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Catalina 34s for Sale / C34 1986 Many Upgrades
« on: May 06, 2018, 07:00:57 PM »
"Inspiration" #221 is on the market.  Tall Rig, Fin Keel.  After 14 years with her I'm ready to move up in size.  She is in Fantastic condition with many of the upgrades from this website.  Located in Hampton VA.  $37,000.

Main Message Board / Re: Blister Repair Cost Question.
« on: March 05, 2017, 08:05:17 AM »
20 years in New England and my 86 never had a blister.  After 5 years in southern VA in water year round found about 40 blisters one year.  repaired them all and checked the next year.  about 80 new ones.  Just pulled the yard receipt.  6300$ for entire bottom job including sandblasting, grinding, 3 months indoor storage to dry it all out, 3 coats barrier and 2 coats bottom paint.  5 years later and not a problem since.   About the only project on inspiration I didn't do myself thanks to this website.

Main Message Board / radar
« on: February 25, 2017, 03:12:57 PM »
Haven't seen anything recently on radar mounting options.  Thinking of Questus on backstay with hydraulic leveling.  Any thoughts or experience?

Main Message Board / Re: Engine replacement
« on: December 01, 2010, 09:36:12 PM »
Thanks all for the feedback.

Gary, my email is  I'd like to see the dimesions you have.  I've have the manual referenced by Stu but unless I'm  missing something that looks like a land version without engine mount locations, heat exchanger or transmission.

Ron, I've studied your article and this web site very carefully.  It was one of my inspirations for taking on this project. Your line "Measure accurately before you purchase a longer engine than your M25XPA!"  really got my attention.  If I can use "different engine mounts" rather than modifying the engine bed Id like have them ahead of time.  I don't mind some carpentry on the companionway.  My measurements indicate that it will be unavoidable.

As to the why there is no short answer.  It's a risk vs benefit and timing question and different people will come up with different conclusions.   
I plan to keep "Inspiration" for a long time.  TLC goes a long way but it's unrealistic to think this engine will last another 10-20 years.  It probably won't fail in the slip.  If I'm "motoring" there is a reason I'm not "sailing".  It just seems that replacing the engine before it fails makes sense.
This topic has been covered extensivly but my conclusion is that while the 23 Hp XP is up to the job the 21Hp M25 was barely adequate for the C34 when new and mine just doesn't have the power anymore.  I can do 6 knots with calm seas and a clean bottom but any chop at all and I'm down to 4.5 with the engine straining.   I've tried many of the fixes recommended on this site but if I'm going to need a new/rebuilt engine at some point anyway I might as well reap the benefits of the extra power now.
Finally Catalina has some XS inventory and is giving a good price.  If I replace the engine on my terms I can set aside some time and do most of the work myself.  If I wait for it to fail I could be out of commision a good long time before I can make the time to replace it.

Anyone else with success/horror stories about engine replacement?

"Learn from others mistakes, life is too short to make them all youself"

Thanks again

Main Message Board / Engine replacement
« on: November 30, 2010, 08:20:35 PM »
I'm ready to swap out my 25 year old M25 for a M25XPB and before I take the plunge would like some updated feedback on a few issues.

1.  I have the original M25 not the XP.  Has anyone made the jump to the XPB and what was your experience with the need for engine bed or companionway modifications.  Would a lower profile mount avoided the need to cut away the engine bed rails as Ron described in the 2009 tech notes.

2.  Does anyone have the M25 Basic dimensions.  I've made some measurements but have not been able to get my hands on the published dimensions for comparison to the XPB?

3.  Ken Roy at Catalina thinks I'll need to replace the original engine panel.  Any thoughts to the contrary?

4.  I re-wired Inspiration in 2005 as per Jim Moe's excellent instructions on this website (except no glow plug relay) and have been very happy with the result.  I would like to keep my Balmar alternator and external regulator.  Does anyone have a wiring diagram with the M25XPB Admiral Panel, Jim's electrical system revisions and the Balmar Alternator.

5.  The M25XPB manual suggests a flexible coupling.  Is this mandatory mandatory or nice to have?  I'm concerned about distance between PSS shaft seal and the coupling. 

Inspiration 221

Main Message Board / Re: Flooring for older boats
« on: April 22, 2008, 07:23:59 PM »
I replaced the sole on Inspiration five years ago.  I could not find the 3/8" teak/holly anywhere in New England.  I used the 1/4" and it has worked fine.  The slight step down is not noticeable.  I finished them with "Ultimate Sole" and they have not required any maintenance.  A great winter project.  Worth the effort.  Makes the cabin look like new.

Main Message Board / Cabin sole - "Ultimate Sole" product
« on: February 25, 2005, 06:13:44 PM »
I replaced my sole last season and used the "ultimate sole" products.
The finish is high gloss and stood up well.  After one season it still looks new and will not require any additional coats this year.  It really is non skid, even with socks on.  Don't forget the back side.

Main Message Board / teak/holly sole
« on: January 22, 2005, 11:00:59 AM »
Went through the same process last year.  I never found 3/8" sole.
Decided to go with the 1/4".   It is easier to work with and lighter.  I experimented with 1/2" plywood but stood too proud in several locations.
    Agree with fitting before finishing.  Minor adjustments were need.  I used "Ultimate Sole"  High Gloss Finish I found at a boatshow (  It is non skid and gives a beautiful finish.  Don't neglect the bottom sides.  The results were fantastic.  After one year they still look like new and will not need additional coats this year.  
     Only drawback is I need to vacum regularly as any dust and dirt now shows up.

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