right).  Photos were in the email.

Previously, when these plastic caps became cracked and sun damaged, our customers had two options. One was to replace them with new plastic caps that would last a few more years. The other, do some serious work and replace the entire deck pipe with stainless steel. We thought there must be a better way, so we custom built a solution. 

An example of your deck pipe and a new stainless cap.

A Better Solution
The new caps are made of type 316 stainless steel. Water, waste, and fuel designations are cast right in. The caps are tooled to fit the exact thread pitch of the original deck pipe. They cover and seal the exposed end of your original deck pipes without having to replace the pipes themselves. The new caps are practically indestructible and will make a sleek new addition to your boat.

Made Possible by You
Support from loyal customers like you makes it possible to create custom solutions specifically for Catalina owners. When you purchase a sail or furler from Catalina Direct, part of that money is rolled right back into research and development for custom products like these.

Order our replacement stainless steel deck fill pipe caps by giving us a call at
1-800-959-7245, or visiting our website here.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your continued support!

- The Catalina Direct Crew


Main Message Board / 2017 Officers Meeting Notes
« on: May 03, 2017, 09:00:53 AM »
Posted in General Activities, C34IA News & Information.

I'll post them in Wordpress on the home page soon.

C34IA News & Information / 2017 Officers Meeting Notes
« on: May 03, 2017, 08:59:03 AM »
Sunday, April 09, 2017   FINAL                                      

To:    Officers:   Rick Allen, Noah Rosenblatt, Stu Jackson, Ken Heyman, Jack Hutteball, John Nixon, Dave Sanner

          Board:  Paul Erb, Lance Jones, Michael Shaner, Ken Juul, Dave Davis, Ray Irvine, Dottie Toney, Denise Gill, Robert Schuldenfrei

cc:   Michael Zoll

Re:   Catalina 34 International Association Year 2016 Annual Officers Meeting

Dear Catalina 34 International Association Members, Officers and Board Members;

The Annual Meeting of the Catalina 34 International Association Officers was held via telephone conference call on Monday, March 20, 2017, 8:00 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, 5:00 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time.  The meeting concluded at 6:25 p.m. PDT.

The 2017 International Officers are listed after these meeting notes.  Participants in this teleconference included Noah Rosenblatt, Sue Clancy, John Nixon, Stu Jackson, Ray Irvine, Ken Heyman, Dottie Toney, Robert Schuldenfrei and Michael Zoll (for Denise Gill).  Rick Allen, Jack Hutteball, Dave Sanner, and Past Commodores Paul Erb, Lance Jones, Ken Juul, Michael Shaner and Dave Davis were absent. 

The meeting was based on the emailed agenda, dated Thursday, March 2, 2016.


1.   Financial Report & Projections – Treasurer Ken Heyman
a.   Statement showed negligible loss of just under $300 for 2016.  Balance is $11.5K adequate per earlier discussions. 
      Report Year        as of Dec. 31              Cash Balance
      2017                    2016                     $12.0K
      2016                      2015                     $11.9K
      2015                    2014                     $15.1K
      2014                 2013             $12.7K   *
      2013                    2012             $20.7K   *

* --- decrease in funds due to “dividend” offered in 2013   

b.   Statement and projections accepted as presented. 
c.   No discussion of a dividend for 2017.  2016 Meeting motion was to look at it every year as a method for keeping the balance to a reasonable amount.  [Dividend is defined as a free year of membership; initiated due to excess of funds.]
d.   Ken noted that PayPal now constitutes more than half of the total dues, up from less than half last year.
2.   Membership – Secretary Stu Jackson
a.   504  C34s plus 29 C355s, 533 total, down from 2016 of 525 members of which 28 are C355s, 553 total C34 IA members;  down from 2015 figures of 594 members of which 32 are C355s, 562 C34s; down from 2014 figures of 639 members of which 41 are C355s, 588 C34 skippers; 2013 figure of 560 members, of which 28 were C355 skippers, 532 C34 skippers.   Slight downward trend but holding reasonably steady.
1)   John’s request of how many were Mark I or Mark II boats (#1295 first Mark II). 
a)   Method 1:  1,800 hulls   1,294 Mark 1, 1¼ & 1½   72%  505  Mark II   28%
b)   Method 2:  All records in the C34IA File Maker Pro database
       <hull 1294  2454   78%     > hull 1294   684  22%
      c)   Method 3:  Active C34IA Members  (>2/27/2017)
      <hull 1294  306      68%      >hull 1294    145   32%
Note:  these total active members don’t include latest counts reported at the meeting because this exercise was done earlier during a renewal period
   Interestingly, each method results in reasonably similar proportions.  I expect a growth in Mark I membership during this renewal period, since folks are buying older boats and joining up.  Traditionally, it’s always seemed to me that we have seen this proportional level of activity on the Message Board as well.

3.   Associate Editor report – Jack – no report
4.   Technical Editor report – John – No articles submitted to John recently, John is busy with work, will get back into writing another if necesary soon.  Stu said he’d be sending one on a stereo replacement.
5.   Mainsheet magazine electronic distribution by PDF.
a.   Agreed last year that a thread should be started on the Forum with a “Did you know that…?” message.  Magazines come with code inside.  DONE -  Feb. 19, 2017, 162 views since Feb. 19th, no responses
b.   Links on our website to the Mainsheet website would not be helpful for anyone without the printed copy because a published hard copy is necessary to obtain the “code” to access the magazine online at the Mainsheet website. 
c.   John noted he reads his print copy, then downloads the magazine for future reference and to save paper storage space.
6.   Website:  [from Attachment #4 in the agenda]
a.   Procedures for future Tech Notes Online were included in the 2016 Notes.  Ongoing updates as Tech Notes are published with Sue’s departure.
1)   Sue reported that she had provided Jack with a detailed “How To” memo.
2)   Noah volunteered to also bring himself up to speed on this.
b.   List of Forum & Website Administrators/Moderators – from agenda Attachment #2 spreadsheet - who does the changes? – Dave, Stu, Sue.  Sue noted that some areas are dormant and some should have the administrators changed.  Dave should do this.
1)   General:  The Forum should be used for “conversations” and discussions.  The website should be used stories and archived material, such as the new Fleet sections.  Sue confirmed a conversation with one of Dottie’s skippers last year who should have the information to begin to post to the website for Fleet 13.  The intent of creating the Fleet sections of the website for Fleet News is that Mainsheet discontinued publishing fleet news.
2)   Suggestions for the Forum sections.  Stu will develop a formal memo with recommendations for review by the group before proceeding with instructions to Dave to modify the Forum sections.  These are examples:
a)   Question of the Month and C34 Swapping – dormant, consider deleting
b)   Fleets – use for discussions and notices, use the website for stories and fleet news
c)   C34 IA Officers – Delete.  It has been replaced with a website home page drop down menu for officers.  That menu has the officers listed with hidden-to-view emails.
d)   C34 IA News & Information – Delete or archive by simply noting it is not being used anymore and link to the home page.  Stu used to use this in the past to post the Officers Meeting Notes.
e)   C34 IA National Regatta – Delete, can be added to fleet news when one occurs.
f)   C34 IA Tech Notes – Delete.  Stu has already posted to not use it.
g)   Salvaged Topics – Delete, dormant, never used.
h)   Forum Administrators needs to be added to the edit list.
c.   Home Page Editing – complete, Thanks, Sue.  No further comments.
d.   “Database” – on website now complete and being used.
e.   gmail addresses for Officers – Stu, Sue
1)   Sue reported that she was unable to obtain the passwords for the generic gmail addresses in the Forum section of C34 IA Officers.  It has been replaced by the page on the home page.  The email address are “hidden” on the page.  Sue suggested that officers could also obtain their own gmail address if they didn’t want to use their own personal “edresses.”
2)   Stu will edit to include Noah’s information as Vice Commodore.
f.   wiki editing question that came up from a Forum registrant and via email from a member:  Wordpress vs. original wiki page – Stu, Sue - Sue advised that the Wordpress plug in resulted in all Wordpress pages having links to the original wiki page that are included at the bottom of the Wordpress page for wiki editing.
6.   National Regatta - Ray reported that Fleet 1 declined for this year. 
8.   Fleets - VC Sue Clancy has transferred the Fleet Formation Package to VC Noah Rosenblatt.
a.   Fleet Captain comments - none
b.   Mainsheet magazine and [lack of] Fleet information – agreed no further comments were necessary to the publisher.  Fleets should use the new Fleet sections on the website.
c.   Promotion of Fleet section on Home Page – Sue & Jack - Sue provided a list of Home Page sections that require “Ownership” in Attachment #4 to the agenda.  Stu will make a list for the record and for further discussions.  Recommended that Officers call individuals who express interest to maintain these sections, rather than depending on written website requests for volunteers.
9.   C355 Support – Stu drafted a letter included in the agenda.  Fleet Captains noted that some C355s have joined local fleets.  Discussed the differences between fleets and the administrative work being done by the IA for the C355 group.  Letter tabled for the time being.
10.   Fleet Support  -  Motion made, seconded and passed to extend Fleet Support for $15 per boat as of April 1st with those fleets that choose not to accept OK, requires a discussion and a motion for renewal every year.
11.   Other – Used for this meeting for the first time.  Stu had distributed the un&pw to the Commodore, Vice Commodore and Treasurer.

Summary of To Do Items from the Meeting

1.   Noah to obtain multi-page Tech Notes Online document from Jack and send a copy to Stu
2.   Stu to edit home page officers to include Noah’s information – DONE 4/9/17
3.   Stu to prepare separate memo on Forum categories action
4.   Stu to develop Yearly To Do List
5.   Stu to develop list of usernames and passwords including PayPal
6.   Stu to prepare list of website sections based on Sue’s input for Ownership, as well as Forum Administrators (Noah has been added to Wordpress access)

* End of Notes*
Re:   Catalina 34 International Association Year 2017 Annual Officers Election

Dear Catalina 34 International Association Members, Officers and Board Members:

March 2017

The 2017 International Officers listed were duly elected by a majority of Fleet Captains and the Past Commodores in accordance with the C34 IA Constitution. 

2017 C34 International Association Officers

2017 Officers

2017 & 2016 Commodore Rick Allen  (Fleet 1)
2014 & 2105 Vice-Commodore Rick Allen
#746  Painkiller

2017 Vice Commodore  Noah Rosenblatt
#1014  Jete

2017 Secretary Stu Jackson  (Fleet 1)
1999-2016 Secretary
#224  Aquavite 

2017 Treasurer Ken Heyman
2007-2016 Treasurer
#535  Wholesailor
(847) 422-3371 (cell)

Chief Measurer – position vacant

2017 Mainsheet Editor Jack Hutteball  (Fleet 5) 
2009 - 2016 Mainsheet Editor
#1555  Mariah II

2017 Webmaster Dave Sanner (Fleet 1)   
2005 to 2016 Webmaster
#611  Queimada

2017 Technical Editor  John Nixon
2010 -2016 Technical Editor
# 728  Otra Vez

2014  Associate Technical Editor Ron Hill (Fleet 12) – no longer participating 
#788  Apache  (transferred boat to son – 2014)
2004 - 2014  Associate Technical Editor
Past Technical Editor & C34 General Overall “Guru”
(540) 891-5297


2014 &2015 Commodore  Paul Erb
2013 Vice-Commodore
#1634  Yachta Yachta Yachta

2013 Commodore Lance Jones (Fleet 13) – sold boat 2016
2011 & 2012 Vice-Commodore
#622  Kitty’s Cat
770-330-4010 (cell)

2011 & 2012 Commodore Michael Shaner (Fleet 12)
2009-2010 Vice-Commodore
#300  Queequeg

2009 & 2010 Commodore Bob Kuba – no longer participating
#1291  (sold in 2013)

Dave Davis (Fleet 1)  – no longer participating
#707  Wind Dragon
(650) 948﷓3461 

Jon Arck (Fleet 1) – no longer participating
#1346  Tweety Bird  (sold in 2015)
2004 &2005 Commodore
2004 Vice-Commodore

Bill Jenks – no longer participating
2003 & 4 Past Commodore
2005 - 2006 Treasurer

2007 & 2008 Commodore Ken Juul
#1090  Luna Loca

Main Message Board / Oberdorfer Pump Supplier
« on: April 17, 2017, 01:41:57 PM »
I found this on the C36 forum today, it's a year old but still valid

In addition to

Oberdorfer Pump Supplier

I looked over the forum and didn't see any rules against this, but if I need to remove this post, please let me know and I'll take it down.

I run a pump distribution website based out of St. Louis, MO and noticed a decent amount of discussion around the Oberdorfer N202M series pumps. We're a stocking distributor for Oberdorfer, along with a lot of other pump manufactures. If you're looking for a specific pump / part / repair kit and don't see it on our site, reach out to me and I may still be able to get it for you!

I wanted to let you guys know about us as we try to have the lowest prices for everything we offer, and we also have free shipping within the Continental US. IF you do find a product cheaper, we will try to match the competitors price, because we want to keep our customers.

We're not some massive corporation, just a small business in St. Louis that cares about customers, and not just making a dollar. Please feel free to post here if you have any questions, send me a direct message, or even an email if there's anything I can do to help!

Thanks for your time!
- Scott

Main Message Board / M25XPB Engine Info
« on: April 14, 2017, 03:31:22 PM »
A friend with a C34 has an M25XPB engine.  Not too many C34s have this engine.  We'd corresponded and here is my reply to her.


Geez Louise, we met one time for a lunch and now you have me waking up in a cold sweat!!!

I just realized, about a half an hour ago (i.e., 0630!!!) that the link for engine filters I gave you was to our C34 tech wiki which is for the M25 and M25XP engines and NOT your M25XPB.

Sorry about that.  I keep forgetting you have a different engine.

So please ignore those filter equivalents, they may not work on your engine.

Instead, and to make up for my error, please use these links for your engine.  I shamelessly stole them from the C310 skippers on  You have to scroll up to the top and the start of each of these linked posts, since the links below take you to a particular post within a longer thread.

One of the contributors in those links is JK Boston Catalina 310.  His name is Jesse.  He's their technical editor and a really nice guy who has documented a lot of work he's done on his boat.  He wintered over in Boston (YIKES!!!) and will be leaving soon for the Bahamas.  He knows his stuff.  He has his own blog here:

For engine issues, you should get to know him.  If you have ANY engine problems, he's the guy to contact, NOT me. :-)   You might want to get to know him well enough to do email direct.

This is another M25XPB story I ran across during this "investigation," it's always something to keep in the back of your mind for future reference:

Finally, Engine Bleeding for the M25XPB:

Good luck, sorry about any confusion I may have caused you.

Best regards,


Main Message Board / If you need to contact a C34IA Officer
« on: March 27, 2017, 10:17:34 AM »
please go here:

I still have to update the Vice Commodore name and link.

Main Message Board / What happened to the LINKS....
« on: March 12, 2017, 06:12:57 PM »
...that used to be on the top of the forum page to the C34 Home Page, C34 Tech wiki and C34 Tech Notes??? :? :? :? :?

Main Message Board / MAINSHEET Magazine - Did you know?
« on: February 19, 2017, 09:45:02 AM »
...that PDF copies are available to all members, once the hardcopy is received, since the password is included on page 3 or 4 of each issue. 

Main Message Board / Adler Barbour Replacement Electronic Modules
« on: August 01, 2016, 10:34:07 AM »
In preparing for our sail north, we arrived at the boat to find the fridge no longer worked.  Gee, after 30 years (18 of ours), you'd think it'd keep working.

I spent the weekend troubleshooting, per Kollmann's advice (see the 101 Topics, and the Fridge Follies posts on this forum).  Traced it down to the electronic module.

I wrote to Kollmann on Friday, no reply yet (Monday).  Can't blame him, it was a weekend.

Did all the diagnostics.

I just spent the morning going thru Fisheries Supply in Seattle, who had me call Dometic in Florida who told me their module was $815 !!! but that folks have been telling them they found them on the internet for $200 !!!, I finally found RParts in, of all places, Santa Cruz, just down the coast from us here.  Actually talked to a wonderful lady named Donna who confirmed the part would work with their technician, ordered the new 4 pin module.  $265 including s/h and tax.  Supposed to get here Wednesday, since I explained to Donna just what the issue was, so she's gonna get it to us by FedEx.

Thanks also to John Nixon for his help.

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