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Main Message Board / Volvo Diesal Cabin Heaters
« on: March 05, 2018, 01:50:58 PM »
Hello all, I am looking to tap into the vast knowledge base of this forums membership. I have a 1993 Catalina 34 (1267) located in San Diego. The original owner had a VOLVO FLYGOMOTOR diesel installed when they purchased the boat new in 1993 in Washington. I have used the heater only a handful of times (San Diego) and it worked great up until last year. Last winter I turned it on to break the chill on one of our cold 55 Degree mornings and nothing but cold air came out. I heard the igniter clicking and the blower fan turned on but no heat. Eventually I started to smell diesel so I immediately turned it off. I took the cover off the furnace located in the port lazarette and there was some fuel that had leaked out. when the furnace is turned on there is fuel leaking from a fuel line and what I think is a small fuel pump or filter. Is it clogged fuel line, bad fuel pump, ??? I contacted Scan Marine in Washington and they suggested that I just replace the entire unit which doesn't seem right to me. The heater has always worked flawlessly over the past four years when needed up until last winter and the heater unit itself looks brand new. Any help guidance would be much appreciated.

Main Message Board / Exhaust soot on transom
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:02:15 PM »
While making the trip to Catalina this weekend I experienced excessive exhaust soot on the transom and noticeable exhaust odor in the cockpit. Boat is a 93 Catalina 34 mk 1.5 with the M35 Universal engine. I just changed oil, fuel filters, trans fluid etc. engine ran great at 2200rpms for the 12 hour passage from San Diego. Any suggestions or is this normal during long motor passages. Engine only has 600 hours on it and has been well taken care of.

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