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Topics - Dale Stone

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Main Message Board / 34 MKII Wing Keel Fairing
« on: May 14, 2019, 02:36:18 PM »
Hello All,
Hope you are either sailing or soon to be. I have stripped the paint off my 2001 MKII wing keel. There are a few random dings and some on the leading edge.
There looks to be the beginnings of the infamous smile but further investigation and probing resulted with cracking of the top coat (gel coat or something very hard) which covers what looks to be soft bondo fairing/ filler that was used to fill the stub_keel interface. All the other dings have the same bondo like filler showing as well.

Anyone have a similar experience? I had planned to fix the dings with epoxy but now am considering bondo.


Heat exchanger for the C34MK II M35B:
I removed the unit and all the hoses this weekend. With covers off, I did see build up and chunks (of what I don't know). Though the condition looks reasonable and now to change the little bleed valve and cover gaskets/ o-rings. I've seen a few YouTubes about de-scaling it with Barnacle Blaster. Anyone have experience with this or other/ better products?

Also it is time (past time) to change the hoses. A few of them are molded and I will  check on where and how much $$ replacements.
Any experience, comments on this topic is appreciated.

I'll do a search on next, probably should have done that first.


Main Message Board / Peel Away Stripper for bottom paint
« on: March 27, 2019, 03:18:10 PM »
Hello C34 owners and others,
This is not a new topic but I am finding just few comments about it with the search engine. Has anyone used Peel Away to strip bottom paint? I have used Peel Away for interior trim and liked the results in the way way past. But not for bottom paint.

The manufacturer has a marine stripper, smart stripper II and several more versions. I just bought a gallon of the older "Peel Away One" for a trial.
More questions:
1) Was it effective for thicker layers? I have a 2001 C34II which looks to have 16 coats of ablative.
2) Any concerns or experience with Peel Away about the gel coat?

I am not crazy about blasting, not only for the rough surface left behind but also the >>>cost. I have used Easy Off Oven Cleaner on a 1988 P27 several years ago with good results. It did not effect the barrier coat. I expect the Peel Away will be similar.

Sorry for this painful topic. Welcome your thoughts.


Main Message Board / Jib Fairlead Track
« on: November 19, 2018, 07:32:44 AM »
Think I have a stupid question but wanted to verify the fairlead track dimension (both inner and outer) on a 2001 C34II.
My quick measurement is 1.125" wide. I will check it again tonight. Track blocks available are for 1" and 1.250" tracks.


Looking for thoughts on shaft couplings to reduce vibration and dampen shock to the transmission when switching gears. I have a C34 MKII with a dripless and I've read the Vetus Bullflex will not fit. I'm leaning towards the R&D coupling. Does anyone have experience with it or other similar couplings?

Dale Stone

Main Message Board / C34 MK II Battery Selector Panel LED
« on: July 03, 2018, 07:37:23 AM »
Does anyone know what the LED is indicating? Both selector switches are in the off position yet the LED remains on. I do not see any mention of it in the manual.


Main Message Board / C34 MKII liner to hull tabbings
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:42:30 AM »
Anyone out there with a MK II that has fiberglass tabbings delaminating from the plywood or hull? In my case (2001 manufactured in 2000), the holding tank location had two delaminations that hold the locker to the hull. One was at the macerator pump and the other near the battery selector panel. There was an area in the head just under sink and another on in the rear cabin. All of these looked like the fiberglass peeled of the plywood or liner and the one in the head peeled off the hull. I have seen a few more up forward that I will address next year.
I removed the tabbing, ground to bare glass and cleaned off paint where needed before applying epoxy and new glass. In some cases I used a filler in the epoxy. I didn't go very thick with glass as I thought these areas should be flexible in case there was a load.

Any thoughts or experiences are appreciated.


Main Message Board / Head Shower Drain Hose, C34 II
« on: December 28, 2016, 10:20:14 AM »
Hello, Read a thread on this topic as I would like to get at that drain fitting and replace the hose and clamp. I am replacing all the braided hose as they seem to weep from the hose edge. And I am trying to eliminate a cabin odor which does not involve the holding tank and the shower drain has a reputation for a peculiar smell. So my boat has a rubber floor panel behind the galley which extends to the head entrance. It needs to be removed so I can drill an access hole as described in the forum thread of a few months ago. The panel screws are removed but the panel is caulked in around the edges. It is stubborn and I do not want to damage it. Does anyone have experience removing this rubber floor panel?

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