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Main Message Board / Engine mount lag bolts
« on: April 26, 2019, 10:00:34 PM »
I had saw the front engine mounts wobbling against the fiberglass the other day.  I torqued down the bolts a bit, but they didnít bite that well.  Checked today after a short motor sail and one of the bolts had jumped out into the space below the oil pan.  Iím a little surprised that these mounts arenít through Bolted or bolted into some kind of sleeeve.  Iíve seen some people taking about shoving toothpicks in the hole but that sounds pretty iffy to me.  Is this an epoxy drill and fill situation? Iím in the Bahamas at the moment so I donít mind a quick fix for the time being but Iíd prefer to just do it correctly for another 10 years

Main Message Board / New York to Bahamas
« on: April 18, 2018, 12:23:03 AM »
Hi All,
I am not a Ďrealí member here but I have been working on my 34 for 5 years and just got back to Florida after taking the boat from NY to Eleuthera.  We did a mix of ICW and offshore inlet hops.  Bahamas gets damn windy in the winter too.  My 2c is bring a big dinghy, I brought a 10.5 Achilles with a 15 yammy 2 stroke.  On Garhauer 1.25Ē Daviits.  Solar on the Davidís and dodger.  New sails from rolly.  Amazing few months.  I run sams club GC2s x4.  TV, laptops no problem. Below deck autopilot was the best thing we did.  If anyone wants any advice or just needed a confidence boost to leave, the C34 can handle more than you can, cast the lines and go, you will not regret it!

Main Message Board / Fuel Tank Ground Wire
« on: March 09, 2017, 08:31:20 PM »
I replaced my fuel sender and it works well, however upon removing the aft water tank i found that i have a wire going from the aft tab of the fuel tank to 'nowhere'.  I connected a new wire to that tab from the sender upon install, but did not question the wire that went from that tab aft.  I pulled it out and its just bare.  I am using Noah's pic here to show it, where does that normally terminate?

Hi All- The hinges on the frame of my opening ports in the Galley and Head have cracked.  The ports are sealed into the plexiglass with black sealant.  I assume this is Dow 795 or similar, as was in the larger fixed port I rebedded last year.  That port came out pretty easily with a razor blade.  These opening ports seem to be more of a chore, the razor wouldn't slice through.  Any ideas for removing them without cracking the plexi?  I have been using some 'Marine Formula' 5200 remover on the becksons in the main salon as I am rebedding those as well, I may try that in the screw holes of these ports.  I haven't seen a post of anyone doing this removal job.  I have the new 'gray enterprises' ports on order, should be here next week or so.

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